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  1. old ARE you ?
  2. Another inane statement from a far left zealot.
  3. LOL ! You are just WAAAY over your head here.
  4. From what I've seen from your posts, you don't know much about anything. Did you graduate high school ?
  5. You don't have the brainpower to understand something like that. You need to stick to simple things that juveniles like you can understand.
  6. Very difficult to argue with idiots without getting upset.
  7. I know you are not very well educated, but it doesn't take very much reading comprehension skill to click on a link, read it, and make an intelligent comment. I just guess it's a lot easier to try to hijack the thread with one of your usual juvenile, off subject posts. Whassamatter dawg, are you incapable of facing facts ?Don't have the IQ to compete with educated people ? Just pitiful, I feel sorry for you, must have had a miserable childhood.
  9. Because I hate to see young people be misinformed about how to fit in and be successful in today's society. I am not angry and I'm not jealous, I just truly care about young people. My post was sincere, but just look at the replies, you would think I had made a hate speech. The people who think my post was wrong or hateful should be ashamed. I come from a poor background, raised by my grandmother, and every time I used a double negative or any other incorrect grammar usage, I would be corrected. She would not tolerate vulgar expressions, or improper grammar. Because of her, I am a successful , professional man, but I would not be today, had I been allowed to speak in the street vernacular that was all around me. It is NOT improper to care about young people, and to give them instruction on how to be successful in life.
  10. I guess all you Marxists can celebrate.
  11. Puts you nearer the eight grade.
  12. Blaming Trump for Russian collusion is more stupid.