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  1. Matt Ryan deserves to play for a team that can support him with a good surrounding cast. He deserves another shot or two at a super bowl so he can get into the hall of fame. We clearly cannot provide this for him anytime soon. It would suck to watch him leave and do great somewhere else, but if that's what happens, it's probably for the best for both sides.
  2. Gangsta Gibbs the coldest. He has 2 albums produced entirely by madlib (arguably the best analog producer of all time). This is a W for matt
  3. Tbh, I always thought matt looked a little chubby in the torso. You're out of your mind if you think he weighs less than 220, I'd bet he's closer to 230. Those website photos are always photoshopped.
  4. Not look good wow is the new Hive sop dap
  5. same reason our offense has continuously broken down in the second half since then. Matt Ryan is a quarterback that excels at executing the game plan, but struggles once defenses make adjustments and he is forced to go off script. Matt Ryan has been less productive in the second half of big games for his entire career, through multiple OCs. The run game starts to falter because the passing game becomes less of a threat, which causes a downward spiral.
  6. We've also had a really good run game. But when that dries up in the redzone, you gotta be able to punch it in. The packers FO has let that team disintegrate around Rodgers. I like your arguement though.
  7. Rodgers's TD numbers are higher because he's really good at throwing the fade in the redzone. Matt Ryan is an amazing QB, but he cannot throw the fade (or he chooses not to, for whatever reason). IMHO of course.
  8. Try Mexican coke in the glass bottle. They use cane sugar and not corn syrup
  9. The second 2017 saints game for sure. Also the bengals this year with the miscalled fumble situation
  10. Bruce Irvin isn't just gonna make our defense good bro. We lost our 3 central defenders, the season is a wrap. Nitpicking situational usage of a versatile hybrid player isn't gonna change that
  11. Decent performance against the worst wr corps in the league!
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