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  1. Your solution is to control the cops instead of policing the criminals. They're trying your solution in Baltimore and Chicago and it's working as intended. NO cops means higher crime, but everyone stopped hearing about the police harassment problems. So now that the problem is solved, do we address the violent culture or accept it as conservative "red herring?" Do you feel there is nothing left to address if we keep the cops on a leash?
  2. Do we really have to deal with it? People seem to be more angry at Cops shooting criminals than letting criminals shoot each other. You don't see much media coverage (or protests) over the increased homicide rate in Chicago and Baltimore since the cops moved out.
  3. Is your solution wide-spread reduction in authority of law enforcement? No more guns. No more confiscation. No more criminal intervention? What do you see is the role of police; I'm curious to know.
  4. The root of the problem is that People are upset that cops are arresting criminals. The obvious solution is to keep them from interacting.
  5. What is the solution? Follow Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, London, Paris, and designate NO GO zones where the police are not welcome so there won't be any conflict?
  6. This statement should end all debate. It doesn't matter what anyone says, no one is going to change their minds.
  7. I repeat: Doing something stupid that might kill... might actually kill you.
  8. Most people know that doing something stupid that might get you killed... might actually kill you.
  9. The closer you live to your neighbor, the more likely it is you want to kick their @#%? I agree with that. AS far as degrees go, we could change that to people in crippling debt, vs those without. Educated vs Uneducated feels inaccurate, considering more than half of degrees offered are useless. Universities just keep adding specialized majors for each snowflake.
  10. There is only one reason why we still have two dollar bills...
  11. It was hard to tell, at first,which group he was talking about at the beginning. I mean there are riots, and calls for murder... but not from the side Reid is referencing. My sarcasm meter is going wild. This has to be satire.
  12. Is it ironic that Scientific facts were TRUMPED by the bible for over 1500+ years? People literally used the bible (or other religious dogma) to argue science (and won) a lot longer than the opposite was true.
  13. Luke Cage has a 95% critic rating. The only holdouts point to racial politics and generic origin story. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/luke_cage/s01/
  14. He started out well until he added the part about preventing government tyranny; to a panel of career politicians. They immediately passed the gun ban.