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  1. Heck no. This defense wasnt a top five unit. There is still work to be done.
  2. I don’t think they’ll ignore the Guard position. They just won’t reach for one. It’s why it’ll be important they fix Guard in free agency. There may not be one worth taking when the Falcons make their selections.
  3. Co-sign. Guard also needs to be addressed in FA just in case the draft doesn’t fall the Falcons way. Teams don’t seem to reach for Guards in the first round unless he shows high level potential. If Lamp ended up being a second round pick, it’s not wise to just pencil in a Guard at 26. There may not be one worth taking.
  4. The formula is always the same. Be strong on the line of scrimmage and be able to run the ball.
  5. Thank you Jesus
  6. I’m done with Football until the fall. This has been a painful stretch of weeks.
  7. They didn’t run once. You gotta be kidding me.
  8. I might be done.
  9. This might be the last football game I watch this season if the Saints win. A Saints/ Patriots SB would be horrendous.
  10. Would be nice.
  11. Loving this
  12. I knew this would happen. Minnesota’s too good on the line of scrimmage and they have legit playmakers on both sides of the ball. Unless Johnson going down makes their run defense weaker, Minny is going to the SB.
  13. This game is going like I predicted. Still early though.
  14. Being “good” isn’t good enough. Fielding a defense on the Vikings or the Jags level could seriously turn our fortunes around. We’re close like you said which is a good thing.