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  1. Be careful what you wish for. I have terrible envisions of the Falcons taking an over-rated Spencer Rattler with their first pick next year setting the franchise back another 5-6 years. And this is coming from an Oklahoma fan.
  2. Fontenot may as well start looking at the qb's coming out for 2022 cuz 0-17 is staring the Falcons in the face. This team looks atrocious
  3. My live mock draft ended up like this Pick 148 Trey Smith Pick 182 Jamar Johnson Pick 183 Davylon Dixon Pick 187 Kenneth Gainwell
  4. Pick 108 Tay Gowan Pick 114 Chris Rumpf
  5. I have been doing this for a number of years now and forgot to post this until now for some reason. So far my real time draft looks like this. Pick 4 Kyle Pitts Pick 40 Asante Samuel Jr Pick 68 Ronnie Perkins Today early in the 4th I will be looking at Michael Carter, Trey Smith, and Richard LeCounte
  6. Tay Gowan, Michael Carter, or Chris Rumpf. 2 of those 3.
  7. I wouldn't hate Asante Samuels either.
  8. My live mock ended up like this. 1. Xavier McKinney - S Alabama 2. AJ Epenesa - DE Iowa 3. Neville Gallimore - DT Oklahoma 4. Ben Bredeson - G Michigan 4 (2). Shaq Quarterman - LB Miami 7. Nigel Warrior - S Tennessee
  9. my first 3 picks were xavier mckinney, aj epenesa, and Neville Gallimore. Did these in real time.
  10. Round 1 Xavier mcKinney Round 2 AJ Epenesa Round 3 Neville Gallimore
  11. I hope it's one of Blacklock, Gallimore, Espensa, or Gross Matos.
  12. Hopefully one of Chaisson, Epensa, Gross matos, or Gallimore fall to us in the second round
  13. He would be an excellent hire to replace the Scott Pioli role. He isn't a people person but is a very good talent evaluator and could be in charge of our draft.
  14. I'm sure you will get your wish. The organization has a history of bad coaching hires so I don't expect this one to go any different.
  15. You will probably get your wish but I would rather see the defense get fixed personally.
  16. in fairness his probable best team his qb Carson Palmer was well on his way to a playoff win when the Steelers cheap shot to the knee took him out. Palmer was never the same qb in Cincy after that and Lewis was able to somewhat get it rebuilt with Andy Dalton who also got hurt in one of their better seasons. BTW Lewis almost was able to win that game against Pitt with AJ McCarron if it weren't for Vontez Burfict being stupid.
  17. please tell me the Cincy coach who did anything close to what Marvin Lewis did with the Bengals since Sam Wyche left. Exactly the fact is Lewis did a decent job with that team despite poor/cheap ownership. I understand why people don't want him hired here I just happen to disagree and think he would do a decent job here.
  18. Marvin Lewis. I know he never won a playoff game in Cincy but what he was able to do a pretty good job there despite the ownership hampering him by not having scouts etc......
  19. JIm Schwartz and Mike Pettine wouldn't be bad guys to talk to either.
  20. Jim Schwartz and Mike Pettine would be at the top of my list of guys to interview. I think Pettine got a raw deal in Cleveland and deserves another shot.
  21. If Quinn is fired Jim Schwartz is my top choice followed by Mike Pettine
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