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  1. The thing with that "dream team" Eagles team was that they had a offensive line coach as defensive coordinator which was one of the problems. The other issue with that Eagles team is that Vince Young claimed that team to be a "dream team" and they were highly favored on paper and other teams brought their "A" game against them. One last thing about that team is that there was too many egos and Reid did not do a good job controlling that. I do not see that being an issue with this Falcons team because the front office has done a good job keeping players in-line. If we do get big name free agents the only thing that worries me is that players who come to Atlanta as a big name free agent usually end up being a bust. Guys like Ray Edwards, Ed Hartwell, I'm not even gonna mention other but there have been a lot who came here and did not do good.
  2. Hold on man I understand your frustration some of us fans do live out of state so you can't say all fans. Now as far as not being able to make noise in the Dome I hope this is a wake up call for the fans and yes I will be loud and live in Levi's Jeans Stadium when the Falcons take on the Whiners somebody gonna have to hold me back like the last game in Frisco when somebody said some stuff to me and almost got into a scuffle when I was walking to my seats
  3. Man the 98 team I had to let out some years after that game. For the team to experience Dan Reeves go through a heart bypass surgery and Rich Brooks to become head coach for one game and inspired the team to rally around Reeves, that team showed so much heart and resilience it hurt bad that we lost. I had to let some tears go because guys like Chuck Smith, Jessie Tuggle, Cornelius Bennett, Tony Martin, and Terrance Mathis all deserved a ring.
  4. The 1998 squad was really good that team carried the momentum they finished with during the 1997 season into the 98 year. I really thought the offense took a step back when we let Bert Emmanuel leave but Tony Martin was a really good pick-up him and Mathis was a great receiving duo. The defense that year was just great. That front 7 harrassed Steve Young during the divisional game.
  5. That was a beautiful game I remember almost getting into a few altercations on the way to my seats and definitely after the game. My cousin got a warning citation for cussing at fans. The Falcons will be in Levi's Jean Stadium this year and you can bet I will be there again. With all that said Singletary can be a Linebacker coach since he did help develop Willis and Bowman.
  6. Why would we do that he was one of the bright spots in last years mess? He did a good job with the o-line despite the injuries throughout the season.
  7. Tice, Robiskie, and Armstrong need to stay
  8. At this rate we are better off reaching out to Dan Reeves or Jim Mora Jr. the way the organization has just let every good candidate slip through.
  9. You bring up some great and valid points regarding Luck, Wilson, and Kaepernick. Let us not forget the last QB to eliminate that great Seattle defense and that was Matt Ryan and the Falcons if our coaching staff was not so conservative in the second half of those playoff games we would've won both games in 2012. Don't forget that neither Kaepernick, Wilson, or Luck has the 32nd ranked defense. Poor coaching is what the issue is when it comes to this if you pair Matt up with offensive geniuses like Pete Carroll or Harbaugh he will light teams up. Our defense hasn't been great either except for 2012 when the defense was just good enough to force a turnover in almost every game. If Michael Turner was in his 2008-2009 form we would have been unstoppable because we would have ran them defenses into the ground. Mike Smith just did not have it in him in the playoffs. He coached playoff games like a regular season game. I remember reading an article after the Green Bay loss in the Dome and Tramon Williams said he saw the exact same play we ran on them during the regular season and that's how he read the play and picked Matt off for a TD. Kaepernick is not better then Russell Wilson. He has to work on his decision making. Take away his weapons like Davis, Boldin, Gore, Johnson and his offensive line Kaep would not be able to lead a team into the playoffs. He is already struggling as it is. Matt has his teams hit by injuries and he still puts up good numbers but making the playoffs is hard for any QB especially if your defense is ranked near the bottom. Look at Drew Brees since his defense has started to fail him.
