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  1. How would it comfort me? Just so obvious. Which brings me to the question of how you know anything of this nature is "obvious nonsense". Would like to know. Hope it is not one assumption built upon another, which is spit out as a fact.
  2. Think Alford would make the switch, if Oliver plays. " Oliver taking snaps on the outside would also allow Alford to move into the slot, where he has shown some real promise in the past and could possibly extend his career even further."
  3. Pioli is the one behind all the drafts, TD manages contracts, administration duties etc....
  4. Not sure I know where any of that comes into play either, unless you are deciding whether or not to go to the game. Just saying the Fans/Media are way down the list of importance for these kinds of disclosures.
  5. Oh yea, I remember that. Also, there was a time when Julio should not have even been on the field, and was used as a decoy (did not by the way), almost got in trouble with League that time. I can see where they would be less forthcoming in these situations, because they are strategic.
  6. This staff has a history of telling the media that injuries are much less serious than they are. Saying a player is game-to-game, next thing you know they have reached an injury settlement or placed someone on IR. They have seemed to do that more in the Quinn era. Smith waited until he knew what was what and called it like it was. Not calling anyone out for being dishonest, but there is an apparent protocol being observed by the Quinn group. They may be looking out for the player, would think for HIPPA laws you would have to get the player's consent before information is released. But, the practice being observed is sure not done for the Fan's sake.
  7. Do hope you are right, not only for the Falcons sake, but for Dante. You cannot believe 90% of what you read or hear, and about 50% of what comes out of the Falcons front office.
  8. Guess that means Beasley is worth something....impressive stat! He does always seem to mess with the QBs hair, must be bothersome.
  9. Certainly not verifiable, but maybe something to put on the back burner.
  10. Have had some fans tell me they have read that his not playing is all related to his multiple concussions, and the Falcons are not quite sure how to handle his situation.
  11. Ryan tests out seeing orange tints very well, but does have trouble with goldish and green colors. Perhaps he should be fitted with goggles that changes each team's color to orange?
  12. This is the new NFL, every game goes down to the last play, leaving fans glued to their seats until the end. The close games this year by the NFL as a whole have been unbelievable, and I do mean unbelievable! When teams start to pull away things begin to happen, referees start making bogus PI calls, etc.... Ratings are down again, and the NFL is desperate.
  13. He did get more snaps than Riley, 40 to 28. That could be significant, anyone is a faster learner than #42. Maybe they see something in him.
  14. Well, if that is your point then you are right that is asinine. Of course it would be a collaborative effort to some degree, but it is rather easy to spot how dismal Falcon's drafts were prior to Pioloi's arrival and the marked improvement thereafter. Then again, another level of improvement after Quinn's arrival, which adds another level of doubt that TD has much if any influence in the the players ultimately chosen in current drafts. When he did have influence he was a fail, then Blank stepped in and applied TD to what he does best (negotiate contracts), and let the draft guru Pioli do what he does best. Combine his talents with finding Quinn players, and it got even better. To give TD any more glamour then he deserves is also asinine.