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  1. Have you ever known someone that has played in the NFL? Not sure how to characterize you, but can tell you want to come across as a real tough dude. I'll just bet you have never played professional football, is that right? I have worked along side many and can tell you everyone suffers in multiple ways, and will for the rest their lives, from their days in the NFL. The sport has to made safer if it is going to survive, this rule is just one small step in the direction of modernizing the NFL. There is still a long ways to go.
  2. Talking trades in the NFL is about the same as talking about U.S. and Russia swapping nuclear warheads.
  3. Hate to say it, but it may be time for the Falcons FO to get more involved in his personal life. He is too important to the team for them not to know what is going on. Happens in sports and the business world all the time. If he is not open to them getting more involved, then hire a PI. Julio may just think he deserves more money which is fine go ahead and give it to him, but has he gotten in with the wrong crowd and changed who he was as a person, that is what worries me as a Falcon Fan and would be the much bigger issue verses of the money.
  4. I think so, give it a year.
  5. Lottery does not have a stranglehold here in SC like it does in GA. The GA Lottery has turned into the new Southern Mafia, or maybe I have the cart before the horse. Might see it in SC, especially since every sports fan here has a Bookie anyway. The only thing SC has to gain is millions more tax dollars that have been falling through the cracks.
  6. That is what the article said, each state now has the right to choose, whereas before they had no choice but to make sports gambling illegal. Due to Federal constraint.
  7. Good post, this could have huge implications for all sports everywhere. I like it, but there is a downside. Even Little League games will be fixed now.
  8. From what I understand he has "long arms", which makes it much more difficult to lift weights than someone with T-Rex arms. I would say (26) Reps for someone his size is very impressive.
  9. The money is there, just a matter of whether his asking price is worth it. Even if they only wanted him for 1-year, they could sign him to a 2-year contract and put all the dead money into next year (see Gonzalez 2-year deal). Also, the Falcons have an emergency Cap fund they can dip into at any time. Cut Schaub.
  10. Just go look at some tape on this guy. He is the best corner drafted this year, and maybe has more upside than any corner I can think of coming out of college. He is going to play wherever he wants to very soon. One more thing to add, CB is a position that you can step into day one. Remember the Trufant/Alford draft. Quinn has also made this observation.
  11. Ridley's Combine numbers are not accurate, and he said so himself. I have seen a higher vertical on some of his catches then his combine number of 31".
  12. Ledbetter is a clone, and still getting the hang of being human, understanding football, and making complete sentences. The real one left us a long time ago.
  13. How can he prove what you are looking for him to prove? The Falcons have the best receiving duos in the NFL, along with two of the best receiving RBs. He also played behind Tamme in his first season. I would say all the elite TEs in the NFL right now, played on much less accomplished offenses their 1st/2nd year in the NFL. No one has taken that into consideration yet, and when you do Hooper really stands out, to have made almost 50-receptions last year, and played the way he has on an Offense like the Falcons have had the two years he has been in the NFL. In fact I would say it has been pretty amazing! Think all the detractors or even the unimpressed need to put things into a more complete perspective.
  14. Those stats from the OP shows that he is capable of being a starting TE, and may develop into a top-5 TE. The stats say nothing more than that he is where he needs to be to develop into something more, or he could stay where he is at (not likely). Hooper is not fast, but runs good routes and is a powerful runner after the catch. He could have been and should have been used much more than he was last year.