  10. Give Matt Ryan a good defense and watch how many rings we win. Give him a Texans caliber defense and watch us become a dynasty
  11. Yes there was it was the Jared Allen to the Seahawks
  12. I would hope they consider David Shaw before Lane Kiffin
  13. 1) good defensive coordinator 2) 2 apperances in the AFCCG 3) defense has never ranked 32nd while with the Jets. There are my reasons that I felt Rex was a good fit here but since he is going to be with the Bills I can care less for him now. About trusting the Front Office I know that the ownership has changed but it is hard to trust a franchise that had Deion, Favre, and Rison and let them walk for nothing. That was at least one super bowl there if we had patience to help Favre out. With Arthur he fired the only coach that took us to a Super Bowl and replaced him with coordinators that did okay but nothing spectacular.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that well if these two front offices passed on him that should be a reason to be glad that we didn't hire him. These two teams are two years separated from the NFCCG and they passed on him. I have faith in Blank and company to make the right hire. In 2008 I remember saying WTF to the Mike Smith hire and that hire ended up good despite Smith's playoff failures. I really wouldn't be surprised if we hire somebody out of nowhere again.
  15. I just gotta wonder between the Falcons and Niners which are undoubtedly the most talented two teams that any head coach can inherit why would he go and choose the Bills? There is something more to this story than just Dimitroff, failing to schedule a second interview, and the Falcons dragging their feet because he passed up on a talented Niners team as well. I I know the Niners job has a lot of pressure attached to it but a coach that is confident in their coaching abilities would believe that he can take either one of these two teams and guide them to a championship. I think the Bills job doesn't have as much pressure on Rex as the Falcons and Niners jobs have. If he fails in Buffalo the first couple of years there he can point to not having a QB as a reason for coming up short.
  16. Willis or Brooks will be gone then most likely Brooks because of the incident before the Raiders game this year. There is a chance that both can be let go as well along with those players I mentioned Lupati, Boone and key parts to their offense is set to hit free agency too
  17. Aldon Smith is set to be a free agent. The niners are in a bad situation they have to pick between Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Willis, Ahmad Brooks, Vernon Davis, and Boldin on who they want to keep or let go. Brooks and Smith are considered replaceable because of Aaron Lynch's play and Willis is also replaceable because of Chris Boreland play this past season. One of the niners Linebackers are going to be cut if they cut Aldon Smith because of his drinking problems and run in's at the club bring him here he still plays really good despite his off field distractions and the niners made his drinking problem bigger than it should have been a change of scenery would be good for him Aldon.
  18. Chancellor is just a beast that man is the "BOOM" in Legion of Boom receiver never wanna go across the middle with him there ask Vernon Davis how many times Chancellor laid him out
  19. This would be like watching those good action movies during my deployments 😄😄😄
  20. There's too much pressure for anybody to coach in San Francisco or correction in Santa Clara. The defensive personnel they got is nice but whoever coaches there needs to at the minimum get to the NFCCG again and beat the Seahawks during the season. They built a new stadium and when the team was eliminated from the playoffs Levi's Jean stadium turned into the Chargers stadium. There's a lot of pressure on the new coach amto deliver great expectations especially since the niner fan base is still upset about the fact that Harbaugh was let go. I would be really surprised if Rex takes the job there. Fangio or Gase are the safest picks for the niners.
  21. Funny I haven't heard this news out here in Northern California. All I heard was Fangio and Adam Gase was on their list. I know they are interviewing Rex but the top man they want is Gase.
  22. I like that our previous coaches have morales but this is a sport where this team needs fire and motivation and cursing does not hurt at all as long as it is left on the practice field and in the game. Let Rex cuss all he wants we want an image of being tougher let the players and Rex loose on the NFL.
  23. No problem. if Aldon Smith keeps on messing up I would not have a problem with blank loosening up on the falcon filter and bringing him here. Only problem is he party's a lot but as long as he is getting 16 sacks a season he can play with a hangover all he wants
  24. He was resigned to a big contract in 2012 he is not leaving the niners soon
  25. Now that Football is done time to focus on bball

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