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  1. I don't get it, what is the similarity between Eugene Robinson and Malik Hooker? They both can get a muscle pulled or what?
  2. Mayock had Gage listed as Top-100 prospect, the year he was drafted. He said the Falcons stole him! (If we could just have Dimitroff's results from the 5th round up, and have someone else drafting BPA available 1st-4th every year, Falcons would be a perennial powerhouse. Think he had a change in philosophy after the 4th round every year. He is a perfect example of where drafting for need gets you!)
  3. The Refs had nothing to worry about though. Ryan was literally sabotaging his team's efforts with his just slow enough, and just off enough deliveries. He has lost nothing as a player, showed what he could do first 3-Quaters of the game. Then he started becoming a team player in the 4th Quarter. Not team Falcons, but rather team NFL, if you know what I mean.
  4. I hope it does not take away from his 40 time.
  5. Also, don't forget TD has a tendency to draft players in the 2nd Round, that have 1st Round talent, but not the 1st Round motivation. I do not think this is the case with Davidson, but let's not hope history is repeating itself, with DQ not calling him out for excelling in the virtual training phase. Sort of odd he was bracketed by 1st/3rd Round picks?
  6. Don't forget, Terrell had a Wonderlic score of '10'. As most of us thought here, and myself especially after listening to him interview, is that he did not take the Wonderlic test seriously.
  7. Looks like we may have legitimately gotten 2-1st Rounders, and 1-2nd Rounder, from this draft...........Could be great draft.. Last year we got 2-1st Rounders, but had to pay for one o them. Middle rounds look very good, to date.........Could be great draft. In 2018, it looked like we again landed 2-1st Rounders, but Oliver will have to prove it this year. Drop-off in middle rounds........Could be really good draft.
  8. This will not stop Master Ho, the Honorable Ninja Kicker. He will just drop kick the football every time, for 3-points!
  9. Looks like my initial "over-reaction" was not too far off? In all fairness though, these rankings will change dramatically when all the teams take the field, and everyone gets to see the uniforms on 11-Players at one time, and as a team. Before passing judgement on your team's new uniforms, wait till you see that first play-action-pass, or that first QB sack. After a few real plays you will know if that is the look you want for your team. Going to hold my breath and wait.
  10. Maybe the NFL is stacking the cards in our favor? Have seen this before, not here mind you.
  11. Well, again it is like we were talking about the other day, it is all about opportunity. Would he be a #1 WR on most teams? Yes! What would his numbers look like if Julio were not a Falcon?
  12. No one does, because he was not given his chance in his 2nd-year, such as Freeman and Coleman had. A RB needs seasoning his rookie season, by the 2nd season you should be able to see what you have. At any rate, Koetter will put much more focus on establishing the run game this year, no doubt.
  13. Should have been on the field well before the break. Smith can do some really good things, when he is on the field, then when he is not he is not. Next man up. He could have helped carry us into the playoffs. Not saying build the team around him, because I have said here before that he will not last in the NFL, but he should have replaced Freeman midway thru the 1st half of the season.
  14. I agree, but Freeman was not nearly himself of past years and Koetter stuck with him way too long. Always thought Ito was ready to have a breakout Sophmore year, but did not get the opportunity. Koetter definitely bungled the Falcons run game last year, and did not make necessary adjustments in his pass offense as a result, until the break. Which was way too late. There were simple decisions that could have been made in personnel that possibly could have saved the season, such as having given Gono (like kiwifalcon said) and Ito a shot.
  15. No, you have some really good points there. But, you have to remember the Offense was under extreme pressure the 1st Half of the season, because they were always playing from behind. Sometimes really far behind, making you take chances that would not seem prudent otherwise. The offensive line was a disaster period in the 1st half of the season. When people you are counting on cannot play or do not deliver, such as Carpenter, Sambraillo, and many times Brown, what do you have to fall back on? However, I have said this before with a lot a flack here, that the biggest fail to the Falcons 2019 Offense was Freeman. Koetter relied on him to succeed as he had done in past years, way too much. Almost everyone here said it was because of our offensive line that Freeman failed, but forensics have now born out that Freeman was just a shell of his former self. Why Koetter stuck with him for so long is anyone's guess, but it is what I blame him for more than anything else.
  16. He changed his Offense away from his vertical routes and started focusing on shorter quick releases, due to two things; the play option was not that effective without the run game, and the offensive line was not getting the job done and still in the process of gelling. The changes he made won NFL football games, how is that trying to "fit a square peg in a round hole"?
  17. Saw Koetter adapt and change the game plan multiple times, and with success. I think he is one of the better NFL OCs in being able to change-up his style of play, to adopt to something for the game at hand. He was just a couple of games late last year in doing so, thinking if they could just get to the break. They did alright, but it was too late by then. There was one game the Offense could not have won, like the Houston game. Lost 33-34 to Arizona. A couple of wins in the front half and we are talking about a different season, completely. Koetter is the guy, you will see. He s the reincarnation of Rommel, the 'Desert Fox'.
  18. He also blamed himself, for the lack of a run game last year. I like Koetter, was glad to see him come back. He will know how to optimize this Offense, you can trust me on this.
  19. Julio will not be declining. He is not your average star athlete, heals fast, and his body is made of vulcanized rubber. There are other examples out that we can look at. Randy Moss could run a sub 4.4 -40 at 35-years old, as could Herschel Walker when he was 50. Julio will get another contract to boot. Pencil him in, has not even gotten started yet.
  20. Don't think he should have ever been drafted (3rd) as high as he was, is the problem.
  21. Used to have to train in simulated loud noise, to Rap and Rock, now just the opposite everyone will have to train to the London Symphony Orchestra and Greensleeves. Teams may want to supply headsets built into the helmet, that could be adjusted to the appropriate crowd noise for each player's preference. Me, I would like a lot o crowd noise.
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