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  1. Here is a challenge for all you lefties. Rebut the following FACTS : In just over one year President Trump has done the following : Totally reinvigorated the moribund Obama economy from eight years of 1.5 % growth, to a healthy 3.5 % and growing Drastically reduced unemployment in all categories, including blacks and Hispanics to the lowest point in decades Eliminated the onerous tax mandate of Obamacare that forced people to buy health insurance most could not afford, which Obama blatantly LIED about. "If you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor" and " Average premiums under Obamacare will go down by $ 2500 for the average family. LIES !! Started rebuilding our military, that Obama had just let wilt away, with most Air Force units at half strength . Withdrew from the disastrous Paris Climate Change Agreement,which punished the U.S. but ignored the biggest polluters, China and India. Gave North Korea an ultimatum to get rid of their nuclear program or face us doing it for them. No other President had the balls to face up to them, consequently NOKo now has nuclear and ICBM capability. These are just a few FACTS lefties, not my opinion, just FACTS. Now you can post your stupid childish memes, That is your only way of rebutting FACTs . Let's just see if there is a single one of you with the intellectual capacity to discuss these facts like an adult for a change.
  2. You are so stupid, you're actually funny. Mueller is on the phoniest witch hunt in the history of this planet. He has had over a year,aiding by a covey of Trump hating lawyers, not a Republican among them, and they have not found a SINGLE CLUE of any collusion between Trump and the Russians. By the way, dumbkopf, collusion is not even a crime, while selling Uranium to the Russians for personal gain IS. Wonder who would do such a criminal thing ? The only weapon Mueller has is phony perjury traps that he used on Flynn and a couple of others. I know you don't know what that is, so look it up and learn something for a change.
  3. Oh ,THAT's an indication of your educational level, what a response ! You must have learned that one in the 6th grade or maybe when you went to Barber College. You are hilarious ....and pitiful.
  4. Another lame attempt to hijack a thread by an idiot who is totally incapable of intelligent discourse.
  5. You have a short attention span, your IQ is very questionable. Have you never been annoyed by a commercial ? If you evaluate your own life you will see that you lean so far left you are beginning to resemble Vladimir Lenin. SAD !
  6. The topic of this thread was bad commercials , but some of you are too stupid to read I guess. How you can turn this topic into leftist talking points is amazing. That kind of thinking is why you lost the HOUSE, SENATE, and the PRESIDENCY.
  7. ..... and a litmus test for lefties would be reading Saul Olinsky.
  8. As usual, you are WRONG !
  9. Another cowardly dodge in an attempt to avoid admitting that everything I said is TRUE ! The entire Obama administration was criminal. They actually tried to overturn a presidential election, with a phony "Dossier" , and you are too dumb to see it, even in the face of facts.You are so overcome with pure HATE for Trump, that you can't see anything else. You are a sad , pitiful wretch of a person. You have my sincere pity.
  10. Ha ! I thought you might be at least a 9th grader , but this juvenile crap says no. Hey if you are not smart enough to rebut my thoughts, just give up and go back to your video games. Trying to hijack a thread because you can't compete intellectually is grade school level. I guess you are too uneducated to disprove one single thing I have posted, all you can do is have tantrums Junior.
  11. OOOOH....badazz internet keyboard FOOL ! You are a JOKE !
  13. Is Fusco that much better than Schweitzer ?
  14. I see that you are a regular user of Preparation H and Midal.
  15. One of the worst i the TV commercial and that dayum PILLOW ! That guy is everywhere, selling his stupid pillow, He is on radio, TV, and even the Social networks. The commercial is way too long, and way too often. The jingle is an annoying ear bug. Another annoying Jingle is that %#$@XX^& Kars for Kids thing. I hear it mostly on 680 and WSB , so I don't listen to either any more. Another pure Jingle is the Superior Plumbing jingle that goes on and on, and on. It pauses and you think it's thankfully over, but then it starts all over again. It's the longest jingle I have ever heard, and it sticks in your head all day. I only hear ot on 680, so 680 is dead to me.