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  1. I have a feeling that TF and Arthur smith thinks that they have enough peaces to win now I think our old coaching stuff was vastly overrated. The moves that they have made doesn’t feel rebuilt to me i still still don’t understand how the **** does Dan queen have a job in the NFL even the year we went to the super bowl we had a terrible defense it was all shanny
  2. Man people think we bought in Patterson to be our kick returner he is goin to be our main back with mike Davis you don’t pay someone one 3 million when you don’t have any cap money to return kick offs, we drafted our kick and punt returner in Avery Williams
  3. i see there are 4 elite QB in the draft and we have the 4th pick, there is going to be a team gunning for the 4th pick( carolina panthars). Some people are saying justin fields is falling in the draft i just dont buy it, we are in a sweet spot we will either take the 4th best qb available or trade with someone who is going to give us the treasure chest
  4. i think the best player available depends on the pick, the way free agency is going i think the falcons are trading down to gain multiple picks we have 9 picks right now but i think by the time the draft is over we would have around 12 to 13 players in the draft
  5. https://youtu.be/zmtELu3YdV4

  6. That kind of a trade up should only be for a guy like chase young
  7. this going to be an interesting draft if Kenlaw is available you draft him, but all indication he will be gone before the falcons pick, if he is not there then you go after the best cb available, I just wish we could sign everson griffen or micheal bannitt but I think we don't have the money to do that, but kenlaw and grady would be nice, we got Brady in the division we need all the pass rushers we can get our hands on
  8. could be had in the forth round to complement gurley and ollison
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/JustinSiderUSA/status/1121558181312978945
  10. man this guy is batter then Jaquezz Rodgers faster version of Jaquezz rodgers he is one to watch out for definitely making the team
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