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  1. The Redskins know Shanahan playbook, but it doesn't matter. They never had a QB to get to page 4
  2. Child please. 23 points from your offense? C'Mon get real Falcons will hang 28 points or more
  3. One thing that probably goes unnoticed is the fact Wade Harman, the TE coach is good at developing TE's. He did it while he was in Baltimore. Harman was our asst. OL coach last year, but his strength is working with the TE group. The position that normally strives in Shanahan system. but to get back on topic the ZBS is good fit for a TE like Toilolo.
  4. Shuler will probably end up sticking even when Tamme returns as the 3rd TE and special team player
  5. Before the season started I predicted 12-4. I thought the 4 losses would come somewhere at the beginning of the season due to chemistry, but now that they are coming together and balling I have to say 14-2 and the two losses will come at the end of the season when we rest our starters.
  6. Cool. I was just reminded from my mother-in-law who is from Maryland that the last time we started the season undefeated and we faced her Redskins we were 4-0 heading into that game (2012 NFCCG season). Although the game was played in DC I remember my wife family coming down to our house Columbus Day weekend to watch the game. They were claiming the Redskins was going to be the first team to knock off the Falcons with RG3. lol...we won of course and eventually went on to sweep the rest of the NFC East teams. We have a chance to be undefeated again (4-0) when we play them again Columbus Day weekend and they want my wife to convince me to come to Maryland for the Redskins-Falcons tailgate party her Uncle is having. I know we are better than the Reskins but I don't want to jinx us.
  7. I'm watching the game now. Cowboys are missing their LG this game. Will see who Romo target
  8. Thank you. I was thinking the same da.. thing as I was reading this. Vaughn continues to live in the past.
  9. Good thing for Person is that he has some familiarity with the ZBS from his time in Seattle. Changing from one position to another does take time, especially the center position where that player is responsible for knowing and calling out the D, so the oline can be in sync. Like someone mentioned, with more reps the more experience Person will get. If everyone stays healthy the line should start to really gel by week 7. As for Gino I think he remains a backup, unless he outperforms Person in practice.
  10. This same thread was already mentioned when Coleman was drafted
  11. I expect him to be better with more time here. He is the only one on the O-line who had to learn the playbook in a few days.
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