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  1. If the Falcons can not sign Grady. This will be a huge negative. Will TaKK play at all this year? Can the Falcon come up with more money for Julio? Will Freeman be able to get back on track? Will Neal be willing to lay it out there like he did in the past? Coleman is ready to get paid. Trufant looks used. Alford had more pass breakups and he got "let GO" ! ...... . How long will the Falcons allow Schaub to milk this cow? .............. Bottom line. NO ! Just NO!
  2. Completion % for Ryan are NOT throws. They are catches. He owes Roddy White, Gonzalez and Julio for being the athletes they are. You have already seen the best he will ever be.
  3. WHAT ! This is a joke right? Brady drops that ball right where it needs to be. MR is no where near as accurate. Edelman is good. But he is no Julio Jones. .... . I would love to see Brady and Julio on the same team. Now that would just be illegal.
  4. LOL ! No No No. I think you are using the wrong three to compare Ryan with. ALL those QB's are better. Now lets try Nick Foles, Ben Roethsberger, Russell Wilson or Philip Rivers. Not sure where is falls with this group either.
  5. Yep! Rodgers could hit him in stride without having to wait for ball or having to almost break his neck to catch a PASS.
  6. I agree with you 1000%. I am also a PSL owner. And the direction this team is being managed will put us back to the pre VIC days. Having a TOP 5 pick helps on the cap and the FAN base.
  7. Very well said. This Falcon team does not have the "it" factor. Julio deserve so much better. However when I look at our corners, offensive line, defensive line, special teams, offensive/defensive coordernator, it just does not look like a bright future for this team. I really don't understand why the owners paid all that money to a QB that no other teams were interested in signing. He's a good QB when throwing to JJ. He does not have the killer instinct to put teams away(2016SB). But JJ would make any QB a HOF type. ..... . Keep JJ and Debo and let the others go.
  8. LMAO ! ..... . Falcons lost today because they simply didn't get the ball in end-zone. Which isn't anything new this season. One player(rookie) did NOT lose the game. Four field goals one TD. There are great players on this team even with all the injuries. But every team the Falcons have played this year have had major injuries also. Yes, Ridley should have made that catch. But that is not the reason the Falcon lost. Will the Saints be the 1st team to win a SB in our NEW stadium?
  9. You can dream what you want to dream ! But MR could NOT hung with a rookie and a replacement coach !
  10. Does not matter if he could walk on water. 1 of 7 passing on 3rd downs. And there are still people out there saying MR is elite. ...... . Hope you didn't buy SB tickets thinking the Falcons would be in that game.
  11. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing that information. Makes me wonder why some people think that Monday night game against the Giants will be blacked out. .... We sure all buy tickets.
  12. .... WHAT ! Wait until they start charging a comparable price as to the price the FAN must pay to see the FALCONS. The REAL Falcons fans are priced out. It gets real when you put the $$$$ out there. .... . Currently management is only building their fan base. Once the numbers stablize the price will go up and FANS will watch the games at the bar.
  13. The Falcons defense was very lame. K.C didn't show much "D" last night either, but Mahomes wasn't having it. Just do your JOB! ..... . Was it Colin Cowherd that said "Matt Ryan is the Andy Dalton in the Dome". It's really not his fault.
  14. Answer: Pay your QB a huge sum of money and hope the other GREAT teamates will not want to break the bank also. .... . I believe this franchise will be put up for sale in two years.
  15. I have been a STH since 2002. During that period of time I personally would say Dan Quinn has the most meaningful wins of the coaches. He appears to have true value. BTW I am still a die hard Falcon fan. But I am beginning to feel some weakest in my armor. A SB win can cure that.