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  1. You can guarantee a win against Nola. No way that despicable D stops anyone the remainder of the season. 4-12 for us and a top 5 pick...hopefully.
  2. Funny dude, it's a shame his defenses also make you laugh.
  3. I was here before the great migration, a lot of talk around here was about anything but football it seemed. I liked a lot of the ppl that left but I do enjoy being able to talk football which was my main reason for joining the site. Too bad there aren't that many ppl to talk with anymore lol.
  4. I'm all aboard the bench browner train believe me. He's been a complete waste and imo they should just bench him cause cutting him will just result in dead money AGAIN. if I'm Benson I give SP one more season to see some improvement, especially on D. I get that he brought the city of Nola its first chip, but it's a what have u done for me lately league. If he flops again next season, it's time to move on. Dennis Allen
  5. unlikely, knowing SP he'll have another failed hire at DC. If there's one major knock on the man, imo it's his handling of the defense.
  6. RR just didn't know how to use the personnel we had, no way browner should be 15 yards off the line. I've seen former great players come to Nola and suddenly resemble Charles Barkley in space jam after he had his talent stolen. I've also seen players go elsewhere and suddenly realize their potential, this leads me to believe that we've continued to hire DC's that don't know how to put the players in the right positions to succeed.
  7. it's Dennis Allen for now, I don't expect the D to get much better this season but in the offseason they need to make a good decision at DC. No more hiring guys with a mediocre to bad track record. We need someone who's proven time and time again that he knows defense.
  8. He's as good as gone imo, absolutely no reason to keep him around. Historically bad defense means you need to pack your **** and go!
  9. Thank you almighty Jeebus!! Take Browners sorry *** along with you.
  10. 400 yards...in 1 half!! If they don't fire RR immediately after the game I'll start to question this organizations ability to evaluate their coaching staff. Smh.
  11. Also my favorite time of the year, Black Friday and Christmas get me going. I wish the weather was nice out here in CO though, it can get pretty **** cold out here.
  12. I think Pats fall to Denver, Panthers to Saints, and Cinci will also lose to Denver.
  13. I think they have issues on O for sure and their defense is pretty bad
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