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  1. It's NOT about redemption. It's about winning our 1st SUPERBOWL. Why add more pressure, the media will take care of that. Quinn has put together an awesome team and is actually ahead of schedule making it to the SB in his 2nd year as the head coach. It ain't easy. Chill and enjoy the ride....... other business. I would luv to see the Cavs pick up Westbrook and take on the GS warriors.
  2. Both of these guys helped the Falcons as far as their play on the football field. And THAT is what is being honored. Roddy is one of the BEST receivers in Falcons history. The same is said for VICK. Off the field VICK made some mistakes, but he has paid his dues for that. There is NO denying that MV was one of the most exciting players not only for the Falcons, but the entire NFL. Lets honor him rather than allow it to be like Deion Sanders, Brett Favre and other great players that were Falcons but move on and don't claim the Falcons.
  3. Bring him back ! Reed or Crawford may have to just, "let go".
  4. I said nothing about TD, Quinn, or any of the other players and staff. The topic was "retaining Schaub overlooked". Schaub's small value that he had left with Shanahan move to 49'ers. Simms at 28 and never having any meanful play speaks for itself. Hopefully we will not have to find out their whether either can still play.
  5. Unfortunately if Matt Ryan goes down , we may as well start looking toward the following season. Neither Schaub or Simms could win a game even if the opponent was playing 9 player on defense. They both have simply been away from the game too long. Decision making is a lot harder when being chased around the field. Time to draft a young blood for the future.
  6. That's why they are still for sale. No one has their tickets in hand yet. However a sucker is born every day. One may purchase tickets from a STH with the promise to deliver once the tickets are in hand. Check out Those BAMA-FSU tickets are priced over $1100.00 each for club seats. ... . I have already paid for those too(STH), but don't have them in hand. If the price is still there when I get those .......... "for sale"
  7. No. I'm near the 25 yd line. It was really cool how they just put the tickets invoice into my acct. I have till the 15th to buy the Ga Tech game. Already paid for the Bama game. So far they have lived up to expectation. "Lets get it started!"
  8. Yea. I think that this loss will keep this team motivated for decades. There is really something very special about Quinn style of coaching. The players he bring to this team. Being stung twice by New England, once as a Seahawk then as a Falcon. I'm looking forward to seeing what this new defense will product this year. It will most likely only get better the year after. The media is just doing what they do. We(Falcons) must prove that we are NOT who they say we are !
  9. Yes I did
  10. Sorry to hear about so many communications break downs. I'm in the club section on the visitor side. And I just purchased seats for the "Bama-FSU" game. I'm thinking of picking up the Ga.Tech-Tenn. game also.
  11. Fullback ! Wes is ready to step up at RG. All the starter type DE are already gone. We need a goal line running, short pass catching, blocking running back.
  12. No more paper tickets. Fans looking to buy tickets from the scalper is risky business. They can print many fake tickets. STH will be issued a card. They will also have the option to resale or transfer their tickets. I think there is a print option once you transfer tickets. Is there anyone looking for "club" seating around the 30 yard line. Price will vary depending on what game. There are a few games I cannot attend. I will post after the draft.
  13. You may still use sites to sell your tickets(Ebay,Stubhub,etc.). Just have to transfer them after the sell.
  14. Yeah I understood you. I was just adding to the subject that there will be a lot of shade thrown our way once the season get underway. Last year we started rookies and no one really expected the Falcons to make such a strong showing. They rated the Falcons as having the toughest schedule in the league. However this year it's becoming more and more an expectation. Can the players and staff handle that expectation. Can't wait till the draft ! Can't wait till we play New England, Can't wait till we make it back to the Super Bowl !!! ...... can't wait to go and watch the Falcons play in this new stadium.
  15. That was one helava hit. But we(Falcon fans) must accept that the fact that somehow we blew a 25 point lead in the 3rd quarter. I'm sure once the season start that is going to hang over us like a dark cloud. Hopefully it will be the spark that keep the team focused on the prize. Imagine when we play New England this year. Yea we are going to have to earn that respect.