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  1. I'm still not sure why the Falcons didn't promote Matt LaFleur
  2. My real time mock looked like this. Forest Lamp Derek Rivers Desmond King Caleb Brantley Lorenzo Jerome Bucky Hodges
  3. So my live mock ended up looking like this Forest Lamp, Derek Rivers, Desmond King, Caleb Brantley, Lorenzo Jerome, and Bucky Hodges. As compared to the falcons real picks of ....................... Takkaris McKinley, Duke Riley, Sean Harlow, Damontae Kazee, Brian Hill, Eric Saubert.
  4. My final pick for the Falcons is Bucky Hodges.
  5. My pick for the Falcons here is Safety............ Lorenzo Jerome
  6. My pick for the Falcons is Caleb Brantley
  7. Because in my draft I already have Forest Lamp and Derek Rivers. Safeties are getting thin and I thought he offered the best value at this point.
  8. My pick for the Falcons is CB Desmond King
  9. For comparison sake after 3 rounds My picks Forest Lamp Derek Rivers Falcons Picks Takkarist McKinley Duke Riley
  10. My pick for the Falcons at 75 is Derek Rivers
  11. I am hoping one of Baker or Maye fall to us now.
  12. Let me start by saying that I trust that the Falcons know what they are doing and I like McKinley. That being said does anyone think we should have stayed put kept the 3 and 7 and rolled with one of McKinnest, Lamp, or Baker at 31? I realize that McKinley would have like been gone at 31. I would have been just as happy to take Lamp or Baker at 31 and kept both of those picks.
  13. I like Takkarist McKinley but with McKinley Lamp and Baker all available I don't like giving up 2 picks when the Falcons could have stayed put and got one of those 3