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  1. I spoke with his agent just last night, and he said the same thing. "When is Austin going to earn his paycheck, so I can get a decent paycheck!" The agent is seriously thinking about going back to work somewhere, unless he can land Sambrailo.
  2. It sounds crazy, But I think the helmets should be made smaller, not bigger and bulkier. It is the size of the helmets, in my opinion that is precipitating a lot of head injuries. Every time there is a tackle from the belt line up, you cannot help but bump helmets.
  3. Just a joke, bigger mitts the better. Vandy knew what I meant.
  4. His hands may be too big for an American football (10 5/8"). Biggest hands I can recall. All said, looks like he has the tools, I say stick with him.
  5. I let my wife handle these things, will call her and let her know our agreement. Not sure we are allowed to exchange email information in the open like this. Just left you a message. They are great seats, right on the railing, padded chairs, no one walking over you to use the bathroom, no stairs - level with the entrance, next to the ushers - both pretty ladies and very entertaining. Think you will get your money's worth for $50 a piece!
  6. Yes sir, I will not be going to the game, and can only sell the tickets to someone I know. The Falcons said they cannot be purchased from their site due to the location being for the handicapped. My wife is handicapped, so that is how we got them. We had regular seats in the Dome. Our Sales person did not let us know before we agreed to buy into these tickets, that we could not sell them from the Falcons site, which was much appreciated by us after the fact. Probably will not even be allowed to sell the PSLs. Have not tried Ticket Master yet for ticket sales. Just found someone to buy the Dallas game for $200 a piece, would have gotten $100 more a piece if we could have sold on the Falcons site. Have already sold the Vikings tickets, and will take offers for the Saints and Panthers games. We have been able to transfer them electronically. I think $50 a piece for TB is fair (Section 336, Row 1A), probably could have gotten more, but will respect our agreement if you want them?
  7. You are on Pal, Tampa Bay in 2-weeks, row 1A, section 336?
  8. A lot of folks bought PSLs with the same mentality they would have buying a stock, knowing (not thinking) they were going to double their money. Met one Lady on the train, after the Dull-fins game that had to borrow money from family members to buy a $15K PSL, just one PSL, no one bought in with her. She was a single professional looking person in the Healthcare sector. I felt really bad for her, with both of us knowing she was way 'underwater' with her investment, and will be making payments for years to her relatives. The parallel of PSLs to the stock market is a fitting one in a lot of ways. The retail 'investors' will all have to sell out at the bottom, to genuine Falcons fans with stable finances, before PSL prices can stabilize and begin to move-up.
  9. Hooper is very physical, he loves contact, that is not the problem. He should be farther along than he is, does not have the focus and awareness he should have as a 2nd year player. Last year he could play behind Tamme, and not be the every down TE. This year it is on him, and he proving he is a backup NFL TE.
  10. Do not think that PSLs can be officially sold yet, according to my sales person. That is several months out (2018).
  11. Well thanks for rehashing what we all pretty much already knew (as in stating the obvious), only you did it so eloquently, and tried to make someone feel guilty for feeling slighted in the process. Not me, but someone. I have spoken to Fans who have gotten into a lottery, or been given a chance to get premier tickets at 1/5 under market rates. The franchise does not usually try to make a 'killing' off of someone like they did the OP. Those asking prices are disgraceful! Also, my sales person stated that some of the ticket perks will still undecided, while others may come to fruition in a year or two. Like I said, I bought-in and "hoped for the best". I think we all know that these PSLs are not investments, but it is never a great feeling buying something, and watching it go down in value almost immediately. These PSLs were 'oversold' by the sales people and some promises were made that were not kept, no doubt about that, no matter what spin people like you put out there. Then add on top of that the NFL boycott, and a head-to-head confrontation with the President. A lot of dissatisfied people out there, especially those people that bought-in and could not afford to do so, hoping the PSLs would become an investment. I feel sorry that it did not pay off for those people, unlike yourself. As for myself, have prime seat locations, and will get what I paid for them no problem, but thanks for your concern and your stern hand-slapping.
  12. I'm with you man, what they offered you is just sad. They were very unclear about buying college football tickets, when selling PSLs, and I bought-in hoping for the best. It is turning out to be like many have said here already, a bad 'Investment'. My sales person said we can sell in a couple of months, but that date probably will be continually pushed back.
  13. Will be turning the sound down, and listening to the radio. It will be all about the Cows, 'how great thou art'.
  14. You seem to be an aware person and know better than to listen to main-stream media, otherwise you will not get a "piece of this action", you will become a 'piece of this action'. The networks will confuse, by saying the 'smart money' is betting for the Patriots. Well, the only thing that Bookies care about is how much money is on one side or the other. The Bookies do not care whose money is 'smart money'. So the gambler may say the big 'pool' is on the Patriots, I'll bet on the Falcons, knowing the system has always been rigged anyway. They also said this to disguise a very lopsided position building for the Falcons. They use Analytics to know who is betting and when, when is very important. The seasoned gamblers wait till the last minute, which would be the ones most swayed by the press release above.