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  1. He was good for Atlanta when he was here.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took him in the first. He’s good and for teams that don’t care about height at safety, Winfield is probably high on their boards.
  3. The teams behind them (TB and ATL) won’t be slouches but talent and coaching is king. They have the best roster right now and Peyton is very good. It’s possible they don’t win the division but they’ve got the ingredients to get the job done again.
  4. Still think New Orleans is better positioned to win the division but it will be tough for everyone.
  5. Ideally you want three guys you can trust to rush the passer on passing downs. Atlanta getting the third guy on the inside through the draft is probably Atlanta’s best bet on having three studs. If it’s just Grady and Fowler, that screams mediocrity and good teams aren’t going to sweat Atlanta’s pass rush outside of double teaming Grady.
  6. The secondary needs an upgrade and I’d be shocked if this team isn’t concerned about the CB position especially. There isn’t a pro bowl caliber player in the secondary unless Neal comes back healthy.
  7. He’s not that good and Davison took his spot.
  8. CB, DT, LB, and LG. DE could be addressed too.
  9. It’s a coping mechanism. They’re very close to having a complete team.
  10. There wasn’t a pass catcher on the Saints teams had to worry about outside of Thomas. Those days are over.
  11. Jobs are on the line.
  12. I’ll just say that TB is not going to have a QB under center throwing 30 interceptions again.
  13. You nailed it OP. There isn’t much of a downside.
  14. The defense still has question marks and we really don’t know how the offensive line is going to perform. Getting Fowler, Gurley, and Hurst didn’t remove those concerns. They were good pick ups for sure. However, Atlanta can’t hit on only a few guys in the draft and expect to be SB contenders.