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  1. Hawks made a late offer lol but he was never coming to ATL . Think he stated this on a radio interview as we'll
  2. Hawks were never in play for Gasol. No clue what WOR was talking about Hawks are just destined to be a treadmill team . No big time free agent wants to come to Atlanta so why not blow it up and tank or trade ? Don't understand the thought process of the Hawks
  3. LMAOO . I have a better chance playing for the Hawks
  4. Dallas offered him 3 years 45 mil . They could match cause it's their own player . They created enough cap space by trading Lin to offer Bosh max he will start off with low end of max and they will resign Parsons and be in the luxury tax They moved Asik and Lin and cleared a lot of cap Money is solid GM
  5. Bosh is exactly what Rockets need lol People get caught up with Heat (Bosh) who turned his game around but Bosh could play with back to basket or a stretch 4 . Outside a trade for Horford or Millsap the Rockets found a perfect pairing to Howard. Rockets need to show they can play some tough defense but they got arguably best starting 5 in NBA
  6. Lol we'll Lebron asked Melo to come join him in Cle Haaaaa Melo said I don't even like visiting CLE HAAAA
  7. I noticed Lebron didn't mention Wiggins Just can't see them playing together
  8. I'm thinking Cle in play in a Sign and Trade Phil Jackson gets Wiggins keep saying this and feeling it 80 % Knicks 20 % Melo to Cavs on S& T that includes Wiggns/ Thompson/ Waiters But way Lebron mentioned them think he wants to play with them
  9. This does more for Lebron than anything Eventually I'm sure he would love to buy the Cavs down the road This mends this bridge
  10. Wade not even mad lol . Outside opting out 42 mil he will get more in long contract Wade could also recruit Melo now as we'll Lala wouldn't mind Miami lol
  11. I'm with you and hope he wins Cavs fans a ring Least they have hope unlike Hawks fans
  12. WOR doesn't like to hear bout lala
  13. It's official to Cle Didn't think he would ever go back Sets up Love to Cle or possibly Melo
  14. One of the Millsap brothers plays exactly like him in a way Fade away shot and moves to basket Abe has some handles he also shoots like Paul with his form lol Abe will be on some highlights he likes some showmanship
  15. If you look at profootball focus depth chart Look at the Elite / Quliaity players have then compare it to the contenders and see how much of a talent despair Falcons have
  16. On real GM they wondered if Salmons was waived.
  17. Our playoff debacles fall on talent / mistakes not poor coaching for most part. Coaching had it's say in a couple of spots 1) Arizona playoff game Ryan -2 ints Fumble exchange out of the half with Ryan and Turner and that gets returned to house 3rd and 16 and Keith Brooking moves up on play action and covers rb out of backfield and we never get ball back 2) GB playoff debacle Talentless defense gets destroyed by a up and coming star QB . Rodgers is brilliant Falcons have no answer for him on that day outside a 85' Bears team or Ravens 00' team we weren't stopping Rodgers Ryan has 2 ints (1 crushing int before half returned to house) and fumble Game over Game 3 Ryan looks timid scared to play Offense didn't open up . We traded 5 picks for Julio . Couple of 4th down and shorts poorly executed A slant route by Nicks followed by a talentless defense collapsing in 2nd half Game 4 Sea Falcons get out to early lead control game more like Smittyball we been missing Ryan throws a int Sea stars picking apart talentless team and getting shredded by Zach Miller Sea takes lead . Falcons remain calm and Ryan leads Falcons to GWD Game 5 Mistakes at wrong time Ryan fumble snap HD not staying on feet Chance to win game Ryan misses some open players Defense allows another TE to run reckless
  18. 31 out of 32 GMs would take Andrew Luck right now over Matt Ryan No questions asked
  19. In poll of 26 general managers, personnel men and coaches, Andrew Luck landed in "Tier 1" of quarterbacks. The only other Tier 1 quarterbacks were Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Although Luck has been in the NFL for just two years and is yet to go off statistically, it's clear to anyone with two eyes that he's a "once in a generation" kind of talent. Luck is just a middling QB1 in re-draft formats due to the presence of stubborn run-first OC Pep Hamilton, but he's arguably the No. 1 quarterback in Dynasty leagues. Jul 3 - 8:30 AM Source: ESPN.com
  20. Andrew Luck was 100 % at fault for his playoff game and he would be first to admit it He was AWFUL but he was awful under dire circumstances . Matt Ryan was awful under great circumstances in playoff games
  21. LoL @ you were right . You stated Colts line was (okay) stop with your nonsense Luck was forced to run and move out of pocket and pick up first downs with his legs so no he didn't have to pass as much maybe cause he didn't throw as many ints as Ryan and put his team in holes That could possibly be it with Ryan 17 ints and 4 fumbles which lead to tons of opposing teams points When all said and done Generals Managers / NFL executives vote Luck 5th best QB Not Matt Ryan and his playoff failures Not Matt Ryan and his 1 playoff win in 6 seasons Not Matt Ryan who crumbled under adversity and lead Falcons to a 4-12 record Andrew Luck is better than Ryan now Andrew Luck will have a better career than Ryan Andrew Luck is a star Matt Ryan is a average QB that been surrounded with some of best weapons 5 out of 6 seasons and his greatest accomplishment 32 TDs in a season and trip to NFC champ game where he choked away a fumble
  22. Again Both offensive lines were horrible Since Luck dropped back less ( I'm trying to get you to see the context) he would have lesser pressures and sacks But if Luck dropped back as many times as Ryan did both would be close to equal Ryan was pressured 290 times / sacked 44 on 651 pass attempts Luck was pressured 242 times / sacked 32 times on 570 pass attempts Ryan was pressured every 2.2 drop backs . Luck was pressured ever 2.3
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