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  1. Except on Thursdays .
  2. RS minus TC times the square root of FA = Pi R Square.
  3. Exactly, gotta have depth, and he is decent. Can't have all stars everywhere. He might develop into a serviceable OLman.
  4. ............and the World Series ?
  5. Just re watched last years Game #3 vs Saints, Trufant is a joke. Shutdown corner ? Not even a competent corner, cowardly corner is more like it.
  6. Don't have a favorite but we will need more than one. We don't know how healthy Freeman is, or will be through 16 games. Ito is an average back, and we have no one to shoulder the load for a season if Free goes down again. There will be plenty of good RBs in the draft, and we need a Freeman type, and a wall buster.
  7. Old hand here. I got banned a couple of times because of battles with Lefty Larry on ATF. When you hit "Add new Topic" you get a message that you are not allowed to start a new topic , or comment until a certain date. I have paid the price for this info , now the Politboro will surely attack me.
  8. Depends entirely on who we get in FA and the draft.
  9. Rather than hire one, why not let Mularkey handle the clock and challenges etc. He has been a HC, and I don't think it would interfere with his TE coaching that much.
  10. Cool, didn't know Matty played. Thanks for posting.
  11. Ten O linemen, by any means necessary.
  12. Ito is a serviceable, run of the mill back. We can get a much better RB in the late rounds of the draft. I'm ot sure how good , or healthy Freeman will be this year either. He got dinged up pretty bad last year and he is not a very big back that can take that kind of punishment every year.
  13. Sheer folly to give SB odds before draft FA, and pre season.. That crystal ball has a bad crack in it.