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  1. The NFL has tried domed cities like Detroit and Indy that have little entertainment infrastructure... Roger even tried to tie in a frigid NY game where the elements can make the game.... It doesn't work... there are three vibrant cities where the game, action and climate are all together... Miami, San Diego and New Orleans... if you had visited the NFL festival going on down at Woldenburg Park on the Mississippi River and all the cultural things... A walk, trolley or short taxi ride to plenty of 5 star restaurants... The drunken tourist / bead bearing is not locals... we have our own music clubs away from all that... how many cities can you not have to rent a car and can walk to the game and nearby vibrant night life... no fancy press boxes or shiny stadium needed... there is a reason the NFL (outside of Roger) loves NOLA.....
  2. Brees is in another stratosphere Keenan Lewis Keuchley Ryan Julio Tufant, Ingram, Byrd all have the potential to be in that top 5
  3. send Luke packing Ryan and Grayson we have been very fortunate Brees has been incredibly healthy other that the abdominal that hampered him early last year and the shoulder that sent him our way from the Chargers (biggest free agent signing deal in NFL history)
  4. I dont recall a sack in the first game and Brees put up how many scores? Ryan looked good evading . You dline wasn't a factor, our d not showing up for 3 qtrs was. They played like Atlanta - lead early, lay down Field goal in ot after a fumble, real blow out Game two - your team took it to our line in spades
  5. Roddy White is slower by the day and Julio can't stay on the field If there is a pass rush Ryan will come unglued
  6. I like Scott Fujita's comments Yes, there's precedent. But what happened to Sean was dumb. Don't want that to become the status quo.
  7. Saints Panthers Falcons Bucks with a complete flip from last year the Saints will have the best backfield Byrd rises to the occasion, Vaccaro gets off his sophomore slump Lewis continues to be a lock down corner and we get more physical with Browner we actually have prospects at LB and maybe the front 4 apply pressure like in 2013
  8. what I don't like to see on the competitive advantage end is the NFL fixing close games a call or no call can easily bend things how many holding calls do you see after one team rips off a few great opening drives going up quickly on their opponent the fact that the refs have to conference with guys in New York to review plays should tell you enough right there
  9. kind of ironic that Brady's first game back is a Monday night nationally televised game with the Colts no wonder they only did 4 games imagine the viewing audience and media frenzy for that game As a Saints fan I would want an organization to have the benefit of the doubt when there is a lack of evidence however in the Patriots case - Bellacheat has been there before You have a ball guy nicknamed the deflater
  10. We talked about bone headed Brees ints to Jimmy in triple coverage and forcing it rather than going down in pressure Whether he could still throw the long ball, telegraphing passes and dumping the ball off for stupidly short gains Many were critical of his mega contract holdout Many were relieved Jimmy was traded so Brees would be less one dimensional and go back to spreading the ball out more Never were critical about his heart I'm sure if you looked up comments on at least the first TB and the last Atlanta game plenty of negative fodder
  11. Why do Cam fans not mention his huge initial potential but avoid his obvious decline? Not have any issues with his lack of maturity? Not question his lack of focus on the sideline during a game? The guy brings his own kryptonite Fans of Ryan and Brees have been more than critical of their qbs shortcomings Where art thou oh sons of superman
  12. Patriots / Panthers 2013 Night Game Driving last seconds - Brady has the ball Gronk is actually playing this game He pulls across the middle of the endzone He is mugged by Luke K Ref throws obvious flag 1st and goal - 1 yard line But wait Main ref is prompted by NFL to pick up flag Interception Game over Whining Brady drops huge F bomb at refs live on national tv Panthers gift wrapped win, Patriots rarely come out on this side of the coin Like the lack of a holding call via 3rd down late drive td to beat Saints earlier in the season Peculiar That's why they play the games
  13. Excellent commentA perfectly legal but defenseless hit on golden boy Kurt Warner Riled up Roger. Messing up two Legendary QB story arcs in Farve and Manning didn't sit well The great ones don't have to cheat to win Seems the Patriots have dipped in that well a couple of times And mysteriously lost that edge after spygate was exposed
  14. Only two marque matchups at home Colts and Lions
  15. No cold weather games until the playoffs "Insert Jim Mora voice"
  16. Nice analysis The only big redeaming intangible is his elusiveness running Teams are learning how to contain him The first year he looked awesome He adjusted immediately to the speed of the pro game He was going to be big Was A telling sign to me is Cam doesn't want to learn After a drive what do you see Matt and Drew doing? Fervently studying the formations the defense just showed them Headset on and another coach on the sideline All in Cam? Sits by himself with a towel on his head He will play just good enough to get a huge mega salary deal from the Panthers that he will never live up to. That defense carries that team Note how bad the D were early in the season The Riverboat is tied to Cam When it would be better set adrift
  17. 2009 Saints - hammer comes down 2012 2 2nd round draft picks. Multi player coach out for year 2013 Seahawks - hold gate - tighter pi calls for other teams 2013 Pittsburgh - 2 running backs smoking weed before game - nothing 2014 domestic violence, child abuse and court hearings - out for the season 2014 knowing about domestic violence and a condeming tape - nothing 2014 browns and falcons. Cheer gate $ 2014 Patroits. Wrist slap Injecting thugs off the street with mega cash, fame and booty And expecting them to behave Priceless
  18. 4 games and 2 number 2 draft picks. 2016. 2017 Bellicheat. - out for preseason and 4 games Craft out for 4 games Unfortunately pretty boy will tie it up in arbitration and sit out two mysteriously easy games mid season
  19. No pomp and avoided circumstance Nice move Would he have worn a towel on his head?
  20. Yes the 2011 playoff game at San Francisco Pierre Thomas is knocked out of the game as he goes to the ground fumbling at the two yard line for an opening drive score 49ers were hitting tough. 5 turnovers Incltuding Sproules who never fumbles Yet the Saints still fought back Jimmy Graham scores with too much time on the clock Need to stop just one final drive Bone headed Greg Williams decides to blitz his d leaving 1 on 1 for shock and awe It almost seems like he sabotaged the game on purpose Jenkins and Harper Mediocre Alex Smith looks all pro as he makes huge plays in drive Corner misses deflection otn td by an inch That was the juggernaught offense They had destroyed the Giants a few weeks before and would be playing in the dome 2011
  21. Reginellis is upscale delivery A local chain of about 6 stores Good but not top five in country We have plenty of steller food New Orleanians don't spport it Have to go to the burbs for that
  22. There is always a draft in Chicago That's why it's called the windy city
  23. I'm not psyched about it What bone head coach and general manager trades a premier player to their archnemisis One you most likely would have to beat to advance in the playoffs There are 30 others teams (okay - 29 Pats sometimes have Gronk) Pete Carroll was probably rushing for the pen to sign the trade before they woke up or sobered up Should have got Unger, a second tier d starter and #1 for Jimmy G Loomis and Payton were playing checkers with a chess master Love salary caps The way Seattle is going to unravel is like the Saints All those pro bowl caliber players are going to be asking premier contracts Sherman - "i'm the greatest, show me the money" His ego won..'t allow anyone else to be paid more - off to the open market
  24. This is what a hipster is mid-20s to late 30s vintage clothing off the used rack - top dollar new hat goes into record store and buys stuff they don't even know because thats what cool people do they have a crappy system to play it on Clueless and must be trendy at all costs It wont post my image So google image " hipster record store". Look for the hats
  25. Buc-Man. - you really need NFL rewind Spoiler alert - saints dropped like 5 positions in the draft Tampa tanked the 4th and moved up to #1
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