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  1. Tbh, I always thought matt looked a little chubby in the torso. You're out of your mind if you think he weighs less than 220, I'd bet he's closer to 230. Those website photos are always photoshopped.
  2. If anyone can make Bud productive, it's Pitt.
  3. Dupree, Ray and Gregory still on the board. Who's up for double dipping?
  4. I am all for that. Curious to see what Coach Q can do with the unproven secondary players on the roster.
  5. I think ameer will have the best career out of this RB draft. I would say gurley, but I'm anticipating an injury filled career
  6. We might take another front 7 player in the second. It's between G, FS, CB, ILB and RB. Wish I could make a post to poll everyone. I wouldn't be opposed to taking randy Gregory if he's still there though haha
  7. Saints are going all in on this run game rebuild
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