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  1. There's a good chance out oline will be hellabetter than last year. Feel better yet?
  2. I get chills when it's not butchered. Really makes you proud when its performed great
  3. He seems like Rex's kind of guy.
  4. They could always get Carr in the 2nd rnd. Would be decent option in case mccown sucks
  5. He was probably just doing something so he didn't feel awkward
  6. Man. Would've been a lot more fun if they had picked manziel
  7. I love our pick. It was exactly what we needed. Tampa did pretty good too. I think Evans is gonna be great. Now they just need a good developmental qb and they're in the game
  8. If there's no pash rusher that we love at 6, ot it is...or trade back and get a different immediate need like fs or te. We can still get a decent receiver later. This drafts full of them
  9. He would be awesome to see with our receiving core, but just no.
  10. Taking Watkins at 6 would literally drive me insane. To say luxury pick would be an understatement. If we don't want a pash rusher or tackle at 6 AT LEAST take a frickin safety or trade down and possibly take Ebron. But even that is a luxury pick compared to our need of a pash rush and some dang protection for Ryan
  11. Ha! The Cowboys got Jar Jar. Jerry Jones strikes again!
  12. I think pullin B.J. did wonders for their confidence at bat. Simons is perfect in the 2 spot
  13. Damm I think the Braves got a little embarrassed yesterday. I'm lovin the results!
  14. I still think he could be a good 1 year option if he's at 100%. Im not really sold on any safeties in the draft.
  15. Why don't we bring in Adrian Wilson. He got released by the pats
  16. Yo, long time reader reader, first-time poster. This might be dumb but what about Adrian Wilson at safety. I heard the pats released him. Not sure if he's 100% or not, but I'd love to see him in a falcons uni.
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