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  1. Beasley doesn’t show up against quality competition. He’s not someone that is a dependable piece on the edge. He’s simply not that good. Outside of Grady, there isn’t a dependable player on the line. Maybe Takk ends up being a solid number 2 but he has to show that ability next season.
  2. Chiefs defense has been bad all season. This is what happens when they don’t play the Colts
  3. Can’t help but notice how important it is to have a defensive line that can make key stops. Both teams have one in this Chiefs game and the Rams line stepped up in the second half against the Saints.
  4. Hope Davenport was worth it
  5. The Pats are the only team that can win a ton of games with a bunch of mediocre talents. This is ridiculous.
  6. We watched a slew of bad offenses in week 1 and now week 2 is filled with non-competitive games. These playoffs have been ***.