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  1. Yeah, I agree that sooner or later we will get to choose the view, but I think it will be a while for technology to allow that. I think they did say that all NFL teams were going to install the skycams. KOG has a highly respected knowledge of football, I can't understand why someone like him would not enjoy seeing the game unfold before his eyes , rather than a close of the QBs face, then a pileup, Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  2. POV is Point Of View, or the angle of the camera. What's new is the Skycam, which shows the pre snap view above and behind the QB instead of the usual closeup of the QB's earhole and then the side view of the formation, then follows the ball carrier. The new view lets us see the entire defense, the same as the QB sees it. It let's you see holes opening in the line and Pass routes being run by the WRS. It's a tremendous improvement over the old ways.
  3. Ward does't remind me of Turner, but Coleman sure does. Give him a gaping hole and he is off on a good gain, but he can't make a move to find a hole, like Turner he will just duck his head and run up the back of a lineman.
  4. They usually showed the conventional angle on 3rd and short.
  5. I think it is great, I have been advocating that POV for years. Instead of homing in on the QB's freckles, it gives us a view of the complete defense, even the safeties. The whole object of the QB is to move the safeties, and until now, we could never see the safeties. How can you identify a Tampa Two if you can't see the safeties. The old way of showing the 50 yard line view is for people who only want to watch the ball. This POV, lets the viewer see the whole field before the snap, as the QB sees it. Great innovation.
  6. I am not mad sonny boy, I just stated an obvious fact. I know you are a Coleman fan, but do you seriously think he is an elite back ? Then why isn't he a stater ?
  7. You have no idea what HMFIC stands for , except for something you made up in your crude mind. Obviously we have different vocabularies.
  8. .....and they are 7-0 when the cheerleaders wear red. That statistic means nada.
  9. I didn't say he was a scrub, just said he does not have a beast mode. Other than his speed, he is a very average back. We will see in the next few weeks just how good he is.
  10. Having an opinion is not complaining , anyone can pick preferred stats to tilt an opinion. Fact is that Coleman has few moves other than straight . He is not shifty or elusive, just fast.
  11. Coleman doesn't HAVE a beast mode. If he has a huge hole he can run through it , and out run most, but otherwise , he is "No Gain Coleman" .
  12. TRUE. From the quote, I thought you were one of the Gore wackos. My bad.
  13. Oh, just put your Al Gore Jammies on (with the footies) and go to bed, the adults will stay up.
  14. No he actually started last week, he was doing the same thing .
  15. It's time to play serious football for a change. Fish or cut bait. No more excuses, no more slogans. The season is on the line. NOW GO KICK SOME AZZ !