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  1. Good read. I can't wait to see what Tru does this season.
  2. See title of thread. If I had said they would score 27 points then the prediction wouldn't be bold. Pay more attention.
  3. Yeah just imagine if our oline can give Ryan as much time to throw the ball as let's say Denver's gives Manning. Our O could be unstoppable.
  4. My prediction: week 1 we unveil "The Greatest Show on Earth" in route to defeating the Saints 45-20. Just my prediction.
  5. I like taking him and Roddy. Most likely one or both will beast, especially with Tony gone. I'm still goin rb first in my primary league though. Nothing wrong with Jamal Charles or Lesean McCoy
  6. Or maybe, just maybe it's the other way around this time. Could it be that all the unlucky ish that happens year in and year out to our beloved Falcons is happening before the season as opposed to during it?
  7. Dude, what is with your infatuation with Stone? He went undrafted right? If Hawley and Konz are THAT bad, I'd prefer we bring in a cheap vet than start an udfa rookie at a position that requires good communication.
  8. OP is clearly a joke, and needs to learn how to wipe his own azz before he starts thinking about what the falcons should do. Should be banned for mentioning tanking.
  9. I would. HDs comin off a 1k yard season. Why does everyone give him so much ish?? The NFCCG debacle. Good f'n grief.
  10. He was also pretty much the primary focus of opposing db's. With Roddy and Julio healthy, I think he'll get a lot more chances to score. He just needs to be more consistent at catching the ball and not making bonehead mistakes. If he does that, he'll be a great third option.
  11. I think HD proved last year that he was a value to the team. He was pretty much the only consistent WR last year for like half a season, and he got 1k yards. I think he'll break out in the slot this year with TG gone. He can be a **** of a no 3 this year.
  12. Seriously!?! Man I feel for them. Hope his bro is all right.
  13. Yeah Johnson all day. Saw some good things last year. ...and to dude bitching about HD. Face it. He will not be replaced by Hester as no 3. Hd is coming off a 1k season where he showed he could move the chains. Td's don't tell the whole story. I get your butthurt but no need to say the same ish over and over.
  14. Hmm...In my head I heard the annoying voice of Cris Collinsworth when I read that. The stupid that he speaks is just frustrating.
  15. Not too bad. I could this happening. I hope we go undefeated though it's pretty unlikely. As long as we make the playoffs and have a chance at the Lombardi I'm good.
  16. Long read but a great one at that. Love the writing style of the author. That being said, I can't wait for TC and preseason to get here. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot from Starr. Gotta love the kid's attitude.
  17. As soon as I saw Kaep' at 7 I knew this list was a joke. Just going off of post season accomplishments Russel Wilson should be ahead. And Romo? AT 6?! Yeah fkn right. Rofl
  18. ROFL!! I love how serious some people are taking this thread and how defensive they're getting. They took the bait and ran with it. Ha! Great thread OP.
  19. Giants. After that playoff loss in 2012, I can't stand them. Also hate 49ers. Inside division I hate everybody, especially Saints.
  20. Yeah CDM and Mystery Sci-Theatre 3000 were two of my favs. I wish they would quit with all the remakes and try to revamp some old stuff. Kind of like Dr. Who; The older it gets, the better.
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