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  1. If it triggers a Trumper, then **** yeah
  2. Think about it this way, it may be easier for you, simpler: Does China give citizenship to children birthed by foreign parents on Chinese soil ? Countries by jus soli Unconditional jus soli for persons born in the country Jus soli with restrictions Jus soli abolished
  3. The ideology of hate wasn't built in a day
  4. Wasted? It got them a Supreme Court justice and the filthiest POTUS in history
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegals_Program https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/ten-alleged-secret-agents-arrested-united-states Ten Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in the United States Multi-year FBI Investigation Uncovers Network in the United States Tasked with Recruiting Sources and Collecting Information for Russia @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry Is your problem that you don't believe espionage exists, that you don't think it's a legitimate justification to regulate birth tourism, or that you disagree that birth tourism is detrimen
  6. There's plenty of evidence of long term espionage cells, how is it a leap to include birth tourism in that threat. It would be gross negligence for US Intelligence to totally avoid monitoring the families of individuals whose parents birthed them on US Soil for reasons other than seeking a globally unique health care environment for that birth.
  7. How (the ****) do you expect me to provide proof of sleeper cells
  8. It's just as baseless for you to outright deny as it is for me to posit.
  9. If Russia can do it with Donald Trump, what do you think China wants to do.
  10. Please forgive the dotard's words, he knows not of what he speaks
  11. There are long term spies being granted birthright citizenship this way. So to say there is "no" reason is not completely accurate.
  12. Joe Biden, great man, always enjoys a great bowl of chili
  13. I enjoy Wendy's chilli every once in a blue moon
  14. Oh here's a big one I want, yesterday: birthright citizenship I'm sick of hearing about Chinese and Russian baby mill tourism. Children born in the US should only get citizenship if their parents have been here for X number of years with NO waivers. Or they shall be granted some provisional citizenship if their parents also apply for and gain citizenship. It's about national security, not xenophobia.
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