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  1. Why would people stop going to games now? Were people under the delusion that there weren't a bunch of over-paid, egotistical, *****-nozzles on these teams? We'll ignore all the beatings, guns, drugs, and stripper parties, but taking a knee is the last straw!
  2. They didn't pick up his 5th year option and decided to trade him for a 2nd round pick instead of getting nothing after this year. They weren't going to give him the big contract he wanted. EJ Gaines turned into a steal so they got a good player plus a pick. New GM and head coach means no loyalty to previous draft picks. The Bills are trying to rebuild, so they're stockpiling draft picks. Two #1sts, two #2nd's, and two 3rds in 2018. They seem to be conceding the division to NE until Brady retires.
  3. Where are you guys seeing the Bills ranked 29th? They are currently #9 in passing yards, #4 in passer rating, and #6 in sacks with 0 passing touchdowns... And ranked #6 in total defense and #1 in points allowed.
  4. Did you know that cave men beat their women over the head with clubs before sex? Rape was committed and justice was never served. How can you sleep at night knowing these atrocities were committed by your ancestors?
  5. I would be dead, how could I give them my last name? They could take my last name and pretend to be me, I suppose. Then their grandchildren would have my last name and it would be completely legal and innocent. Plus they would be entitled to my house because Australia has squatter's rights laws.
  6. So how long does someone have to live somewhere before they're considered native? Because the first "Tasmanians" migrated there too.
  7. Trump is the commander-in-chief and he ordered an officer to eliminate a threat to the white house? Absurd! ...and imagine what would happen if the media had captured him trying to kill a fly.
  8. You have to stay vigilant within the matrix... everyone can be a threat.... even hot women in red dresses.
  9. This is like banning Cancer and hoping a cure will be found by 2040.
  10. Didn't they just ban Lithium Batteries from planes because it was too dangerous?
  11. You're not the only one working in that field. And to quote a man smarter than many of us; " I don't need to have a PHD in Astrology to know it's bulls***." Like many on this forum, I have post-graduate degree. And if you talk to a lot of older educated people, their problem is with the CURRENT state of universities. -ie. I didn't vote for Trump. I'm actually quite moderate; but come off as a righty on this board because it's saturated with lefties, and liberals are currently screaming the loudest (as they almost always do ) even under Obama.
  12. Remember that guy a few years back who said he was a PHD in Chemistry and he was an expert on Global Warming... ...He also said that CO2 is a pollutant and that breathing it poisons people. So yeah, it doesn't matter what you do. It only matters if what you say makes sense. Bringing up education (or how much money you make) is basically waving the white flag that you can't back up your arguments beyond "I say it's so, cause' people told me I was smart in school!"
  13. You sound like this guy dissing security guards:
  14. It's always amazes graduates how much they learned in school is completely wrong once they enter the real world. The most common complaint among all workers about ALL generations is that new workers (regardless of education) do not know how to do anything. This includes doctors. Until the day you realize this fact for yourself, (and start seeing this inadequacy in other newbies) you can consider yourself still in the bubble. The only people who never realize this fact are the teachers, stuck in the bubble, that push many of our current liberal idiocies that are mocked once given public scrutiny. So yes, we will congratulate you on your academic achievements, but anyone with any real life experience will not give your opinions much credibility. Spouting graduate degrees on the internet is akin to bringing your spelling bee trophies to a job interview.
  15. People generally complain when children throw tantrums in public, but overlook adults having heated discussions. We are talking about the party that promotes, sit-ins, safe spaces, and provide puppies for weak willed individuals.
  16. Coal miners were dying from black lung and people are still trying to bring those jobs back. Do you think the general public cares about the health of millionaires enough to ban them from playing? I could see the changes being made in High School, but once you start getting compensation, it becomes a risk/reward trade off that many people are willing to overlook. Even if the skill level of players dropped, fans would still watch. (look at the Bills. -no playoffs for 20yrs and they still sell-out games).
  17. It didn't even take a week before Trump solves the energy crisis! This is what a Great America looks like.
  18. You made a whole thread about me? (or am I assuming too much?) What makes you think I've never gone through it?. The difference is that I learned the reasons why, and I'm fine with it. Kinda like going through metal detectors at work. Am I going to ***** and moan about proving (everyday) I'm not carrying a gun? There's a difference between discrimination and common sense. In case you didn't figure it out... I'm not white. I AM on the other side
  19. The work harder quote is about using profiling to narrow the possible suspects rather than blindly searching through random people. And unless you have figured out some other way to determine if someone is more prone to doing something wrong, profiling is the best predictor of behavior. (just ask insurance companies). My friend is neither middle eastern nor Muslim. He just looks like a terrorist so he gets searched. He seems to be okay with it. (Although he used to live in a country where they hand patted everyone, so I think he sees the occasions where he is not being searched as a bonus) You're privileged because you grew up in a homogeneous society where everyone is expected to have the same cultural values. (like privacy and freedom of speech)
  20. The media focused so much on the right being hijacked by the tea party, that it ignored the left being taken over by SJW's.
  21. Stripping a governor (single) of it's power and giving it to an elected legislature (many) is less democratic. Basically, the entire premise of the professors "paper" is that the losing side doesn't get a trophy too.
  22. He probably meant james earl jones from the 70's. James Earl Jones in 2016 sounds different.
  23. There were people who didn't want Bin laden captured? I need links.
  24. There were people who didn't want Bin Laden captured? I need links.
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