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  1. Looks like we're 2nd highest cap hit per player on IR behind only the 49ers. Indicative of the quality of players on IR. You know, starters not practice squad players.
  2. They were abysmal in the first half, and bad on the last drive. They played very well all things considering in the 3rd and most of the 4th quarters. Another poster mentioned yesterday what our defense looked like in 2016 before it "clicked". I don't see us allowing too many more 30+ games on D. I still think if our offense stays at this level we'll rally back.
  3. If Seahawks want a 2nd for Tuomas why not give it up and then trade him after the season? Our defense is atrocious.
  4. I'm not trying to imply that because he went to an Ivy league school that's all there is to it, but I would assume his mental capacity is there.
  5. Dude went to Yale, I would think mentally he'll be ok.
  6. How many years did they have left on their current contacts out of curiosity?
  7. The Astros were already the dominant team in the AL when they traded for Verlander.. it's not like he took a fringe team to the World Series, they were already the front runners from the AL
  8. This is my thing... if signing bonus, or front loading the contract give him the magical per year number he wants, but saves us in year 3, 4, and 5 of the contract, that's a win/win.
  9. First, he has a point, Plexiglass can be used to dampen sound. Found this site that sells Plexiglass and advertises the reductions http://www.eplastics.com/Plastic/plastics_library/Plexiglass-Noise-Reduction Second, it's a non factor, the Plexiglass is pretty low and clearly designed to prevent someone from falling off the edge.
  10. Eh, it's the story of the Falcons... Matt Ryan isn't that great because of the weapons around him.... Next article: The Falcons weapons aren't that great.
  11. I was thinking the same thing at first... but If you consider 32 teams in the NFL, and he came in at #41... still pretty **** impressive.
  12. Unless they're just completely sold on what we have, I think we have to. He's a proven commodity. He's only missed 7 games in his entire career, 6 of those were in 2015. He should be cheaper than the contract he signed initially with SD.
  13. Look at it this way, New England has been playing the #1 teams in each AFC division for the last 16 years.
  14. What I love about this, is this is the exact thing Vic was knocked for last season despite leading the league in sacks. We've got a **** of a tandem.
  15. I like what I'm seeing. Versatile player.
  16. Yeah, I just did a quick search for one of his highlight videos, and he does play the slot a lot, but seems to move around a lot.
  17. I don't think Ward is terrible, but he doesn't do anything Freeman and Coleman can't do, and the things they can do, he can't do as well, which makes him expendable. Whereas Hill potentially can. Ward will get a chance in San Francisco.
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