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  2. ITT I learned the Steele Dossier is the boogeyman for the Trump Investigation (no basis in reality and just being used to scare Americans into distrusting our Dear Leader) Part II of the Iceburg
  3. That's only the tip of the iceburg
  4. 2. Trump
  5. Can we all just agree on some basic foundational sources? Some sources that, if they get something wrong, they issue a timely retraction? Can we just find some common ground at least on that? Nominate your sources and we'll produce a venn diagram to narrow down the common denominators. @marla_mulder@Leon Troutsky@falconsd56
  6. Some people trust Doctors; Some people prefer Alternative Medicine. It comes down to trust in institutions.
  7. The sanctions were considered symbolic, just like kicking the Russians out the compound... Marla's point is moot. On the one hand she criticizes the Iraq War for going in with faulty evidence, going in gung-ho. And on the other hand she decries Obama for not responding in real time. I hate to beat a dead horse but Marla can't be reasoned with, as much as MDrake and SpongeBob want to white knight her.
  8. You are both missing a big piece to the puzzle that we just learned a few days ago. Report: Obama authorized a secret cyber operation against Russia Remotely detonated 'implants' are designed to take out crucial Russian networks, The Washington Post says.
  9. You're quoting someone by their initials "B" "O" in a thread about the Trump presidency. Get a clue
  10. You are blaming the President when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell held Congress hostage.
  11. Haha and Matt Ryan is the reason for the 2013 season. Yup.
  12. yeah but that was just to get elected... the Dems can maybe take a play from that book. Get elected by any means necessary and then worry about governing.
  13. Watch ladies and gentlemens as she expertly sidesteps the entire disinformation campaign, the personnel connections to Putin and the weaponization of the emails.
  14. Washington Post is doing a service to this country. Holding Trump's feet to the flames