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  1. Mine too! "All in a days work, got my neck stretched out, and my liver is where my heart was. Can't find my kidneys, but I'm sure they'll show-up."
  2. Sounds like this could be BIG!!!
  3. Maybe Trump is behind this arrest? He tried to buy the Patriots and was turned down. Donald knows all the girls, and probably knew when he was showing-up?
  4. It is nice to be King!
  5. No surprise here, that is the response you should have being in your position. If you are you a math teacher now, I am always willing to correct my work if say the odds were not near high enough?
  6. The NFL will have the charges lessened to 'illegal motion', instead of 'offensive pass interference'.
  7. Like you two guys, I love football and watching the best of the best in the NFL. Think I can say that we are not happy to be bringing this to light, but rather deeply saddened, wishing we could wake-up and it were not so. Unfortunately it is what it is, and if there is a way to bring the game back to the Fans we certainly ought to at least try.
  8. You are so easy. So now you want to claim that the incidents mentioned above are isolated incidents from rogue Refs (We will call them IIRRs)? Meaning I am off topic because the NFL could not have any involvement. Like I said this is just the 'tip-of-the-iceberg' a few incidents from a Falcon's Fan with many more to mention from Falcon's games, and then multiply that by a factor of (31) from all the NFL games. A lot of small-time bribing going on there. The NFL must recruit guys from the Chicago PD? I have heard you make some lame remarks, but this one is the whopper.
  9. Here you go. Are you a Math Major by chance? Maybe there are some Ga Tech wiz kids out there that can help determine the odds of anomalies that occur in the NFL? Would be a great PhD thesis for someone looking at statistical analysis. Here are just a couple that I have looked at, think the odds are much much higher though than what I have come-up with? Everyone says show me the evidence of games being fixed, then I will believe it? With the use of statistics there is an overwhelming case to be made for game manipulation. Statistics are used in a court of law for evidence, such as DNA testing. A DNA test does not present a fact, but rather a statistical probability, and statistically there is a solid foundation made to support the topic discussed. Could really get involved, but here is just the 'tip-of-the-iceberg' from only a Falcon Fan's perspective: 46,656-to-1 odds that 3-consecutive PI or Defensive Holding penalties were thrown against the Falcons after holding the Patriots to 4th down, in their last drive of the first half during the next to last SB. The Falcons were taking over the game up to that point. (NFL says 1 in 6 plays result in penalty, factor of 2 for which team, factor of 3 for which down, odds of happening on 3-consecutive plays) Two years prior when the Panthers were struggling against the Falcons to close the season with a perfect record, they had come down to their last drive. There were 3-consecutive flags thrown against the Falcons to stop the clock for the Panthers. Some of the penalties I had never heard of (Holding on the DL). Did not dare do the statistical analysis on that one. Would have been astronomical. Last season the NFL needed a team to mathematically stay in the playoff hunt, to attract more viewers later that afternoon. If the Falcons won that team would have been eliminated. There were six- consecutive penalties against the Falcons to start the game. The statistical odds on that one would appear on the surface to be a mere 64-to-1, but when you throw in anomalies like the number of penalties thrown in such a short period of time at the start the game, you begin clicking off thousands-to-one. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* You can go ahead and doubt statistical analysis, as applied to this topic, but no self-respecting scientist would ever do the same. There are many reasons to fix game outcomes, not always just to cover the spread. There are ratings involved, getting markets involved like LA, and last but not least there are favors to be handed out (Kraft's firm negotiating the mega TV contracts.) Like I said these are only a few examples of my experience of being a Falcon’s Fan, and then only touching the surface of that. What about all the other anomalies seen by Pittsburgh Fans, Cleveland Fans, etc…? Did not even touch on the non-PI call in the NO/NE playoff game, or the touchdown taken away from Pittsburgh in a regular season game against NE last season. As was stated earlier, this is just the 'tip-of-the-iceberg' of how the NFL operates. If we were in a court of law the evidence in my opinion would add-up overwhelmingly in favor of game modification. Either in civil or public court!
  10. Talking about everything but the subject at hand, that is how it is suppose to work for people that throw around the JFK assignation, moon landing, flat earth etc. Anything but stay on the subject. What does any of that have to do with teams mysteriously passing the ball three times within 4-minutes to go in the Super Bowl, when all they had to do is run the ball 3-times kick a short field goal, and be the Champions. Three officials looking down a WR that is tackled before the ball gets to him, and keep their flags firmly in their pockets. .............Now your talking. What does any of that have to do with different kinds of knowing or different kinds of ways of perceiving life based on our Socio Economic backgrounds?
  11. Don't think you could keep up if we were to discuss this in full, based on what I have seen from previous posts of yours. We will not do that here again, out of respect to Larry the Admin/Monitor.
  12. You should have thought about all these things before you loosely lump someone into the 'Conspiracy Theorist' box. You lost all credibility by doing that! This is a subject in it's own right, and should be discussed that way, unless you are afraid of what might be uncovered. These types of generalizations sways public opinion to your side, so you think. In reality it only discredits you and your credibility. You got it, wash-rinse-repeat. You keep taking those showers now ya hear!.
  13. Very good point. This will turn out to be a great deal for the Falcons.
  14. With your mentality we would never have attempted to fly, we would never have dissected cadavers to learn more about human anatomy. The list is endless of breaking through the barrier of accepted ideas, with new thinking that challenged the old. You are sad Sir, just keep doing what told and be a good boy. If you have a thought that is outside the norm, please go take a cold shower.
  15. When this subject pops up I cannot help myself. Almost feel like it is a duty to get people to think. Then when people challenge me with ridiculous and demeaning comments, like 'landing on the moon' and 'tin foil hats', it get's serious. My suggestion would be when someone posts something like this, is to respect the subject matter for its own sake and politely disagree. The discussion would probably end in an hour or two, and float to the bottom of the page.