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    I hate the Saints

    Dislike the Panthers

    And couldn't care less for the Buccaneers

    but my greatest fear of all

    is being last in the division

    to win that Superbowl

    The End.
  1. That's what we call a circle jerk. Just because I have an opinion outside the hive doesn't mean I'm wrong. Eric Berry isn't anything and won't do nothing in ATL. Just looks at the defense he is on. Stacked. ATL not so much.
  2. i'm a troll because I have a different opinion. Great logic buddy. Thank good you don't hold any power or this country would be doomed.
  3. Dudes not relevant, what are we the retirement center now for the NFL? How many more players are we going to grab when they are WAAAAAAY past existence?
  4. Should have never sold the team. Now this clown is running it into the ground. How many times have we been to the Super Bowl with Arthur Blank? Exactly.
  5. You'll never witness this again. The perfect couple. Feels bad man. Greatest ATLANTA FALCON COACH EVER.
  6. Eric Berry? Literally who? That a yogurt? Would rather have 10 guys on the field.
  7. 5-0 then 8-8. Guess you guys are easy to satisfy. Feel bad for your guys wives.
  8. We can finally bring back Vangorger. Guy had control over the Defense.
  9. Again not a single one of you guys has even tried to prove your point. He was able to take a broken team into the playoffs, Vick had only been playing 3 years and he was able to do all of this? Yeah should have kept him. Guy brought fire to the team.
  10. Using insults to get your way? Kid, let me guess 14? Maybe 15? Your too young to use the internet.
  11. Guys does coke and has sex with trannies. At least well get some coverage on the team.
  12. Why is everyone happy? We had the easiest schedule in the league and we lost 6 straight. We went 5-0 and lost to some of the most pathetic teams out there. You guys cry when the media doesn't talk about us. You know why? Everybody views Atl as a joke. This is why we need to take the Team to LA get so real fans with fire. That southern hospitality stuff isn't working. Take the team out here where fans will actually show up on time and set down. The players will actually enjoy playing for once.
  13. Do you not know what Racist means? You just saying stuff just to say them. Quit being a SJW. Atlanta has a higher black population then most cities. #1 reason why ticket sales have gone down ever since Vick left.
  14. He had 7 drops. Doesn't matter how many yards or catches you get. Those 7 drops change the out come of the game.
  15. Only head coach to actually get this time wilded up. Prove me wrong. *Tip You can't
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