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  1. Talking about everything but the subject at hand, that is how it is suppose to work for people that throw around the JFK assignation, moon landing, flat earth etc. Anything but stay on the subject. What does any of that have to do with teams mysteriously passing the ball three times within 4-minutes to go in the Super Bowl, when all they had to do is run the ball 3-times kick a short field goal, and be the Champions. Three officials looking down a WR that is tackled before the ball gets to him, and keep their flags firmly in their pockets. .............Now your talking. What does any of that have to do with different kinds of knowing or different kinds of ways of perceiving life based on our Socio Economic backgrounds?
  2. Don't think you could keep up if we were to discuss this in full, based on what I have seen from previous posts of yours. We will not do that here again, out of respect to Larry the Admin/Monitor.
  3. You should have thought about all these things before you loosely lump someone into the 'Conspiracy Theorist' box. You lost all credibility by doing that! This is a subject in it's own right, and should be discussed that way, unless you are afraid of what might be uncovered. These types of generalizations sways public opinion to your side, so you think. In reality it only discredits you and your credibility. You got it, wash-rinse-repeat. You keep taking those showers now ya hear!.
  4. Very good point. This will turn out to be a great deal for the Falcons.
  5. With your mentality we would never have attempted to fly, we would never have dissected cadavers to learn more about human anatomy. The list is endless of breaking through the barrier of accepted ideas, with new thinking that challenged the old. You are sad Sir, just keep doing what told and be a good boy. If you have a thought that is outside the norm, please go take a cold shower.
  6. When this subject pops up I cannot help myself. Almost feel like it is a duty to get people to think. Then when people challenge me with ridiculous and demeaning comments, like 'landing on the moon' and 'tin foil hats', it get's serious. My suggestion would be when someone posts something like this, is to respect the subject matter for its own sake and politely disagree. The discussion would probably end in an hour or two, and float to the bottom of the page.
  7. Let's not get ridiculous. We do not know how they do it for sure, but they do it. 'They' get the outcome they want. After you watch so much NFL football it just dawns on you what is going on. Maybe you have a few hundred hours more of viewing before it finally hits you?
  8. Great break down! Unfortunately, I think the NFL counts all potential bonuses and incentives against a team's Cap. So the $4.67M is probably the Cap hit this year.
  9. Not sure what you mean here? Scripting games in the NFL is a serious subject, as far as I am concerned, and deserves not to be lumped in with anything else that would demean the topic.
  10. You are right, he is still learning. He was a little hesitant in the SB, but seems to be a lot smoother this year.
  11. Told everyone here after Sambrailo's second start near the end of the season, that he would be our guy at RT. Just a matter of time before Schraeder get's his walking papers. Had Ty penciled in as about a $3M Cap hit this year, hope that still holds true?
  12. You heard it here first!
  13. I never know when someone is being fictitious or not, is this for real?
  14. He did the same thing at South Carolina, He really thought he should be the starting QB.
  15. But, they have the best officials money/influence can buy! That is the secret to 'doing it' with average talent every year.
  16. He is poison, and not in a good way to the opposition. Steve cares about Steve very much, and worries how he will be looked at for posterity. Spurrier left South Carolina in mid-year because he did not have a very good team, and more importantly did not want any more losses on his career won/loss record. That is why he self-admittedly quit in mid-year! Steve also gave-up recruiting, and left the team in a mess that took years to crawl out of. All because Steve looks out for Steve first and foremost. Please, keep him away from our Falcons!!!
  17. Cannot access link, but trust you on this.
  18. Julio is running faster than Sanu, and many times double/triple teamed, which makes his degree of difficulty much higher. When someone has to make a catch, more times than not it is thrown to Julio. Would not even care if Julio were not on that list, when you factor in his elevated degree of difficulty with almost every ball thrown his way.
  19. The Falcons did not re-structure this year, said they would wait until after season, which Julio agreed to.
  20. He is not going anywhere, team would not be the same without him.
  21. This also had a lot to do with Mr. Kazee!
  22. That is encouraging, and also hear the soccer championship playoff was a great atmosphere. Hope there are some fond memories waiting in the not-to-distance future.
  23. This is a pretty obvious observation? The tickets for both the SEC Championship game and the SB game were much worse seats than ours, what I would consider the 'nosebleeds'. Just don't do me any favors like that, when I can turn around and get better seats for half the price on-line. The thinking probably was if I was dumb enough to buy PSLs, I would probably be dumb enough to buy these tickets for the ridiculous asking prices. Buy the way, my Falcon's Rep dangled the advantage of getting great tickets for other events at 'face value', before the scalpers could get a hold of them. Then we could re-sell if so desired. He said, "it is still in the works, and has not been decided yet", but thought it would be approved. Dangling the carrot, from what I hear a common practice when trying to make a sale. Making the customer think they were getting the VIP treatment............ What he did not tell us, is that that scalpers would go broke buying in at their 'face value' prices. You have come to the Falcon's defense before on this issue. Does you, your wife, or a family member work for the Falcons?