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  1. TEs do not cost that much. He will get $9-10M.
  2. The Falcons will need to have some consistency in the FO, if they are going to succeed next year. That is one of the reasons a very mediocre or less GM has stuck around as long as he has. However, it would be relatively easy to make a Coaching change. Would not be surprised if Koetter does not stay on, again adding some consistency to the organization. Been saying for several weeks that he could become the interim/permanent Coach. In that light TD will want to give Blank the impression that it is business as usual vs. trying to win worthless games to save his job. In other words if it is in the best interest of the team long-term to make trades, then trades will be made.
  3. It was a total mystery to me why he made the 53-man roster over Cooper. Even posted here that his career was over with the Falcons, before the final roster cut-down.
  4. Hang tight. The NFL will give Ryan a SB ring before he retires, need to make sure it is with the Falcons.
  5. They do keep the NFL supplied in TEs.
  6. Have always said Campbell has been over-hyped on this Board, just have not seen what everyone else has over his stay here. One less worry when the season is over. He can become a journeyman around the league.
  7. Hope he and his wife do manage their money well.
  8. SB-51 was not on Kyle Shannahan!! That SB like most others, in my humble opinion (have to put this disclaimer), was take out of his hands as in fixed!
  9. What about Matt Ryan as player/coach and OC? Then Ricardo Allen as player/DC?
  10. Sometimes it appears that way if the DC makes them place a rigid zone defense. My guess is that DQ made them hold their positions and Watson just picked them apart at the seams. Coaches can make players look bad just as much as players make coaches look back. My guess is on the former.
  11. Hate to be picky, but if you want to be precise you need to subtract $2.5M from those totals. That is if a minimum salaried player takes their place on the 51-player roster. That is the best case scenario, could be worse if the lowest paid player on the 51-man roster is higher than the League Minimum.
  12. Watson made him look bad this time, bet you if they ever meet again it will be a different outcome. Think McGary is that kind of person, you will not get the best of him the 2nd go around. We also have talent in Gono, what do we do with him?
  13. Please reference Pioli in this remark.
  14. No, sorry you have not been following what has been said. "By my logic", really? Did I spew out some logic some where? Just simply compared one GM with another, one of which is obviously a sacred cow around here. Good Bye
  15. Wait a minute Mr. Mensa, you are back-peddling awful fast for someone that demeans other people less intelligent than you. You called me a "fool" long before you found out I was in Sports News, and discredited every thing I said because I did not know Houston still did not play for the Chief's. That was before you knew about my past work history. Which is it now? By the way, last worked Sports News in the 80s. No doubt long before you were born.