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  1. We now have a 3-Headed Monster at RB. Ward has deserved more playing, and deserves a role in this Offense. He blew Hill away in the preseason, and helped us win the Seattle game. He should have been used to take the ball in the end-zone. Ward deserves a role in this Offense!
  2. He will stay no doubt, no depth at CB. He does have playoff/SB experience. Collins sure looked like hot garbage and half-motivated in pre-season, though. You never know though, Quinn's tenure has seen some horrendous personnel moves, such as cutting Hawley, letting DiMarco leave, cutting McKissic, Grace, cutting deep threats Hall/Davis in favor of Nick Williams, etc....There are more they just do not come to mind right now.
  3. That would be pretty obvious would it not? Next you are going to tell me to stop watching the NFL, and leave the country, because questioning the NFL is un-Ameeerrrrican.
  4. A lot of the things everyone is saying, that makes no sense, does make sense. The ratings for the NFL are way down and they want closer games, even overtime if possible. This game was scripted exactly the same way as the Saints/Redskins. Tie the game at the last second, and you get yourself an overtime game on Monday Night Football. Then Seattle, who has a much bigger following then Atlanta, takes home the bacon in overtime. There just happened to be a problem with the script, field goals are not always automatic. The wrong team does win sometimes, and the wrong team won tonight. I watch the NFL in the same light that I watch championship wrestling. It is really getting bad this year with the bad ratings, and has brought the worst in the NFL. Every game now has to be a last second nail biter, with the most popular teams pulling out the wins. Notice there have been very few blowouts in the NFL this year?
  5. Yes, why script it if not exciting? You know, it just makes my gut hurt, to think the NFL is doing this, has done it, and will do it. I am in your boat, do not want to believe that this could be happening to the sport I love. I feel for everyone when someone like myself tells you that something is not true, something that you really believe in. Would make you sick at your stomach to stop and think about this for even a minute. The sport we have all given so much time and money to. I know it makes my stomach hurt, but it is time to take the blinders off. This is our NFL!
  6. I knew what was going to happen before it happen, already knew the story line. NFL is getting really good at it by now. Another thiller!
  7. It was the correct call if you want the Saints to win. Can you say FIX! Never seen a game so obviously scripted, not even last year's Super Bowl compares.
  8. I spoke with his agent just last night, and he said the same thing. "When is Austin going to earn his paycheck, so I can get a decent paycheck!" The agent is seriously thinking about going back to work somewhere, unless he can land Sambrailo.
  9. It sounds crazy, But I think the helmets should be made smaller, not bigger and bulkier. It is the size of the helmets, in my opinion that is precipitating a lot of head injuries. Every time there is a tackle from the belt line up, you cannot help but bump helmets.
  10. Just a joke, bigger mitts the better. Vandy knew what I meant.
  11. His hands may be too big for an American football (10 5/8"). Biggest hands I can recall. All said, looks like he has the tools, I say stick with him.
  12. I let my wife handle these things, will call her and let her know our agreement. Not sure we are allowed to exchange email information in the open like this. Just left you a message. They are great seats, right on the railing, padded chairs, no one walking over you to use the bathroom, no stairs - level with the entrance, next to the ushers - both pretty ladies and very entertaining. Think you will get your money's worth for $50 a piece!