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  1. Clayborn? Didn't know we re-signed him. Nice
  2. Not look good wow is the new Hive sop dap
  3. same reason our offense has continuously broken down in the second half since then. Matt Ryan is a quarterback that excels at executing the game plan, but struggles once defenses make adjustments and he is forced to go off script. Matt Ryan has been less productive in the second half of big games for his entire career, through multiple OCs. The run game starts to falter because the passing game becomes less of a threat, which causes a downward spiral.
  4. We've also had a really good run game. But when that dries up in the redzone, you gotta be able to punch it in. The packers FO has let that team disintegrate around Rodgers. I like your arguement though.
  5. Rodgers's TD numbers are higher because he's really good at throwing the fade in the redzone. Matt Ryan is an amazing QB, but he cannot throw the fade (or he chooses not to, for whatever reason). IMHO of course.
  6. Try Mexican coke in the glass bottle. They use cane sugar and not corn syrup
  7. The second 2017 saints game for sure. Also the bengals this year with the miscalled fumble situation
  8. Bruce Irvin isn't just gonna make our defense good bro. We lost our 3 central defenders, the season is a wrap. Nitpicking situational usage of a versatile hybrid player isn't gonna change that
  9. cover 3 defense, both flats have to be covered
  10. Decent performance against the worst wr corps in the league!
  11. rip
  12. a decade? you have terrible memory see: 2013 and 2014
  13. this is the only point i disagree with tbh. if we win this game, it's on the back of julio jones. mark my words
  14. we're literally agreeing. me saying nobodies is what you're saying about julio drawing the coverage away. its often #3 CBs left on an island with ridley because of julio. and you're right, they're nfl caliber players. not nobodies. but you see what i'm saying
  15. And we know ito smith is balling.. This rookie class has been lowkey impressive ...I thought some of you was over hyping Foye at the beginning of the year but i think the only bright spot of Deion Jones missing games is Foye getting play time ... He is developing nicely Moore is rated higher because he gets better coverage. Ridley has beaten some absolute nobodies for his TDs. Albeit, the way he's doing it is impressive enough that someone who knows NFL football knows it will translate against better defenders. PFF doesn't account for such Edit: I'm more surprised Roquan Smith isn't on the LB list. Circumstantial? Or was his preseason holdout that big of a factor?