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  1. Same as naming an OC that has ZERO NFL experience to run the hottest (Then) offense in the NFL.
  2. Yes it would, because he would bring new blood to the coaching staff
  3. They have extremly experienced head coaches, and hire experienced coordinators, not rookies like Sark..
  4. Wrong ! There is a TON of difference between college and NFL football, just like the difference between high school and college football.
  5. Teco is just NOT a #1 RB. He is a speedster, and only a speedster. He has few moves, and is hesitant to hit a hole unless it is wide open. he is useless in short yardage.
  6. He would still screw it up, he is a college coach, nothing more.
  7. They had to dumb the playbook down for Vick. His playbook was , run right or left, if no one is open run to daylight.
  8. Would you hire a brain surgeon with No experience in Brain surgery ? That's what Quinn did with Sark.
  9. Yes it would be better, not as good as Kubiak or others familiar with Shanny's system.
  10. Sark, just needs to go, he had his shot and failed . I still can't believe he was hired in the first place, with NO NFL experience . Just get someone familiar with Shanny's offense, rebuild the O Line in FA, draft some fire breathing rookies for the D Line and then let's press on.
  11. That's ridiculous. Sark came from the college ranks and inherited Shanny's offense. Sark is not running the offense he ran at USC, and he is not running an Offense that he invented after coming here. You are the one talking crazy. Sark is running Shanny's offense.