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  1. Hawks made a late offer lol but he was never coming to ATL . Think he stated this on a radio interview as we'll
  2. Hawks were never in play for Gasol. No clue what WOR was talking about Hawks are just destined to be a treadmill team . No big time free agent wants to come to Atlanta so why not blow it up and tank or trade ? Don't understand the thought process of the Hawks
  3. LMAOO . I have a better chance playing for the Hawks
  4. Dallas offered him 3 years 45 mil . They could match cause it's their own player . They created enough cap space by trading Lin to offer Bosh max he will start off with low end of max and they will resign Parsons and be in the luxury tax They moved Asik and Lin and cleared a lot of cap Money is solid GM
  5. Bosh is exactly what Rockets need lol People get caught up with Heat (Bosh) who turned his game around but Bosh could play with back to basket or a stretch 4 . Outside a trade for Horford or Millsap the Rockets found a perfect pairing to Howard. Rockets need to show they can play some tough defense but they got arguably best starting 5 in NBA
  6. Lol we'll Lebron asked Melo to come join him in Cle Haaaaa Melo said I don't even like visiting CLE HAAAA
  7. I noticed Lebron didn't mention Wiggins Just can't see them playing together
  8. I'm thinking Cle in play in a Sign and Trade Phil Jackson gets Wiggins keep saying this and feeling it 80 % Knicks 20 % Melo to Cavs on S& T that includes Wiggns/ Thompson/ Waiters But way Lebron mentioned them think he wants to play with them
  9. This does more for Lebron than anything Eventually I'm sure he would love to buy the Cavs down the road This mends this bridge
  10. Wade not even mad lol . Outside opting out 42 mil he will get more in long contract Wade could also recruit Melo now as we'll Lala wouldn't mind Miami lol
  11. I'm with you and hope he wins Cavs fans a ring Least they have hope unlike Hawks fans
  12. WOR doesn't like to hear bout lala
  13. It's official to Cle Didn't think he would ever go back Sets up Love to Cle or possibly Melo
  14. One of the Millsap brothers plays exactly like him in a way Fade away shot and moves to basket Abe has some handles he also shoots like Paul with his form lol Abe will be on some highlights he likes some showmanship
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