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  1. It is easier to keep Offenses out of the end zone late in games, than to score field goals. So in essence Quinn thought he was making it a multiple score game by adding field goals. His logic was not bad/good, that is just the way he wanted to play it.
  2. Classless, to be expected from the Cajun 'people'.
  3. You are on the right track, like the way you think!
  4. Bottom line is they were failed picks for what ever reason, but the question is what if we had them contributing now, has nothing to do with last year. Second round pick usually stick around for a couple of seasons.
  5. My G*d, Poole was awesome tonight, his open field tackles were game savers. Poole has beaten out a number of pretenders over the last two years, including Collins. He has also had some of the worst and unjustified PI calls called against him over the last 2-years. So has Alford, not sure why the Refs pick on both Alford and Poole. Will take Poole in my secondary any day, but we do need one more CB through the draft or otherwise.
  6. They are doing this without two significant and recent draft failures in Hageman and Collins. What if those two spots could have contributed, or have used those 2nd round picks on Offense?
  7. We are seeing the rules so complicated now that it takes a legal mind to make sense of each play in question. It is not by accident by the way, it is designed to give the officiating team time to make-up their own rules to favor a desired outcome, whether that be for ratings or point spreads.
  8. Agree with everything you said, except #10, Ryan is 3-5 in the playoffs officially. Of course two of those games were fixed and out of Ryan's control (49ers 2012 NFC Championship game, and of course SB 51). Ryan is unofficially 5-3 in the playoffs, and is definitely a playoff QB.
  9. The NFL is setting-up the Raiders move to Vegas, to make a huge splash. They need this!
  10. Top shelf stuff, his young life would make a great movie! He is the type of enigmatic person that makes people yearn to learn more about.
  11. Good information, but I would throw all this out the window. The Rams are capable, but the Falcons can be a beast when they are fully awake. No matter what the pundits say, they are still essentially the team that took the field in 2016. Many great teams sleep-walk through the season, and begin playing up to their potential when playoff time comes. If this were the Packers, Pats, Seattle, or Pittsburgh in the same situation as the Falcons this year, the pundits would be throwing all of their regular season stats out the window, but it is the Falcons. It is my guess that we see a great Falcons team taking the field tomorrow, with a more seasoned defense than last year. Only team to repeat in the NFC playoffs, that is consistency worth noting! This will not be a 'year of the Ram' story-line, just does not have the feel.
  12. You may be on to something, thinking the same thing watching the Carolina game.
  13. Got to be Williams, but that takes another WR away from the deep threat, not an ideal scenario.
  14. Only two made it back in the AFC.
  15. Too many vaccines.
  16. That's OK, but cannot let stuff like this go unchecked.
  17. Still did not see, but the link is trash anyway. In others do not question anything. Let's see: 2) Ringo Starr said last year that this conspiracy theory was true ( 3) 35,000 Amish children in Illinois were tested for autism, and they found seven cases, but six of those children were adopted. Amish cildren are not vaccinated. Autism occurs in 1 of 50 children that have been vaccinated. A lot of articles on this, just google. 9) Chemtrails are real, government officials have finally admitted the obvious. Google it, a lot of articles. What is their purpose? Not going to touch any others, too sensitive for here. What they did was mix some really stupid ideas in with the valid ones, to try and group them all together. Common method of disinformation.
  18. Did not see anything in there about the NFL being fixed? In response to this thread it does not matter who the Saints play in their next playoff game, if they are the anointed team they will move on, if not they will go home anyway. No need to lose on purpose, they have NFL Refs that handle all those things.
  19. He will price himself out of the Falcon's market, will not be back.
  20. The smartest and best NFL fans are the Packers, Steelers, and Browns, which all to almost a man/woman know the NFL is fixed! Atlanta fans just go by the official line, so in essence you may be right for once?
  21. Maybe he was upset to be playing his last game in Atlanta, and the Benz. Been here for 3-years, and was paid well for what he had accomplished to date. Given a chance by the organization.
  22. It is my opinion that Freeman works for the NFL, he just happens to play with the Falcons. If the Referees were not going to keep us out of the end zone, then move to plan 'B'.
  23. Funny, the NFL is not fixed, but yet these guys stay on to do their dirty work? They get called out and the League just reshuffles the group around, easy and sooo funny. A little insulting to the intelligence factor would you not think?
  24. You are a breath of fresh air, been saying these exact same things for a year now, on this message board. Will be bowing out as soon they allow us to sell our PSLs. They are supposed to be ours, but are not allowed to sell them. It is a funny thing about this past year, many sex offenders and pedophiles have finally been called out. I also think that many will finally see through what the NFL is all about. There will be a tipping point or critical mass of total viewership that will turn against being made fools of year after year. Said that to say that I think we are going to have an insider coming forward against the NFL sooner than later, someone that will rock their world!
  25. That's a great point, a great point! This did not even dawn on me, thought they wanted a Falcons loss to put the Cowboys in the playoffs. You hit the nail on the head!