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  1. Falcons RG Ben Garland is expected to compete for a starting job.

    Wes Schweitzer and Hugh Thornton are also candidates to replace Chris Chester. Garland is the in-house favorite after a strong showing over 101 all-purpose snaps last year. The Falcons haven't ruled out adding a guard in the draft.
    Apr 1 - 6:01 PM
  2. 1 hour ago, ATLSlobberKnockers said:

    Would schofield get a ring for being on  the team this season? AJ Hawk? Obviously Spoon would.

    Might want to actually read the post and not just the topic title lol


    Edit: Think your referring to Schofield being signed and cut(forgot about that), in which case I don't believe they do get a ring

  3. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the 49ers will offer their head-coaching job to Kyle Shanahan at the conclusion of the Falcons' season.

    The 49ers can't officially hire Shanahan until the conclusion of the Falcons' playoff run, but it appears there's already a wink/nod agreement. It's why Seahawks executive Trent Kirchner "withdrew" from the general manager search on Tuesday. Kirchner was believed to want to pair up with Seahawks assistant Tom Cable. Successfully coordinating offenses since 2008 in Houston, Shanahan has earned the chance to lead a team.
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    Jan 17 - 5:43 PM
  4. 3 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

    That's the best part. I think ppl are sick of his stat padding bs 

    I agree, I hope alot of people saw that Week 13 loss against Detroit, it was 28-13, and from midfield with like 1-2 seconds left in the game, Brees used a timeout so he could throw one more hail mary. Best part. He instead threw his 3rd int of the game, and that was the 1st of his 2 game, no touchdown streak. I'll be the first to admit Brees is probably a Hall of Famer, but ****, I just hate that smug prick.

  5. 4 hours ago, Godzilla1985 said:

    Folks we are BLESSED to have Matt as our QB.   Check out this article 



    This is from the comment section of that article...LOL


    Gabbert is better than Ryan, Blaine just didn't catch a break career wise. Every team he's started for has been regarded as the worst in the league prior to the season, and every one has had the lowest payroll in the league. Plus he's had to adapt to at least one new coach and offensive system each year he's been in the league. 49ers averaged 5 more points per game under Gabbertm (playing tougher opponents), than Kaepernick. Plus Blaine actually won a game this season. He's been the better QB over the past two seasons that he's split duties with Kap. Also he's 2 years younger and younger than most of the names on the list. Whoever is GM will try to get Gabbert to return to the team. He's light years ahead of any of the college prospects in terms of natural talent, not to mention the experience.



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