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  1. Wow...Bills just forced fumble and recover, already in field goal range
  2. ****...Bills missed 41yd field goal, should be 13-6
  3. Torn biceps is usually 4-6months recovery, so he's done for the year.
  4. Refs are never going to be consistent with their flags
  5. Looks like he was just trying to get up but 42 is still holding his legs with his right arm
  6. Ben Garland - G - Falcons Falcons RG Ben Garland is expected to compete for a starting job. Wes Schweitzer and Hugh Thornton are also candidates to replace Chris Chester. Garland is the in-house favorite after a strong showing over 101 all-purpose snaps last year. The Falcons haven't ruled out adding a guard in the draft. Related: Hugh Thornton, Wes Schweitzer Source: atlantafalcons.com Apr 1 - 6:01 PM
  7. Did you do the nets for the championship game? And if so, were you able to go out on the field with that huge crowd of people?
  8. Might want to actually read the post and not just the topic title lol Edit: Think your referring to Schofield being signed and cut(forgot about that), in which case I don't believe they do get a ring
  9. Yep and he said it was 1 of 3 candidates and then didn't list the other 2
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