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  1. Definitely 2018 ! Ryan has never been pushed for the job. We have already seen the best he has to offer. I hate saying it, but it's down hill from here. It would be nice if its a slow decline. .... . Falcon fans have seen this scenario play out before. Chris Chandler got us to the SB in 1998. Did he get us back to the playoffs? Michael Vick put BUTTS in seats in the Ga. dome(yea I know he really let the fans down in the end). However, what power this team would have with a mobile QB. Freeman and Coleman coming out of the backfield alone with Julio drawing double coverage, Sanu catching the tough yards and a mobile QB. Yeah that would put us back on track alone with butts in the stadium. ..... . Trade Ryan, Hooper, Schweitzer, and Trufant as a package and just start over. Maybe we could get Lamar Jackson. Wishing on a star.
  2. Thanks for your post. I am a traditional club PSL holder(lower bowl). I had to go round after round with them about the SEC game. I was not given an opportunity to purchase my PSL, but was invoiced seats on the 200 level near the end zone. After several rounds of emails they finally relocated me to the lower bowl. Yes, I know that in the contact. They explained that I will not be invoiced for the national game, the SB game, the final 4, basically any big time game will give me NO edge on getting not only my seats(PSL) but any seats. Also there is NO dispute resolution. They can justify taking your PSL seats for any event they choose. However they did explain that the founders club PSL would get the opportunity to purchase these events. Recently I did get an email on purchasing the national game(premium package). I would get a discount. Not sure how much. My concern is it appear to be from a third party selling the seats. More and more I am thinking of not renew the PSL. I been a Falcon fan(STH) for decades and it wasn't based on a fancy stadium. I feel the owners needed an outdoor feel for their soccer team. It appears that the Falcon fans are pawns of a $ machine. A SB win would stall the negative impact. I really don't see the PSL owners surviving another QB debacle like MV. And if no SB in the next two years, MR.
  3. Basically the same system, but timing and choice of plays being call are NOT productive. It appears that Belichick understands Quinn's system. Quinn has been on the whooping side of Belichick even when he was at Seattle. It was hard to not feel the intensity of a coach going ALL out to attempt to erase that losing feeling. Going for it on 4th and 7. Then later going for it on 4th and goal. .... . The one score we did finally get was all Julio. That would have been an interception with any other WR. Time to start thinking about next year. Is Ryan still the future? Julio will not be great forever.
  4. Well said. I think it would be hard for any player to perform on the level that Ryan performed last year back to back. I also feel that Ryan has already peaked. Hopefully it will be a slow decline. Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman deserve a better option before its too late.
  5. Not true. I am a club seat ticket holder also. But was not at the Miami game. I give the tickets to a relative but watched the game at home. I have attended all other home games. The amount of seats seen empty on TV would NOT be accounted for in the lounges and other amenities. Proof will be once the SEC is held in this stadium. Compare how it looks on TV then.
  6. I concur. I was at the game in the club section. There is so much room in the lounges and on the field behind the bench that fans are happy moving around the stadium. TV monitors are everywhere. These at home whiners will never be happy.
  7. This will a huge knock against the "PSL" owners. Do you really think fans will stand 3 - 4 hours watching the game. Not to mention not being able to be seated at the bar when you paid much more for your tickets. ..... . However great deal(price) for those that refused to pay the high price for seats. Great ideal for the playoffs and Super Bowl.
  8. WoW! I looked on Ticketmaster for a pair of tickets for a relative. These tickets were going at more than half price off. Bought great seats in section 129(club section) for $277.00 each. Original price is more than $345.00. Which was great for fans who didn't buy PSL's.
  9. No rational reason to continue to pay Simms to humiliate this team. Time him to buy tickets like the other fans.
  10. The players/agents know that it's the guaranteed money that count. He won't sign for less than twenty. And if he somehow become a free agent he will get more than that.
  11. Alford and Garland But also Hardy,Ishmael,Matthews,Poole,Shelby,Loilolo,Upshaw. .... . Now can you imagine that after next years draft how stacked this team will be. Go ahead and start saving your money now. Falcons will be the 1st NFL team to WIN the SB in their own stadium.
  12. Wow. I felt the same as many have expressed in this topic. However at the end of the day you are either "with it or without it". I clearly remember seeing STH during my appointment to retain seats in the NEW stadium rush out of the office in anger saying they will not buy seats at these prices. I based my decision on whether I would be happy not being part of MY Falcons run for the "Super Bowl Championship". I have been a STH for over ten years. The wheels of change was upon us. And will live with your decision. If you think you can be just as happy shouting at your new 70" TV, local bar or going to a friends home to watch that "SB run". Be happy. Look at the $$$ you are going to save. But I feel I'm going to leave a little something behind once I start pushing up daisy. So...... " Spend it", at least some of it. It's yo thang, do what you want to do. But PLEASE stop complaining !
  13. I think they should not allow him to do any contact drill until September. The staff is correct in having him on site. He needs to feel the vib and learn the system along with his teammates. Remember it took a minute for Vic Beasley to catch on. Let TAKK heal 1st. Hold him out till we play GB. What a way to open the new stadium.
  14. I concur. However lets NOT forget that the defense that allowed the Patriots to climb back into and then win that game has added some very interesting players to the roster. This team now has build-in motivation. I'm ready to enjoy this season.