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  1. Those are the two that even come close to being 2020ish, and the ones I like the best. Call them Arena Football if you will, but Nike has redesigned the look of football uniforms going forward for the better. Look at Oregon. Also like the larger logo on the helmets. Gives the team an identity, sort of like the Rams or Viking helmets. Still wish Nike had done the designs.
  2. LIke I said, don't wish anything bad your way for your opinion, so yes you are right I am better than that.
  3. I don't deserve anything worse than what you do, come on Man. Been a Fan since 1974, used to cover the Falcons as an Atlanta Sports Reporter, have a right to an opinion. Right? The FO is so squeaky conservative. They missed it by 40-years. Why couldn't they have made a move into 2020? They could have designed a cool looking one-piece type design like a Nike look, which would have been more in-line with 2020. Instead we get a 1-piece Jersey, 1-piece Pants, and a Helmet. That is a 1980 look. Really disappointed. Don't wish anything bad on you, hope you like the look.
  4. Do you understand that kind of 'speak', of course they are going to say these looks were the Fan's choice. Of course. But, how does that matter, look at them thru your eyes. This is about what you like as a Fan. This is about you. Do you like the looks?
  5. Really disappointed, do you get that?
  6. What difference does it matter what ESPN says? This is about personal taste. With the technology available today to simulate looks with computer graphics, they come-up with this? These uniforms would have been OK in 1980, but not in 2020. I'm really disappointed. With all the really cool looking uniforms out there in the NFL, we get a FO that was afraid to venture into 2020.
  7. Man, come on this isn't a High School pep rally. Been a Falcon Fan since 1974.Used to cover the team as a sports reporter. You state your opinion on how they look and move on. Don't turn into Mr. Politically Correct.
  8. Used to have friends there then, not far from 6-Flags. Been a Falcon Fan since 1974, got me beat by 3-years. Never would have believed that, but not cool to tell someone to leave a team they have been associated with for that long. Right? OK to fell disappointed with the look of your team. Right?
  9. I think it is hard to root for someone that calls someone a 'Clown' for having an opinion on a sports uniform. Name calling over a sports uni? Really? Would never resort to what you just, did over someone's opinion involving sports. Not in my DNA!
  10. This is Sports:Entertainment.........if you you do not like what your team wears...well? Think we all made fun of the Bengals at one time or another? Let's not try to gauge how much of a fan someone here is, a complete waste of time. If we are still here posting after 2018/2019, then we must be Fans?
  11. Why is everyone worried about someone mentioning the word 'petition'. Of course no one is going to start a petition, what would it change. Did they give the Fans an option to voice an opinion. No, so what is a petition it going to change? So let's talk about what you think about the uniforms, not whether someone should start a petition. We all root for the same team, and the uniforms are a part of that team. Used to love rooting for the Dolphins, and a big part of that was their uniforms. These new Falcon uniforms are about the most vanilla-looking things in the NFL. Rivaling the Giants. This means they better outplay those bland things to endear them to me.
  12. Been a Falcon Fan much longer than you, and have a right to say anything I want to. Where in the **** is Adamsville anyway?
  13. I am totally with you man!! With the technology available today, this is what the brain-trust delivers? Boo...Booo...Booooo Hard to root for a team wearing this stuff, just totally underwhelmed.
  14. It is is worth for Brown/Kinlaw. I say go for it.