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  1. You are welcome. I can see your concerns. I use to be one of those Fans that could see no wrong with our players or strategies. Being a season ticket holder, you kinda got skin in the game. .... . Forget about Tom Brady and the Bucs, D. Brees and the "aints" or even Bridgewater and the Panthers. Let's just look at an aging M.Ryan, Ridley coming off an injury, J. Jones having only 7 gears(used to be 10), Hurst not bad but Hooper a little better, Gurley is better than the recent Freeman but not a 3 down back and may not be very durable. Lastly, you are good with having to resign about half the t
  2. We are in deep CAP trouble. If this current team can not make the play-off. Next year will be the beginning of a total rebuild. And some well knowns will be traded or let go. .... . Just one fan opinion, what's yours.
  3. This is just "POOR" management. If you are letting the player go just do it. Don't let it play out in the media. He is as good as gone now. No need to try to negotiate anything. Don't think that other players around the league will overlook how this is being handled. .... . I'm certain Tampa Bay or Carolina will make him an offer if released. ..... . And no, I'm not saying we should keep him. I'm just saying this is NOT the way to handle this issue.
  4. The truth must be told. This new stadium was just a scam to get soccer to Atlanta. They rode the backs of soooo many loyal football fans. ..... . I was a season ticket holder at the old Dome and got duked into "Club seats" at the NEW stadium. The football experience is the equivalent of watching the "Lawrence Welk show(1955-1982) vs Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl". Going to the "Old Dome" was a real football environment. At the new stadium I can honestly say that I have more fun sitting in the lounge. ... . And yes, I tried to sale my PSL dirt cheap with NO takers. AB may know "BIG BOX"
  5. SOOO WHAT ! The only thing that really counts is. Can he bring home a Super Bowl trophy? So far you have the answer.
  6. All that being said though, what exactly has his tenure in Atlanta produced? In 12 seasons the Falcons are 109-83 in the regular season. That’s really good. However, they have just four playoff wins to show for it. And two of those came in 2016 when they made it to the Super Bowl (and blew the infamous 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots). It just does not really feel like the Falcons are going anywhere with this team. And that includes Ryan at quarterback. However, moving on is hard. Really ! But the stats are HOF ?
  7. Yea, I feel Winston football career is a backup at best. However Hebert or Tua is not the answer. I think "Bridgewater" will be a heavy favorite for Leftwich. And Philip Rivers is next in line. Arians is not building. With receivers like Evans, Godwin and Perriman and a tough defensive line. They just need to add a corner and running back. McKay is not an answer for the Falcons. House cleaning after the 2020 season.
  8. I think so too. Rebuild is rebuild, and Burrows is special. MR is not getting younger and if we get a replacement for Quinn this team is looking at 2 - 3 years to rebuild.
  9. For the most part these players were on a team build and coached by DQ that played in the SB LI. There is NO true leader amongst the players. Julio speaks up sometimes. The NFC championship in 2012 yielded similar results. ... . It's simply time to clean house or face an empty house.
  10. I wish somehow your dumb idea could come true. Julio deserves to have a team with a real QB and a worthy fan base. As long as MR is the starting QB this team will always be an "also ran". ... . Thank goodness horse racings and casinos are on its way to Atlanta. That stadium was build for soccer. I don't see things getting much better for this team anytime soon.
  11. There is not one team in the NFL that give the Falcons a 1st round pick for MR. And his salary has nothing to do with it.
  12. Wow ! I wish I could see the video version of this. You really did your homework. What is NO surprise to me anymore is that Matt Ryan own 6 out of the 10 examples given here. At some point you must call it like it is.
  13. Well said. From what we have seen so far this season the Falcons will have a low pick. Possibly top "5" pick. There are some great QB's coming in this years draft. Let that QB push MR the 1st year. I would love to see another QB throwing to JJ, Hooper, Sanu and Ridley.
  14. Well said. From what we have seen so far this season the Falcons will have a low pick. Possibly top "5" pick. There are some great QB's coming in this years draft. Let that QB push MR the 1st year. I would love to see another QB throwing to JJ, Hooper, Sanu and Ridley.
  15. Absolutely. There are some good QB's coming for this year's draft. It's time to move on while JJ still has his wheels. And at the rate things are moving we should have a very HIGH pick. NOW is the time to get that QB for the future. Problem is what team would be interested in trading for MR.
  16. I concur. Matter of fact I don't see MR finishing his career as a Falcon. And without JJ making those circus catches those stats will become avg at best. Remember Kurt Warner, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning they played for other teams. And each of them WON a Super Bowl. Mr. Blank will feel the pain soon and recue these Falcons.
  17. You have the right to dream or hate all you like about any player. ..... . However it will make NO different if you got two 1st round picks. Unless the Falcons are going after a very good QB the dog days will be back for years to come. .... . Ticket prices would be much cheaper tho.
  18. It's time to move on from RYAN. He had his chance to bring home the championship and he BLEW it. If we don't move deep into the playoffs this year the cap problem is only going to get worst. He just don't have the killer instincts of a champion. What QB wouldn't have great stats when he throwing to the likes of Julio, Roddy White, Gonzalez, etc. But his crunch time and RED zone performance isn't going to improve at this stage of his career. It's time to build into the future.
  19. Not the time to trade him. He knows its a one year deal. So he will give his BEST. If he want to justify getting the BIG bucks, he will show it this season. Who knows, he might be worth that $12.8 mil plus some.
  20. If the Falcons can not sign Grady. This will be a huge negative. Will TaKK play at all this year? Can the Falcon come up with more money for Julio? Will Freeman be able to get back on track? Will Neal be willing to lay it out there like he did in the past? Coleman is ready to get paid. Trufant looks used. Alford had more pass breakups and he got "let GO" ! ...... . How long will the Falcons allow Schaub to milk this cow? .............. Bottom line. NO ! Just NO!
  21. Completion % for Ryan are NOT throws. They are catches. He owes Roddy White, Gonzalez and Julio for being the athletes they are. You have already seen the best he will ever be.
  22. WHAT ! This is a joke right? Brady drops that ball right where it needs to be. MR is no where near as accurate. Edelman is good. But he is no Julio Jones. .... . I would love to see Brady and Julio on the same team. Now that would just be illegal.
  23. LOL ! No No No. I think you are using the wrong three to compare Ryan with. ALL those QB's are better. Now lets try Nick Foles, Ben Roethsberger, Russell Wilson or Philip Rivers. Not sure where is falls with this group either.
  24. Yep! Rodgers could hit him in stride without having to wait for ball or having to almost break his neck to catch a PASS.
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