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  1. My initial thoughts now that it's all over: Jake Matthews: A+ Best player available at 6 and a position of need, didn't make the mistake of trading up. Ra’shede Hageman: A- Great athlete with a lot of upside, and a good value in the 2nd round. I saw him mocked as high as a top 15 pick and he was probably the 2nd best DT talent-wise behind Aaron Donald. Our 3-4 DL is officially big and nasty. Dezmen Southward: C- A reach on a player with a lot of upside. I don't hate the pick, but wish it would have been made later. It would have been a great pick in a later round if we had brought in someone w
  2. Thank you captain hindsight. Anymore more things that are obvious now that werent five years ago you wish to bestow upon us?
  3. Seriously though the people trying to derail the thread into a debate about gun ownership can go **** themselves. Not that I think the 15 year old (captain america) deserves all that much attention but still people. A tragedy happened and this is a time when Roddy and his family should be respected. Maybe he comes out like Ed reed did and puts up a **** of a season in memory of his fallen brother.
  4. He is a fierce competitor, and his passion for the game belies his passion for life, love, and that which he loves. My respect, thoughts, and heart to the "most hated" i.e. deeply respected Falcon there is, was, and will be. I don't know what else to say, really
  5. I think his wide outs are better but as to the op, we keep Matty around until we feel he is a liability come playoffs provided we ever reach them again. In the case that we don't he won't be around that much longer anyway.
  6. It really isn't in the best interest of the players to sign with the Saints if this goes through. We should be mad at the Saints organization for not doing the right thing in the name of saving some money. In the end, it's millionaires vs billionaires, but it's not right for the Saints to be lobbying the state legislature so that they can foot a smaller bill when the talent of the organization gets injured in the course of doing their jobs.
  7. If Greg would've actually hit the girl she would probably be dead or in a hospital.
  8. Ive got some .... plants im trying to move if anyones interested...
  9. Flying toy lawnmower with a gorilla asking not to be upset on top of it. Whats not to get
  10. What would you say the over under is here on sexual predators/virgins
  11. Chill broski, I'm right there with you. Who brings their political views to a football message board anyway.
  12. McClure is a little more optimistic than I am but I'm not overly concerned with the pass rush. As long as the Falcons can finish somewhere in the late teens (at worst) I think the defense can be good enough. Without a pass rush the Falcons were 5th in points allowed in 2012 so a dominate rush isn't necessary for an efficient defense. It's a huge plus but we can get by without it as long as the run defense is stout and Ryan and company get back to form this year.
  13. When have I brought politics into anything? I said the guy was garbage at posting. No one here seems to care with all the misspellings which can only be excused if theyre on a phone, not that I'm a stickler for that sort of thing but all of my posts are immaculate. Btw not an obama voter I don't vote at all
  14. Offense QB Matt Ryan | Sean Renfree RB Steven Jackson | Jacquizz Rodgers | Devonta Freeman | Antone Smith FB Patrick DiMarco WR1 Julio Jones | Darius Johnson WR2 Roddy White | Geraldo Boldewijn WR3 Harry Douglas | Devin Hester TE Levine Toilolo | Bear Pascoe LT Sam Baker | Lamar Holmes LG Justin Blalock C Joe Hawley | Peter Konz RG Jon Asamoah | Gabe Carimi RT Jake Matthews | Mike Johnson Defense LDE Tyson Jackson | Malliciah Goodman | Stansly Maponga NT Paul Soliai | Corey Peters RDE Jonathan Babineaux | Ra’Shede Hageman LOLB Jonathan Massaquoi | Joplo Bartu | Tyler Starr LILB Paul Worrilow |
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