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  1. The Falcons go undefeated in the new stadium this year, and go (5-1) in conference play. This conference is not what people think it is, since NO is on the decline, and Carolina has serious problems internally and on the field. They will sweep NO/Carolina. The other loss comes to Seattle in Seattle. They could run the tables this year, and be the first team to go (16-0) in the regular season, and would have beaten the Miami Dolphins on the way to accomplishing that feat!
  2. Every GM makes bone-head contractual agreements, and maybe ownership should have let him slide on this one. But.......something tells me this team is in panic mode. First the GM makes an outrageous offer to FA, to try and make something/anything happen. Then ownership says well that will not work, let's try a new GM, in other words nothing is gelling for this team. I think there are things going on internally that the public is not aware of. What will the Defense be like without Kuechly, maybe they have found that CAM likes to spend more time looking in the mirror than studying opponents film clips. I say something is very wrong with this organization and that they will have a similar to worse record than last year. And by the way, I was the only person on this site that said they were an (8-8) team after they went to the SB. Everyone here said "what have you been smoking", and who was right? The Panthers are down and they are going to stay down, at least for the near term. Las Vegas can take that to the bank!
  3. He has made some pretty inexplicable moves, letting Norman just leave, huge contracts to one-year wonders, sometimes the bad just outweighs the good?
  4. True to some extent, but you are usually getting back a 3rd round pick for 1st round talent. Trading is much fairer, for example Tony Gonzalez returned a 2nd round pick vs a 3rd rounder, if he had become a free agent. Also, the people being traded are probably the veterans with value, that are locked-in for several more years, and would not be hitting Free Agency. The players getting ready for their second contract are the ones you want to keep, due to untapped potential, and age factors. Not sure why more trading does not take place in the NFL. I think it is primarily because every team feels like they never have enough depth at a particular position. Usually it turns out to be a personality conflict or not being able to meet a player's asking price. I think if a GM wanted to pursue a trade, the market would always be there for quality talent, in their prime.
  5. It might be about time for the front office to start putting together some trade packages for draft picks. You cannot let all the talent the Falcons have stockpiled to just walk, due to not being able to sign everyone, and you do not have to unless you are a poorly run organization (which the Falcons are not).
  6. Many of our ESPN beat writers have turned out to be TB fans for some strange reason. McCaffrey was chosen much higher than Howard, if you go with a draft pick, you most likely go with him. Unless your a homer TB fan. My personal opinion says Poe hands down, again an easy choice over Howard. He will be writing for the Bus before you know it!
  7. Have reported on here before, that his wife has been very worried about him this off-season, saying he is angrier than usual and not himself. She wants him to retire.
  8. I'd take Blank over anyone in the owners 5M!
  9. It helps a lot more when realize all SBs are fixed, then again it does not help if you love the integrity of the sport.
  10. Wow! Just blows my mind, and some talking heads suggested we were trading-up to get him. You can ruin your franchise with one move like that. Have to give TD credit in one area, he has gotten the obvious picks right (not always the perfect pick). The perfect pick would have been Lewan. But, the high 1st round picks he has gotten at least right, and in Beasley's case, he made the perfect pick.
  11. No, they want the season ticket holders to help conduct a 'walk-through', checking for missed bolts, unpainted sections, and dirty windows. But, I was told the same thing about an 'open house', and to date have heard nothing further about it?
  12. NE players said at half-time they are not calling holding on us, so let's hold some more! No link, just remember a commentator quoting this.
  13. I knew someone would say that. Vic was spying on the QB most of the time, since he is the fastest DL, and Wilson and Rogers can scramble. In the SB he was held some, held some more, and help again and again!
  14. Your math does not make sense. Besides, if McKinley shows progress than Reed may be a casualty anyway. Otherwise we keep Reed and Freeney, plus 10-DBs. That would be (26) on Defense, unless Reed is cut. The Offense will most likely carry a 24-man roster.
  15. Falcons will keep 10-DBs on the roster.
  16. Brady's wife wants him to retire. She said he is getting angrier than usual due to possible brain trauma, after playing football so long. Off season is still young, maybe last year was it. Just like the NFL saw Manning off with a SB victory, maybe we have seen Brady play his last game? That would mean the Raiders step-up?
  17. It is not really a 'Super Bowl' if it is fixed, would be a Super Show.
  18. What helps me with the 'Super Bowl' loss is in the understanding that it was 'fixed', as with every 'Super Bowl'.
  19. No, not going to hijack this thread. Only going to say a couple of things. Shanahan did not make those calls in the 4th Quarter of the SB. Now you should know where I'm coming from. If the Seahawks lost respect for Carroll it was for selling them out! Players change when they go to the Big Game, and find out they are not in 'Kansas' anymore, and have to take a back seat to the front stage stars. Cam Newton may not be the same again, at least not for a while?
  20. The Falcons would be a much better team with Shanahan, and he would definitely have had the players trust. That team knows he did not loose them the SB, and I think you know what I mean without starting something. The new OC has everything to prove, to the players and the fans, how could the team be better off?
  21. We will also not have Tamme, that will have to be made-up by a more experienced Hooper. We are also going to miss the best play-caller in the game.
  22. I stopped reading when they said Wes Schweitzer was a 7th round pick for the Atlanta Falcons. No, not really, but sounds like something some on here would say........has an impressive ring to it. But, good to hear Harlow is ahead of schedule in figuring things out. Hopefully we have our RG and LG of the future, already on the roster for the price of 6th and 4th round picks.
  23. What is Codeine? It is not a substance that gets you high. It numbs your pain. What do our dog friends do, they numb our pain. Pretty clever dude if you ask me!
  24. If Brady were honest, he would come and just say, "there was no luck involved with that game."
  25. I think you are right about the OL. Except for the OL, Ryan, and Julio, we can lose any one or two players anywhere else on the team an still thrive. Who would have we could have lost Trufant and made it to the SB. This team is deep.