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  1. that video of waves crashing inside a house... these houses are too close to the shore, need to do like the Japanese with the Tsunami stones...
  2. I can't see how secretly filming someone having sex in their own home and publishing it to destroy their "career" should be legal in any democracy.
  3. Haha I think you are cheating with the filter, but nonetheless the pics are great
  4. ****, after watching Pacific and Band of Brothers, I may get that for PC
  5. Can I just ask for those monitoring this thread... are any of you full/part time photographers (more than a side job)?
  6. speaking of squirrels... I got lucky enough to take this a few years ago. My aunt domesticates the squirrels so they have some interesting mannerisms around people
  7. lmao I'm reading the first few posts like "well after the super bowl game I wouldnt put free above matt" "what the **** matthews?" then i saw the date
  8. who cares if he had a chance, he's a piece of trash
  9. im here to laugh at the OP, thx to Ff567 for the bring-back! to OP, hope u take a multivitamin, crows arent known to eat a balance diet
  10. u are going to be eating more than crow my friend.
  11. this just occurred to me again... we all know how Shannyhan is known for doing unconventional tactics. That's how he got his voodoo moniker--What if... Shannahan TOLD Ryan to throw the interception? Shanahan wanted something put on tape for other teams to see, it's his perfect calculation because Shanny knows that defenses will watch the tape on any and all interceptions an opponent throws. This could be Shanahan ingeniously throwing them off
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