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    Skiing, fly fishing, mountain and road bike riding, mountain running and music. My music was once said to be. "Cool tune" for ones spirit.
  1. He resembles some of the personalities here like Google Boot, Free Radical and a couple others.
  2. He doesn't know. He just types random words as they formulate in his minuscule little mind.
  3. Should the federal government really get all exercised about cows grazing? Does it cause some sort of harm to let cattle eat grass and sage brush? Does our society suffer in some way by cattle grazing on open land producing nothing? Or are people just upset because someone is benefiting from his cattle grazing on land being used for nothing else? We are country full of busy bodies and conniving bitties.
  4. Libertarians believe we should retain the right to defend ourselves if attacked.
  5. No life can be created through homosexual activity. If everyone on earth chose to be exclusively homosexual, man would eventually cease to exist. And I am thecooltune, I case you can't read.
  6. Ron Paul looked like the only intelligent person there. When was that? 1983?
  7. I guess you could ask why they choose to participate in a sexual activity which has a good probability in having one contract a deadly disease. People sometimes make illogical choices.
  8. How did you get that from their comments? I think you had your mind made up and didn't care what these guys said.
  9. You leave no doubts as to which one you are though. No doubts at all.
  10. That's the point of a question, dumb ***.
  11. You see, I asked a question. If you have no opinion, or comments to add, shut up.
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