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  1. Dez is flat out better than Julio that's why.
  2. As sure as I can be. What do Nebraska fans know anyway? If they knew anything they'd know their scheme is why his sack numbers aren't there. Most of his career has been spent reading the tackle and reacting. That's a scheme issue not a lack of talent issue. Gregory will fall because of the weed which will give some team tremendous value.
  3. Gregory will be the best defensive front seven player in this draft. Id smoke with him if the Saints drafted him.
  4. 32/two times a day/Dallas
  5. I have Calvin Johnson so I'm looking pretty good.
  6. HomerSaint I have not made any personal insults. I've only stated facts.
  7. HomerSaint I love your nuts about as much as your first wife did.
  8. HomerSaint when did you move?
  9. Holmes is going to get abused next week.
  10. This is turning into Cormier-Jones!
  11. Can anyone link to me one of these PP/WFW troll battles? I keep hearing about them.
  12. I'm interested if there's an opening.