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  1. I would never, EVER hire you, you spend more time on juvenile memes than you do on your profession.
  2. Another inane, lowbrow meme. Your Auburn is showing.
  3. Some people who are not successful blame it all on the "White man " In this country, if you have the discipline to get a good education, and work hard, you can be successful. If you don't have a good education , and are not taught good values at home , you won't achieve much, no "White man" is responsible for that. Just be thankful that you live in a country where the choice is yours.
  4. One much more prestigious and more difficult than yours.
  5. Calling them "Mouth Breathers" ?? That's a bit of an insult to highly educated people....from a guy from Auburn ??
  6. He also gave up a FG and TD with his hands of stone, and his loose coverage. Shut down corner ? NO F******** WAY !!
  7. Hey, you posted the illogical nonsense that carrots cause heart attacks. You need to stick with's safe.
  8. That's just nonsense. That's like saying everyone who eats carrots will have a heart attack. Then you autopsy heart attack victims and say AHA, another carrot victim. These studies were done to justify lawsuits against the NFL. Grieving and greedy relatives willingly participated in both lawsuits and autopsies. SOME brain injuries result from Football, Soccer, Rugby, etc. But to diagnose EVERY CTE case on football players, as caused by football, is just bad science. There probably is a higher incidence in football players, but every player who has CTE is not exclusively caused by football alone.
  9. Again, what are you talking about? I can't find anything offensive in my reply to someone who continually insults OUR president. No profanity, no insults, What ?
  10. What in the world are you talking about ? There was nothing out of order with my post.other than the fact that you somehow disagree with it.
  11. Ok, everybody who is a lefty simpleton respond with inane comments.
  12. You have your head so deep in the sand that only your ******* is showing. Hillary and the DNC paid Stelee to collude with Russians to concoct a phony "Dossier"..............FACT They paid Steele through a cut out Law firm..................................................................................FACT Hillary lost the election because she was lazy and incompetent, in SPITE of the attempt to steal the election with the phony "Dossier" .........FACT There are the FACTs that are accepted by most media outlets, and you STILL deny them , and refuse to even attempt to prove them wrong. Now go back to your safe place and pet your comfort puppy. You are wrong and cowardly. Now you are just boring me.
  13. YOU are the embarrassment with TDS , because you, the Communists, Socialists, Iranians and the Palestinians are the only ones who laughed .
  14. Will they hold a mass funeral, or individual ones ?
  15. Or they could say "May I" when getting near the QB.