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  1. SB-51 was not on Kyle Shannahan!! That SB like most others, in my humble opinion (have to put this disclaimer), was take out of his hands as in fixed!
  2. What about Matt Ryan as player/coach and OC? Then Ricardo Allen as player/DC?
  3. Sometimes it appears that way if the DC makes them place a rigid zone defense. My guess is that DQ made them hold their positions and Watson just picked them apart at the seams. Coaches can make players look bad just as much as players make coaches look back. My guess is on the former.
  4. Hate to be picky, but if you want to be precise you need to subtract $2.5M from those totals. That is if a minimum salaried player takes their place on the 51-player roster. That is the best case scenario, could be worse if the lowest paid player on the 51-man roster is higher than the League Minimum.
  5. Watson made him look bad this time, bet you if they ever meet again it will be a different outcome. Think McGary is that kind of person, you will not get the best of him the 2nd go around. We also have talent in Gono, what do we do with him?
  6. Please reference Pioli in this remark.
  7. No, sorry you have not been following what has been said. "By my logic", really? Did I spew out some logic some where? Just simply compared one GM with another, one of which is obviously a sacred cow around here. Good Bye
  8. Wait a minute Mr. Mensa, you are back-peddling awful fast for someone that demeans other people less intelligent than you. You called me a "fool" long before you found out I was in Sports News, and discredited every thing I said because I did not know Houston still did not play for the Chief's. That was before you knew about my past work history. Which is it now? By the way, last worked Sports News in the 80s. No doubt long before you were born.
  9. Who cares? Like who cares? You probably correct spelling mistakes here too?
  10. So that makes the point that Pioli knows draft talent better than TD null and void. You have a powerful argument there man. Congratulations to you!! You should not have to rely on my opinion anyway, should be able to form your own conclusions. How old are you?
  11. Wait a minute, who are you? Would like to know what gives you the right to call somebody you do not even know a fool. Have been in sports news for longer than you have probably been educated!
  12. Went back to check if Justin Houston or Eric Berry still played for KC, looks like they have moved on to other teams. Still a lot of his players drafted are still playing in the NFL. Countless others had impactful careers. If only TD could have drafted for the Falcons from 2009 - 2012, like Pioli did for the Chiefs. It is no wonder KC went on to have one winning season after another in the years preceding Pioli's 4-year tenure. Here a draft history from that period: 2012 RD SEL # PLAYER POSITION 1 11 Dontari Poe NT 2 44 Jeff Allen T 3 74 Donald Stephenson T 4 107 Devon Wylie WR 5 146 DeQuan Menzie CB 6 182 Cyrus Gray RB 7 218 Jerome Long DT 7 238 Junior Hemingway WR 2011 RD SEL # PLAYER POSITION 1 26 Jonathan Baldwin WR 2 55 Rodney Hudson C 3 70 Justin Houston LB 3 86 Allen Bailey DE 4 118 Jalil Brown DB 5 135 Ricky Stanzi QB 5 140 Gabe Miller LB 6 199 Jerrell Powe NT 7 223 Shane Bannon FB 2010 RD SEL # PLAYER POSITION 1 5 Eric Berry SS 2 36 Dexter McCluster WR 2 50 Javier Arenas DB 3 68 Jon Asamoah G 3 93 Tony Moeaki TE 4 142 Cameron Sheffield LB 5 136 Kendrick Lewis FS 2009 RD SEL # PLAYER POSITION 1 3 Tyson Jackson DE 3 67 Alex Magee DT 4 102 Donald Washington DB 5 139 Colin Brown T 6 175 Quinten Lawrence WR 7 212 Javarris Williams RB 7 237 Jake O'Connell TE 7 256 Ryan Succop K
  13. This is getting repetitive. Look over those drafts from 2008-13. Tell me what you think? Then look at the drastic difference 1-7 each year after Pioli arrived.
  14. Really, was that the reason? Better check that one out. There was a player suicide in the Chiefs parking lot, know you recall that. Besides what you just said can't have merit, since they have not had a loosing season since he left. How do you accomplish that without having built a solid core though the draft in the previous 4-years? They still have leaders on the team, that he was responsible for drafting. Nice try. Know it is hard for some to admit that we are stuck with the same guy that gave us the Drafts from 2008-2013. Wonder how the Chiefs would have fared going forward with TD's picks from 2008-2012?
  15. Obviously not going to changed your mind about TD, nor do I want to. Hard to overcome the stigma of competency with all the awards flashing in the spotlight. You are right about Smith having influence, sure he did. But, the Coach does not pick the player, the Coach let's the GM know what talents fit his system. The GM has ultimate accountability for the draft. When you have two GMs, as in Pioli and TD the same applies. I guess you did look at the miserable drafting record from 2008-2013, and then decided you had better get Mike Smith involved here and give him the credit? I would to if I were you and just wanted to win an argument, or you could be honest with yourself and say, "hmmm" there might be something to Pioli being the mastermind of talent evaluations from 2014-2019?
