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  1. With some board members you may have something there, that does come into play, but that had no bearing on my observations. What did have some significance with me was the fact that Riley was handed a starting job last year, and made an important part of the defense, which puts him on everyone's radar.
  2. That is one option, another is they could keep 10-OL to groom for starting positions.. The line is getting older. Another question is whether they keep Benkurt on the 53-man roster or the PS. The Offense is not complicated this year, either: 7-WRs, 10-OL, or 3-QBs.
  3. Give him a year in the NFL fitness programs, think he will be everything we expected from him. Unlike most of you here, I saw some positive things from him Friday night. That's how you should evaluate Rookies, not the mistakes they make, but what kind of flashes do they show.
  4. That all might be true with Abraham, but I remember this play like it was yesterday, Matthews was clearly beat and hooked the NE DE. KS called this particular play out for a reason.
  5. Gage is real sleeper from this last draft.
  6. Of course this was a hold, and KS knows that just like you and I do. Him calling this play out is a distraction from the other blatant non-calls from the NE OL. There has been too much discussion about this game being fixed, too many have finally opened their eyes. KS calling this play out actually adds credibility to the officiating. You see the opposing OC calling the referees out for this play, and the average Joe says,"you see, the officiating was fair, the OC is questing this particular call and we all can see it was a valid call". No less than 3-holdings calls should have been called on NE in the same play, when Brady was backed-up in the end-zone, which would have been a safety and would have ended the game for all intents and purposes (just a small sample of blatant non-calls, not to mention blatant calls, and other anomalies). Nothing but a deception, to take the most obvious call from the game and question it. Deception 102.
  7. Don't know what it is about the CB position. At least Sherman had the brains this guy is sadly lacking. Sherman kept us all entertained, Ramsey is just embarrassing. He needs to stop trying to be somebody he is not, and that is 'intelligent'.
  8. If you say he is good, I know he is good. You have a good eye for NFL talent. Your draft record before Quinn came along, would have put the Falcons in great shape, unfortunately Smith would have never been fired.
  9. I'm afraid the illness is chronic.
  10. We all had high hopes for Riley coming into this season, and he has disappointed (yes, one game has shown us more of the same), and quite sure he will continue to disappoint. You might make the excuse that he was only a 3rd round pick, but he was handed a starting job last year, which certainly did raise the expectations you are making reference to. It also set the Falcon's defense back, when he failed. This is professional sports, not college, these athletes are paid very well and there are any number of players waiting to take their place. I should not have to say that, goes with the territory, check New York blogs/posts. Having followed Atlanta sports for quite some time, what you are seeing here is actually a good healthy thing. Atlanta football fans are beginning to have passion for their team, which did not exist in the 80s, and was hard to find in the 90s. Atlanta is beginning to exhibit some of the things that cities in the north have always had, passion for their teams, don't try to kill it. "If the bum stinks get eeeem out of here"
  11. Does he know we have CBs?
  12. I thought you were his girlfriend and had some inside information, until 'Decoudies'.........not bad. Have to remember where he came from. Most states' high school curriculum is ahead of a Louisiana State University. Deon Jones was self-taught and just too smart to not excel once he got out of that state. Many come out and have to go back, because they cannot make it, but not Deon. Don't look back Deon, don't look back!
  13. It bothers me that Quinn gave Riley his endorsement. I have never seen Quinn miss that bad on a player evaluation. You can only sacrifice so much time and effort training these guys, many before had more talent than Riley and teams had to move on because they could not 'get it' fast enough and cost too many resources. Even pre-season time is very precious. He is eating-up time others who can play now and 'get it'. A decision needs to made by next game what we are going to do with Riley. If Quinn loves him so much, and he cannot start, then keep him on the roster or practice squad so that he can practice with the team in hopes of developing next year.
  14. Will not pit my memory against your library work, am sure I stand corrected. May have been thinking about the Falcons last year, my bad. The Colts did go 0-5 in the preseason in 2005, and had a regular season record of 14-2! Here is somthing I found while doing some digging of my own, from "Compared the winning percentage of the pre-season of the team to the performance of that team in the regular season for every team over the last 10 season, which gave us a sample size of 320 team seasons. When comparing the records, we found that there was no correlation between the performance of the pre-season to the regular season." ********************************************************* So there you have it! No need to worry folks.
  15. You are preaching to the choir about ambiguous rules, including PI, and the reception rule, etc.. They could make the reception rule so simple, a few words, but will not. The PI penalties/non-penalties are so all over the board, that they need to abolish the rule. Just let the receiver get tackled before he has a chance to make the catch, would work just as well. Yes, they have the table set nicely for the bookies, and efforts to raise ratings! However, the game does need to evolve into a much safer game, and this rule is necessary. Just make it reviewable and clear-cut (which they will not, just like you said)