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    BigGrip got a reaction from PokerSteve in Too many one-year deals?   
    We are in deep CAP trouble. If this current team can not make the play-off. Next year will be the beginning of a total rebuild. And some well knowns will be traded or let go. .... . Just one fan opinion, what's yours.   
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Pacific_Falcon in Blank on Freeman: “I love him but salary cap is not unlimited”   
    This is just "POOR" management. If you are letting the player go just do it. Don't let it play out in the media. He is as good as gone now. No need to try to negotiate anything. Don't think that other players around the league will overlook how this is being handled. .... . I'm certain Tampa Bay or Carolina will make him an offer if released. ..... . And no, I'm not saying we should keep him. I'm just saying this is NOT the way to handle this issue.  
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Spts1 in More PSL defaults   
    The truth must be told. This new stadium was just a scam to get soccer to Atlanta. They rode the backs of soooo many loyal football fans. ..... . I was a season ticket holder at the old Dome and got duked into "Club seats" at the NEW stadium. The football experience is the equivalent of watching the "Lawrence Welk show(1955-1982) vs Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl". Going to the "Old Dome" was a real football environment. At the new stadium I can honestly say that I have more fun sitting in the lounge. ... . And yes, I tried to sale my PSL dirt cheap with NO takers. AB may know "BIG BOX" stores but that's not football. However I personally don't blame the complete failure on AB. I have followed the Falcons even prior to the "MV" experience and before "MV" I could go to the stadium the day of the game and buy great seats in any location. Those days are back and will NOT get better until "MR" leave.       
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Osiruz in LSU's Joe Burrow   
    I think MR contract ends in a couple of years. He would be around 36 years old. I feel we have already seen the best he has to offer. Who knows when we will have another pick inside of 4 in the draft. This kid looks legit. And getting a year or two with MR would not hurt. Bring him on home!
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Spts1 in I'm on the trade Julio and keep Sanu bandwagon   
    I wish somehow your dumb idea could come true. Julio deserves to have a team with a real QB and a worthy fan base. As long as MR is the starting QB this team will always be an "also ran". ... . Thank goodness horse racings and casinos are on its way to Atlanta. That stadium was build for soccer. I don't see things getting much better for this team anytime soon. 
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Flying Falcon in If Quinn Goes, What Players Should Realistically Go With Him?   
    Absolutely. There are some good QB's coming for this year's draft. It's time to move on while JJ still has his wheels. And at the rate things are moving we should have a very HIGH pick. NOW is the time to get that QB for the future. Problem is what team would be interested in trading for MR.     
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    BigGrip got a reaction from Osiruz in To The Tankers   
    I agree with you 1000%. I am also a PSL owner. And the direction this team is being managed will put us back to the pre VIC days. Having a TOP 5 pick helps on the cap and the FAN base.
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