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  1. The Viking's DC knew we were going to force the football to Julio no matter what. All they had to do to be successful was shut him down anyway they could. Double/Triple teams, whatever it took. They made a statement that if #11 did catch the ball it would be in short yardage situations. When Ryan went away from Jones they had success, but Koetter did not adjust enough. If he tries to force feed Julio every game, it is going to be a long season. It is about making the offense work, not having to feed your star receiver no matter what. If he has an unproductive season but the team wins by going away from him, then he still earns his keep.
  2. Not worried about who has what number on the back of their jersey. All I know is that Tyler Davison found a better Organization to play for! Happy for him and us!!
  3. Did not know that about Graham. Was he converted at Yale or did the Falcons convert him to TE?
  4. That's right, people do grow into their profession in all ways. Sure that is what Blank was hoping would happen many years ago, when he brought in the son of Tom Dimitroff Sr to be our GM.
  5. I'm with you, like all those to make it, but TBJ will be put on the PS.
  6. I do think Gono's future will be at OG. Should be ready to claim the LG spot by next season (could do it this season), allowing cap-space freed-up by cutting Carpenter or Brown or both. Would be a windfall if Miller developed, but may have to draft someone there. Cannot be cheap at the OC spot. Teams used to save their 7th round picks for finding a Center, that's not how it is done anymore. Most experts would now place OC in the top-ten category for positions of importance.
  7. I say no way, 5-RBs. Will make STs better.
  8. I knew 4-TEs was not on the table, but going to have to get some quality blocking from Hooper/Graham, especially Hooper!
  9. Wish TD would have covered his *** at the center position like he did everywhere else on the line. The organization must really believe in big Mack's durability. Can't see his back-up or replacement from here. Will watch Schweitzer closely tonight.
  10. Getting that 'warm fuzzy' feeling!
  11. You don't just pass on a someone that played very well (did not say he was HoF RT, just said he played very well last 4-games of the season) for you the last 4-games of the season, at an acute position of need, because you know you are drafting a RT in the draft. You surely would have your eye on a specific RT, not just a RT? Maybe your guy is gone by the time you draft, and have to draft a project at RT? So that would make you pass on a budget signing like the Sambrailo deal, when you know he can play the position to start the season in 2019?
  12. Sambrailo looked very good the last 4-games of the season, that is in the real season. No one is talking about that, most would rather discuss his preseason. The logic is a bit backwards and a little reactionary.
  13. When we signed Sambrailo, the Falcons had no idea McGary was waiting for them in the Draft, or that Gono might be ready for prime time. You know the old saying, " A Falcon in the hand is worth two in the air"? Something like that. Besides, why have we already made the decision that any of these moves, including signing Sambrailo, was the wrong thing to do? Be a Real Fan, not a Reactionary Fan!
  14. Jason Elam kept the Falcons out of the playoffs one year. Would say the FG Kicker is in the Top-10 list of players on the team. Most of them in the NFL are very very good, so it seems like the position is not that important, but when you put one on your team that does not fall into that very very good category you will see how important having a good one is!
  15. Clowney is a 'me' first kind of guy, but guess that comes with the territory when you are one of the best talents to ever walk onto a football field. Would love to see him in a Falcon uniform, but there are issues to consider. I live in South Carolina, after moving from John's Creek, and have followed him in college and into the pros. The last year Clowney played for the Gamecocks he wanted to sit out the remainder of the season, with several games to go and much on the line for his team, just because he was afraid of getting hurt before entering the NFL wanting to protect his draft stats. Spurrier had to really do a sales job to get him back out on the field. As far as talent, he is one of a kind. Pro Scouts said he was NFL ready and would have been a top ten draft pick as a Freshman. When he wanted it bad enough, he would take college games over single-handed. You see that in basketball with five men on a team, but rarely have I seen someone capable of doing that in a football game, outside of a QB. Bottom line, he has not even scratched the surface of what he is capable of in the NFL. If a team could get him for a year, with the understanding that he would command a record sum of money afterwards, without having to give-up something too ridiculous up front, I'd say go for it. Only problem is you better have a Steve Spurrier type mentality in the organization that can get into his head to be able to get the most out of him.