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  1. Solid draft. I'd give it a B. Considering where this team is picking, they've done well.
  3. Run on Tight Ends.
  4. Well we have our Guard finally.
  5. Eh.
  6. Please don't spoil broski.
  7. Team beat writers on twitter.
  8. Watch the Patriots get one of these TEs smh
  9. The Falcons worked out or met with a bunch of developmental types at OL. Don't be surprised if they go that route. That's what I'm expecting anyway.
  10. Mel Kiper just explained why nobody is reaching for these offensive lineman. If the Rams aren't taking an offensive lineman with their terrible line, you know the class is trash. Don't throw away picks for trash.
  11. Safeties are moving.
  12. Being passionate and having swagger doesn't equal being a malcontent. Good locker rooms across the league aren't just filled with quiet types. Those teams have a mixture of both personalities and the Falcons currently have that right now. If anything, I'd question a GM that doesn't want to have vocal competitors on their squad. Especially in a physical sport like football.
  13. I like Riley. I just don't know where he's going to play.