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  1. NFL has not had a very good week, not much you can say that can make that go away. You are not going to help them put the Genie back in the bottle talking like that now are you?
  2. No, No, not sarcasm! What a bitter group we have out tonight, it is not my fault the sport is fixed!
  3. Besides, the real objective of the NFL is to get the winning City involved with the NFL for years to come (and of course point spreads). They threw Philadelphia a bone, Seattle will not be heard from for years, but the fans are going no where. Now they want that huge Southern California market to be relative. The Rams do not have to win the SB, but that fact they made it matters. My guess is that the Patriots will win again and Brady will retire as a GOD, just like Peyton Manning before him.
  4. I have watched this phenomenon before with Chairmanship games in every sport, and the City being represented sweeps-up everyone in the moment. Even people that do not follow sports at all. So have to disagree with your assertion that it does not matter which teams are playing, and would bet your article does not reach that conclusion either..
  5. Yes, did not want to say it because everyone would say, "What, you think the players are in on it too!". You do not get a 20-million per year contract just handed to you, there are conditions. This time the nod went to LA to open-up all those millions of rating dollars that have been sitting idle since the OJ days. This is the 3rd time this decade the NFL has gone coast-to-coast in the SB. Would think that would be a preferred scenario?
  6. From what someone posted on here the other day, the technology is being developed by the University of NC(?), and has been out a couple of years. Will probably start seeing strange things happening with field goal kicks, maybe even passing(?), at all levels of football. Wish they would have kept the Genie in the bottle. They already know how to edit instant replays with the outcome they want, got caught red-handed in the Seattle game. Now this?
  7. You are certainly right in your thinking. But, think about it this way, if they are fixing games (LOL) their goal would be for you to think these very things to cover their tracks. That is why you simply worry about the outcome if you are a detective on this case. In every crime you follow the money trail, which leads you to answers. If that call is made the Saints win the game, that much is a given, so drastic action/non-action had to be taken which took them out of their cover. Again, this is the most obvious non-call in the history of the NFL. It was not bad officiating. Bad officiating is when you watch the replay and see the call should have gone the other way. This is a African Bull Elephant in the room, which caught the NFL red-handed!
  8. Everything you have mentioned has been addressed before in other threads, do not have time to get into it again. I will just say you sound very sensible, but a little naive.
  9. I am a Physics Major, don't ask me. Just going by what the Commentator said, "almost looks like the ball is magnetized". What is a grassy knoll?
  10. No doubt, they are littlest and grimest fans for rubbing in your face. The worst.
  11. Go back to Chicago's failed kick, do you think it is even possible by the laws of Physics for the ball to hit high off of one goal post then bounce back down to hit the cross bars. Think about that, is there something wrong there?
  12. It is about time this goes to court again. Unfortunately for the Saints fans they are going to find out that NFL is for 'entertainment purposes only', and cannot be sued for calling the game however they want, to make it more exciting, wanting a particular team to win, etc.... N
  13. "That is all there is to it", so you say. The NFL wants everyone to think this was a really bad job of officiating, so that is the argument we caught-up in. Bad officiating is the only way they could get out of this. Unfortunately the non-call for PI was not bad officiating. There is no officiating that bad, neither in HS, college, or the NFL. You mind is trying change realty by saying the game was poorly officiated. Meanwhile the NFL wins in all ways, they get OT for more revenue and better ratings, and the Rams bring a SB berth to one of the largest cities in the world.
  14. But, wasn't the overtime exciting? As they say, "All is well that ends well". Even if the NFL wanted extended play for better ratings, that is still fixing the game. The no-call for PI was the worst call in the history of the NFL, can't have it both ways, now take your'e pick. We saw what we saw yet people act like it is business as usual, this is truly fascinating watching how the mind works.
  15. Work it out, Saints win the game if a flag is thrown, and 2-Refs knew it.