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  1. PeteLaPete liked a post in a topic by gazoo in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    I will never forget last year, during preseason, having all kinds of mixed signals on what our identity was and what kind of defense we were implementing. Right up to the first game of the season, there were conflicting reports in the media, conflicting statements made by our players, and even conflicting messages being stated between Smitty and Nolan. Smitty came out and "corrected Nolan" a week before the season started about being "multiple", whatever TF that means. How is TD supposed to get Smitty players when Smitty has given him no clear idea on what scheme he is going to run?
    Something happened in Flowery Branch as soon as Quinn was hired. Quinn came here with a very specific scheme, mindset and attitude. Quinn and TD watched endless hours of tape on current players and then Quinn gave TD clear cut directions on what he needed in players here. TD went out and stacked this team with exactly the kind of players Quinn asked for, both in FA and the draft and the entire NFL has taken notice.
    The way I see things, certainly after this draft, is Smitty was clearly the problem here because this team became a rudderless vessel with Smitty as HC. We had no identity, no direction, didn't even know what kind of defense we were running. If you disagree, I challenge you to tell me what this teams personality was the last two years. If you say "soft" you'll be on the right track, that came from the head coach. If it came from TD it would still be here.
    TD said in one of the first press conferences with Quinn that he was really excited about having such a clear cut direction on where Quinn wanted to take this team, he also made it clear he was getting Smitty the players Smitty was asking for last year.
    TD proved he is fully capable of stacking this team with the kind of players the HC asks for.
  2. PeteLaPete liked a post in a topic by RI Falcon in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Lmao, I logged on specifically looking for a meltdown after that app alert.
  3. PeteLaPete liked a post in a topic by CrimsonFalcon in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Gonna sit right here and watch chaos ensue.
  4. PeteLaPete liked a post in a topic by Sun Tzu 7 in Kroy Re-Signed   
    On the bright side I guess it means we can finally cut him now.....
  5. PeteLaPete liked a post in a topic by vel in Florio: Falcons Going After Orakpo   
    Really? Based on what? It's arguments like these that annoy me. It's not a single fact behind it. He tore both his pecs. Just like Al Horford. Before then, neither player was considered injury prone. Al Horford has made a comeback. Orakpo came back and posted 10 sacks after the first tear. Outside of those two lost years, he's missed two games. Sean Weatherspoon he is not.