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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Monolith2001 in Matt Tells Gurley “Don’t Score”   
    So much mindshare spent on whether we should have had Matt take a knee or Gurley should go down.  We lost because our D could not get a stop they knew they had to get.
    QB did what QBs do (check) RB did what RBs do (check) Line blocked like they are supposed to (check) We got 8 points and the lead (check) We stopped them from scoring a touchdown before time expired (fail).
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Atl Falcon in Matt Tells Gurley “Don’t Score”   
    We’ll all be glad he fell in the EZ come draft day
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Atlantafan21 in Matt Tells Gurley “Don’t Score”   
    Don’t care. Matt Ryan’s fault that we lost. 
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to ryantlanta in Take a knee   
    Scored a TD with about 1 minute left in the game, he tried to go down early, but momentum carried him in. Falcons defense just sucks should’ve been able to stop a 75 yard drive with under a minute left anyway 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to dmo_dlo in Take a knee   
    Yep, if you give the ball to your RB, you want him to run. If you want to kill the freaking clock just kneel!
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to likeriver in Take a knee   
    All we had to do was run the ball (super bowl)
    All we had to do was grab the onside kick
    All we had to do was take a knee
    But we didn't. and we suck
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to falconfanEST1989 in Take a knee   
    All we had to do was take a knee...... not blaming Gurley.   
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to KamiKazee27 in Do you think the Falcons should try to resign Todd Gurley next year or just draft a running back?   
    If we can sign him on cheap 1-2 year deal I would and also draft a RB. Gurley is the best redzone rb we've had (unless you don't want a TD) since Turner. 
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconsAllDayUrDay in AB surprised TD..   
    Always enjoyed TD's interviews. Some are gonna look back and say he could never find a path rush which let's be honest is absolutely true, but he did a lotta great things here and I'm definitely gonna remember the good more than the bad. Wish jim nothing but the best. 
    That being said, here's to our new GM being so good we do look back on him as not being good enough 😂
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Caddieman in Trade Ryan to New England and Julio to Miami.   
    Can we trade the fan base instead........just asking!
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to TheFatboi in See what happens with three LBers on the field!   
    They’ve been running 3 LB’s all year. The rookie has played in every game. It’s all matchups. You DO NOT want 3 LB’s on the field when the offense has 3 wr’s. It’s common sense really. 3 wr’s is gonna naturally put you in a nickel situation. You telling me you want Jefferson in the slot matched up with a LB? Think about that bro? You just haven’t been paying attention but walker has been playing since game 1. It’s situational football. You’d be cussing Raheem out if a LB was matched up with a WR in the slot. The SORRIEST QB will see that mismatch and exploit it. 
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to NCFalconfan in Shout Out Roll-Call   
    People are gonna miss this guy one day.
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconinPA in Shout Out Roll-Call   
    Shout out Radio Raheem for his first win. Also to Matt Ryan for the fire he showed when his line tried to get him killed
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Shout Out Roll-Call   
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Dem Birds in Shout Out Roll-Call   
    I'm going to give Koo a shoutout. He's been really **** consistent lately. When he first got here he was decent but he was kicking knuckle balls and missing things from over 40. He'd been nailing it lately. He had one near miss today maybe but everything else is right down the middle. I've become very comfortable with him. He should win NFC special teams player of the week this week, with Ryan or Julio likely winning offensive. 
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Shout Out Roll-Call   
    Debo & Foye legit looked like a dominant LB duo today.  Foye has been special this year.  
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to CADirtyBird in *** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In Game Thread ***   
    Never been so excited for an onside recovery lol
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FentayeJones in *** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In Game Thread ***   
    Run game hasnt been dynamic today but they are sticking with it thus making the Vikings have to respect it. 
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Wjcorner in *** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In Game Thread ***   
    Make no mistake, Vikings are trash. But we’re handling them like they’re trash. If this was a grind it out close win, alright, more of the same and the ball finally bounced our way. But that’s not the script. 
    I think the first true test is Nola in November, maybe Carolina part II. But if we win up to Nola with this type of play? I mean, division looks wacky right now, never know 🤷🏿‍♂️
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Killing Floor in *** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In Game Thread ***   
    11-5 starts TODAY
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconofShadows in Raheems first PC as HC   
    What do you want him to do? Just make jokes and do card tricks?
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to Geneaut in DQ letter to Atlanta   
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    dawgsfan426 reacted to FalconinPA in T.I. wants Matt Ryan gone from the Falcons   
    I think we should start looking for Matt Ryan's replacement now. But the way everyone is just bashing the guy right now is very unfair. I have often criticized Ryan over the years, but he has been a class act his time here. 
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