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  1. Julio deal will never be worth it. How has it paid off? All those superbowls? playoff games? It's easy in hindsight to justify it but the truth is two awful front offices screwed the pooch in that draft.
  2. THIS IS NOT A REAL THING PEOPLE!! Every year it's the same rhetoric and it never comes to fruition. The Falcons will get swept by New Orleans this year and things will return to normal. So it's not "meh" more like LOL.
  3. Obvious physical limitations coupled with a lack of individual talent isn't very difficult to spot. Last season going into the offseason and into this last game it's certainly a trend.
  4. After seeing it first hand it's gonna be a mighty struggle. Lack of talent and depth.
  5. The cap goes up every year. Loomis is a bean counter and he's very good at it. The Saints are loaded with young talent and made some great offseason moves to get better. Cap **** is something that will never actually come to fruition but you guys keep waiting for it.
  6. I figured there would be a thread by now and so I went to TATF and it all makes sense. RC guys seem more grounded in their fandom so what do you think? Is the offensive line really that bad?
  7. Talk about baptism by fire week one. Beckham and Cruz...
  8. It's all good I'm sure you knew it happened before I did. I hope for the Cowboys sake that Corey White doesn't end up starting or playing nickel. Dude is hot garbage.
  9. Wishful thinking but a nice message.
  10. There have been many posts I've seen lately where you clearly forgot what ALT you were using. LoL
  11. There he is! I figured it was you when I returned. Vaccaro was hurt last year. Watch out this year though!
  12. Hahaha what the **** did you watch. The Saints showed they will be back serving up 40 burgers. Preseason week 2 is 2 quarters of relevant football. That being said the Saints are clear cut winners of week 2.
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