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  1. If he listens to you, he will immediately join the Young Marxists Resistance Party.
  2. Wow, you are thick headed. The separation of children TEMPORARILY, while they are being evaluated for Asylum status , is a PART of the LAW. Obama put a loophole in it that has encouraged more and more parents to trust their kids to Coyotes and others who pretend to be their parents. Common sense should tell you that Trump is not someone who hates kids, he is merely trying to stem the tide of illegals streaming across our border because of that loophole. Kids are NOT being put in dog cages, they are kept in clean enclosures, with ample medical care, food, water, even TV. You leftist heroes are just trying to make a distraction from the fact that the remnants of the Obama administration have corrupted the FBI and DOJ, by actually trying to overturn a legitimate presidential election, with lies and innuendo. You........and they , should be the ones are ashamed.
  3. No , because they are enforcing a current LAW......and because Obama put a loophole in the law that said we had to admit, for evaluation, any people from a non contiguous country , like Honduras, etc, for asylum status . Like previous presidents, they are being separated from parents during this time. Be honest man, no one wants to see kids separated from their parents, not even Trump. You are just parroting left wing talking points here, just to diss Trump. You should be ashamed. If you don't have a valid reason to criticize Trump, just zip it until you do. Accusing him of "Wanting to rip babies from the breasts of their mothers" as Schumer said, is just ridiculous.
  4. SHEESH ! The policy was put into effect by Bill Clinton , and enforced by every president thereafter . However enforcement of the LAW had slacked off a bit, and Sessions said they would start enforcing it according to the original intent. This is nothing new that Trump created. The fact is that when Obama loosened the standards , the border was being overwhelmed with trainloads of kids, and pseudo "Parents". The detention facilities were being overwhelmed. Something had to be done.
  5. You totally ignored the premise of your post and tried to change the subject. You said that Boortz blamed blacks for Katrina, a totally ridiculous and false statement. Blacks do not have the ability to cause hurricanes , and Boortz did NOT accuse them of it. It's your right to accuse him of being a racist , as it is his right to make those kind of statements , which I'm sure he does not consider them racist. He is reporting true incidents that actually happened, but his opinions are up for examination. Now why don't you just admit you made a statement that was totally untrue ?
  6. Helloooooo !!! It's NOT Trump's policy, it was initiated by Bill Clinton, and implemented by "W" and Obama. Get your facts straight before posting CNN talking points. The House is the antithesis of the feckless Senate.
  7. a flake, has always BEEN a flake, and will always BE a flake. He has been bad news wherever he has been, one way or another . Everybody loves Julio, bit the fact that he is hanging out , and being influenced by the malcontent, T.O , is BAD news, any way you spin it.
  8. What do any of those quotes have to do with Boortz blaming blacks for Katrina ? Nothing. You posted something that was not true. The other quotes were his opinion, not "Whistles" of some kind. You can disagree with his opinions, but don't just make stuff up.
  9. GASP !!! You don't mean it !!
  10. He never said it was the fault of blacks, he said many times that it was the fault of the black Mayor for not using the hundreds of idle school buses to evacuate people. I am not a fan of Boortz, but your statement is not true, it's a huge reach as to what he actually said.
  11. UMMM He used all caps, doesn't that make him right ? Never mind.
  12. Facts are facts, and Lies are lies. Making a statement when you know it's not the truth is a LIE. Now, is that clear enough for you, Emperor Blowhard ?
  13. This was initiated by the W administration and administered by the Obama administration. Now the lefties are whining that Trump should stop it. All the Desperate Dems have to do, is to come to the table and negotiate it's elimination instead of just stubbornly blocking any solution.