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  1. Back up. If he’s anything more, than great. Just don’t get your hopes up.
  2. I’m expecting him to go to Tampa
  3. This is the type of thinking Arthur Blank used when he brought back Dimitroff and Quinn man. They beat the Saints and the 49ers (who made the SB) and ended the year strongly during the 2019 season. In reality, the team was suspect. Looking at the roster objectively up and down, this is not a team that is a good offseason away from being a complete team. Fixing this offense is going to be easy and this is assuming Ryan doesn’t suck next season. Pees has to work some serious magic because this defensive line and secondary has some serious talent issues outside of Grady and maybe Terrell
  4. It would be very hard to pull off. The team has to nail almost every pick and free agent acquisition. What are the odds of this realistically happening? I’m just trying to be rational. Atlanta is closer to being the type of team that is great on offense and meh on defense. I would really, really love to be wrong.
  5. Complete football teams give you the best chance to win the whole thing. Let’s just say I’d be shocked if Atlanta became a complete football team in two years.
  6. Ryan would look worst behind the Chiefs line. They’re missing like two starting tackles.
  7. Tampa’s defense>>> Every level has talent in it. Just loaded all around.
  8. Atlanta gave up 30 + points in both games against Bucs. That isn’t a winning formula.
  9. Bend but don’t break defenses usually break against talented offenses. It’s the main reason why I hate them.
  10. KC’s defense can’t do the whole bend but don’t break thing against an offense as talented as Tampa’s. This is over.
  11. Looks like the Beatdown isn’t stopping anytime soon.
  12. I’d be surprised if Tampa pulled a 28-3. Tampa’s defense is actually talented.
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