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  1. Seriously?...Everyone took off? Lol
  2. cavs in 5? Lol they made short work of the east but GSW is a different beast. #1 defense and the best shooting back court in the league. LBJ will get his, but GState could give everyone else on the Cavs issues. Kyrie will need to have a good series, and so will JR, Shump, and TT. I say Cavs in 7.
  3. Both the Cavs and Warriors are cocky lol. I don't mind it, I like confident ppl and that confidence and swagger should make for a good series. I can't see either team quitting in any game. The best player vs the best team, let's see who wins.
  4. Cavs in 7
  5. TT provides better defense than love but he also doesn't provide the same abilities offensively as love. However I agree that him going down may have benefited the cavs more than if he had been healthy. TT is a slightly better rebounder and a better defender on millsap, pure hustle player that ended up being the Hawks worst nightmare next to Lebron. I still don't think the Hawks win if both sides are healthy too, series may have been a bit closer but I don't think they win. Lebrons triple double average was just too much for them to overcome.
  6. That's my point though, lebron seemingly was able to do whatever he wanted. No one could guard him and if u tried to bring help on D he just finds the open man who in this series was nailing 3 pointers.
  7. the defense would have been a little better but still, who's keeping Lebron from averaging a triple double like he did? He had to many ways to beat the Hawks, whether that was through assists, scoring, or assisting with killing the Hawks on the boards. TT was the X factor this series, the guy DOMINATED on the offensive and defensive glass. Plus ATL got away from what got them 60 wins in the reg season, they're not the type of team that plays half court ball. I just thought lbj was gonna be too much for them as I predicted, but the guy literally averaged a triple double in all four games, you're not gonna beat the cavs that way.
  8. Really?...u think sefalosha is the difference between you getting swept and going to the finals?
  9. Can't wait for the finals
  10. Well, it was a historic run Hawks fans
  11. Double OT? Come on Hawks, make it happen. After that 30+ point blowout I witnessed last night, I'm enjoying this game.
  12. can the Hawks steal it?
  13. can't believe the Hawks are still in this game. If the bench plays with well in game 4, they may actually steal that game.
  14. LeBron with the poster
  15. I hear ya lol, I agree the dudes slimy. Bet money if the Cavs advance he at least attempts to take out Curry.