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  1. The ideology of hate wasn't built in a day
  2. Wasted? It got them a Supreme Court justice and the filthiest POTUS in history
  3. Great Journalist
  4. Please forgive the dotard's words, he knows not of what he speaks
  5. Joe Biden, great man, always enjoys a great bowl of chili
  6. I enjoy Wendy's chilli every once in a blue moon
  7. defend america

    Nobody needs to give Anti-American, Kremlin-backed organizations any more clicks than needed for info gathering
  8. it's a retort. Just like the mass-manipulated reaction to kneeling during the anthem. throwing up the boogie men to keep the simple folk occupied.
  9. your grammar is atrocious
  10. defend america New Press Conference about the Ongoing Russian Disinformation campaign, the Senate investigations
  11. What they need to do is not make "SELLING THEM" illegal, but OWNING THEM "ILLEGAL"
  12. he's been lackadaisical about filling state department positions
  13. Mueller Tasks an Adviser With Getting Ahead of Pre-Emptive Pardons
  14. Felony Perjury for the Alt-Right ***** boys 'Unite the Right' organizer Jason Kessler indicted for perjury