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  1. Initial reaction .. did TD get a boob job?
  2. I don't know about that. Maybe the Pats or somebody else but I really think this could be another situation where people call collusion. We've only seen one team stick by this guy, and as they say it only takes one. What if TB was his one?
  3. Character means a lot to me and I think people seem to laugh thinking about crab legs and forget one horrible accusation and another he apologized for among other things that might be hurting him signing with another team as much as his play.
  4. Yes I realized that. And it shouldn't be.
  5. I know everyone is killing this guy and I'm about to get it too but... If the Dolphins wanted to give us picks 5 18 26 and next years 1st. We could load up and just off the top of my head KC PHL* SEA PITT and GB I think all won super bowls with their QBs on rookie contracts. Also the Dolphins could fit Matt under their Cap this year. Cap room $23,886,722 Matt's cap hit this year $18,962,500. Then it goes up to 40+ million which we won't even be able to afford next year.
  6. ****. Sounds like you've actually been to games in Atlanta. It's really hard to be a Falcons fan when we play the Bears, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Eagles, Saints, Vikings for some reason even. Yeah after being a season ticket holder from 2003 to 2006 and going to going to games in 1993 at Fulton County stadium as kid with Deion Sanders and still there were more Saints fans you actually start to realize the hard-core fans are great but really overall this transient fan base (not the hard-core) is actually one of the worst in the NFL. Part of that is people being front runners and part of it is this organization can't consistently put together a team anyone believes in consistently and they priced regular customers out. The uniforms don't mean **** really. But it would be nice to take pride in something.
  7. It's a good move not to pay him imo because I don't think Hooper is elite and I think Hurst can thrive and put up close to the same numbers with Ryan at a lower cost. The TE position has taken a big hit overall the past few years, which is strange to me with players getting larger and stronger while still somehow getting faster. But you look at the teams getting to the SB win or lose and they have good TEs. Just this past year the two best TEs got there. What's super crazy is other than Julio the next best receiver in the SB since 2012 was Tyreek Hill or Wes Welker past that spending big on WR seems to be a bigger detriment than spending big at TE. Letting Hooper walk was only dumb because we should've traded him for a pick last year.
  8. That was one TD's best drafts and I actually kinda called Debo and Campbell on this board under the same name I think because I was in between jobs that year and watched way to much NFL network. Both guys were asked which team they felt best about or whatever and they answered the Falcons. Both were taken a round earlier than projected. Still working now, concrete is essential apparently, but I bet for those of you staying at home with NFL network you can learn a lot by being a bit on the spectrum and watching it. But yes 2 starters or impact players is what determines a good draft. If you get 3 and we need 3 then it's a killer draft. We need a killer draft.
  9. I'm confused a bit why can't Brown or Carpenter be cut. And why can't we draft a C that plays guard this year? I do think we are of the same mindset that the OL needs improvement but we have four holes LB CB LG and still more Rush or push and one of those just isn't getting filled through the draft unless we pull a rabbit out the hat.
  10. I trust TD will have his hipster look on point come draft day.
  11. Jaylon Johnson in the 2nd would be a steal. Don't think he'll be there but this is the route I hope they take. Get best available front 7 guy in the first and CB is deep so wait and grab one in the 2nd. And people here seem to not be high on Chaisson but I like his tape. He has multiple moves; spin, bull, swim and speed. Not a one trick pony like Beasley. He can actually play LB and fills two needs LB and pass rush. Then we'd be left with only 2 glaring needs imo at CB and LG.
  12. That's the ugliest **** I've ever seen. Hope they just don't ever wear these. Why not just do full red. Just noticed that's a fubu jersey! Lol
  13. Author Blank said he listened to the fans? Apparently this is our fault.
  14. I actually like the old school Browns look. I think they might be going back to it.
  15. Yeah actually I agree the Texans uniforms are bland af. They can't have the old Oilers uniforms because of Tennessee. I'm a fan of a lot of those 80's uniforms. Actually wish we'd have gone back to the Grits bliz red ones.
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