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  1. Yah I"ve been getting the same Community Not Available, also half the time I click on the area to type a comment, it doesn't expand to let me write a message. Even as I type now, none of the icons for Bold, Emoticons, etc are showing up lol
  2. My dream scenario is we win out, Carolina wins against Redskins and Bucs, Saints beat Bucs next week, and we win division with the rest of them finishing 8-8, all missing the playoffs and picking somewhere between 15-20 hopefully
  3. Jake Matthews - T - Falcons Falcons LT Jake Matthews has been diagnosed with a sprained left knee, but the team is "hopeful" he can practice on Thursday. Source: D. Orlando Ledbetter on Twitter Dec 5 - 2:45 PM also Julio Jones - WR - Falcons Julio Jones is dealing with a case of turf toe, but is expected to be fine. Source: Vaughn McClure on Twitter
  4. LOL...love that display with the time of possession, vikings, lions, and aretha franklins anthem
  5. Matt Wile - P - Falcons Falcons signed P Matt Wile. He worked out for the Falcons on Monday along with Ty Long and Kasey Redfern. Atlanta needed a punter with Matt Bosher recovering from a hamstring injury. Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter Nov 22 - 12:31 PM Looks like we won't have Bosher this week
  6. This kids the real deal, and it's going to be fun watching him grow into a man.
  7. Kuechly probably felt something pop, either his acl or hamstring, he's probably crying because he knows his season is over and he's devastated
  8. I hate this rule, Beasley, in my opinion, got robbed of a sack the same way. Even if a quarterback starts running, and he's still behind the LOS, he can pull up at ANY time and throw the ball. In fact I think it was Cam that did this on a goal line play a few years ago, where he kept the ball and went to run in, and jumped up and jumpshotted the ball to Olsen. Any tackle of a quarterback behind the LOS should be a sack, plain and simple.
  9. Ok thanks, didn't see it. Thought you might have mistaken Collinsworth and Al Michaels, who were pretty horrible themselves lol
  10. Falcons Def/Spec Team - TM - Falcons With Deion Jones (ankle) out, LaRoy Reynolds will start at middle linebacker for the Falcons on Sunday. The veteran takes over in the center of the Atlanta defense and will hope to slow Denver running back C.J. Anderson. While the Falcons have excelled offensively, their defense is allowing 31.0 points and 317.0 passing yards per game. The Falcons D/ST is not on the streaming radar even in a potential matchup against rookie QB Paxton Lynch. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Oct 8 - 2:3
  11. I'm not quite sure if it was a miscommunication or if it was a read option play that Cam should have kept, maybe both? lol...Here's the play
  12. If you watch closely, it looks like the Olinemen steps on Jones ankle by mistake and quickly pulls his leg up and then falls over on Jones...If he wanted to be dirty he could have put all his weight on Jones ankle...I'm with the crowd that says this is a non issue.
  13. Freeney was an absolute monster against Carolina, and his fake-spin sack on Newton was one of the most beautiful things I've seen on our defense in a while. First the setup, on Carolinas first drive of the game And here's both views of the sack Looking forward to this all season long...Rise Up!!
  14. I love that he defers, most teams take a possession or two to get rolling, so I like the chances of getting sloppier offensive play from the opposing team and steal a possession for us. And when it comes to a team like the Saints, who like us, score alot on their first possession, we might aswell just get it out of the way lol
  15. People would be bitching if he fair caught them because without hindsight you wouldn't know they were going to bounce straight up instead of flying out the back of the endzone. Most the time those punts are touchbacks and we start at the 20, there punter did a **** good job.
  16. If I remember correctly Beasley hurt his shoulder in the preseason, maybe he's just getting back to full strength? Also helps when you don't spin move every other play lol..Hopefully he continues to progress as the season goes on. Freeney on the other hand, completely balled out today.
  17. Watching this gif while listening to this song is pure hive sop dap
  18. That clip is a horrible angle, just looked the play up on gamepass and Spoon actually gets rocked by the fullback(I think No.48) who was lined up as a tight end. One of these days I'll actually google how to make gifs lol
  19. Mohamed Sanu - WR - Falcons Mohamed Sanu (ankle) was limited in Wednesday's practice. Sanu twisted his ankle in the Week 1 loss to the Bucs, but played through it and should be ready to roll against the Raiders after a 5-80-1 line in the opener. Source: ESPN.com Sep 14 - 12:52 PM Julio Jones - WR - Falcons Julio Jones (ankle) was limited at Wednesday's practice. Mohamed Sanu (ankle) was also limited Wednesday. Both players turned their ank
  20. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/09/09/broncos-derek-wolfe-wants-trai-turner-fined-after-injuring-neck-against-panthers/ I wonder if this played into the Bronco's headhunt
  21. This is Plan D. They sent this video out to UDFA aswell, something Quinn brought with him from Seattle.
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