  16. The current problem is definitely coaching. You are 100% right about that. This roster is full of talent. What we disagree on is to the extent TD had a hand in bringing in the home grown talent. (By the way, you nailed it about the Falcons keeping Ortiz on the original 53-man roster. Decision caught me off guard and almost everyone else here.)
  17. He is one of the best for managing a team, contracts, signings to fill holes, etc., but please do not let him have those Falcon draft picks to squander. We had one of the best draft talent evaluators in the NFL here, but the two could not co-exist for some reason past 5-years together. Blank had it exactly right for a while, with the marriage of the two talents. Who would I take of the two, hands down no questions asked, give me Pioli. You can always learn the things TD is good at, but you cannot teach the things Pioli is good at.
  18. Yes o course the cupboard was bare, it was your typical rebuild, right? But, "no nothing"? Really? Except for White, Jenkins, Blalock, Babineaux, Norwood, Snelling, Boley and cast. Along with Ryan and Turner, those were your leaders for the next 5-years. Again, TD was exposed with his abysmal drafts from 2008-2013. I have already given TD credit for many of these things you have mentioned, nothing new here. What GM that has been around 5-years up to that time would not have a few of those attributes to show for? Go back and look at his draft record from 2008-2013, and then look at the significant difference from 2014-2019, then come back and talk to me...... (Bringing in Ryan was an owner's decision not a GM decision. Yes of course that is an opinion, what else would it be? Have not been in the locker room for quite some time.)
  19. Wow! Now you are insinuating I am an 'idiot'. Not knowing something would be 'ignorant', if not mistaken? At any rate, your point should have it's own merit without calling names or making demeaning comments about this being a team sport etc... Just good sound advice. Maybe you could learn from it, but if not no harm done. Now, back to the topic at hand. If you would have more carefully read my post you would have read, "2007 draft and before". Does not mean you are an 'idiot' by any means, just a little hasty. I was referring to the leadership of White, Jenkins, Blalock, Babineaux, and even Boley for a year, along with Norwood, Snelling, and Houston to a lesser extent. Besides Ryan (Blank's) and Turner (Smith's), those were the cornerstones of the team for several years, until Julio came along. By 2013 these guys were mostly gone. When there should have been 5-years worth of draft capital built-up from the TD era, bringing in new leadership, the pantry was bare. Not sure who was responsible for those previous years of drafting, but whom ever they were, they had more to show for them selves than TD did after 5-years on the job.
  20. I give Blank credit for Ryan, and TD credit for J. Jones. Julio was his greatest moment that will pay dividends for several years to come. It was a bold move and doubt many GMs would have rolled the dice on it, probably because it depleted the team of talent needed elsewhere due to the draft capital given-up to get a Julio or Greene from where we were picking that year. It was a great move though, in my opinion. Gonzalez was a good move as well. Do I trust him with next year's draft picks? No, I am afraid not.
  21. You do not have to be mythical to be able to draft better than TD. He had some of the worst drafts I can remember as a Falcon fan from 2008 - 2013. They were relying heavily on the pre-2007 draft talent until it ran out of gas in 2013. Think we all would agree that Drafts are a delayed ROI? However you want to spin that is fine by me.
  22. Was is it the team sport stuff, that sort changes the parameters of what we are discussing does it not? Our winning seasons after 2008 to 2012 were in large part because the 2007 draft and before, along with Blank's Matt Ryan, and TD's J. Jones. Drafts usually have a delayed ROI, right? You do not agree, right? One reason we fell of of a cliff in 2013 & 2014, is because we were devoid of draft talent from TD's draft tenure. TD had miserable drafts before 2014, like I had mentioned before. The success from 2008 to 2012 was certainly not because of TD's draft acumen. Also, the drafts started getting precipitously better the season Pioli arrived, which was one full season before DQ arrived. Please, do not derail the main topic by mentioning that this is a team sport again. I guess that minimizes anyone making the point that one GM or one Coach or one Player is more talented than the other???
  23. The Chiefs were one of the worst franchises in the NFL, when Pioli came there in 2009. They won a division title the very next year, 2010. After Pioli was fired in 2012, the Chief's have not had a loosing record since. The very tragic and heart wrenching murder-suicide did Pioli in, changes had to be made for everyone's sake. You do not start having winning seasons the very next season and onward, without having had good drafts the last 4-years. Pioli had some things to learn in his first stint as head GM, but I have no doubt his learning experience in KC prepared him well. He will be missed more than we know right now, but mostly come next April.