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  1. If I didn't invest myself into the games it just wouldn't be worth it. I wait and wait and wait this whole boring offseason just to see what the Falcons are going to do. There's no way I won't get upset if we lose. Gotta love the Falcons. They're so unpredictable that it's hard not to get emotionally invested in the outcomes of their games.
  2. Completely agree with everything you just said. I watched many if his games at A&M and he was being constantly bailed out by Evans. He would just toss it up a willy nilly (yeah I said that) and Evans would constantly come back to the ball and make a play. Dude is gonna be garbage IMO IFF he ever gets a chance to start.
  3. What??? I know you think Ryan is overrated but c'mon man. If Ryan had the defense that either Cam or Wilson had he probably would've won a Super Bowl by now. I'm not saying he's "elite," but to not want him as your franchise QB when your team doesn't have one is a bit of a reach.
  4. Yeah saw this posted in TAtF. Good article though so I read it again. Really excited to see what our secondary does this year. If Lowery is solid, I think they can be a great asset to watch grow.
  5. Yeah I definitely see him having a great year, unless Willy Mo runs him over every time he's in position. Definitely was a nail biter every time I saw Willy in the same vicinity trying to make a play. The anxiety caused by the thought of our best corner getting dunta'd by our #1head hunter was never ending.
  6. ^this!! I also think Harry Douglas has a surprising year with more 3rd option looks. I don't want to sound like a homer, but I could see Roddy, Julio, and Harry all having 1k yards, splitting TG's many many looks from Matt. If he throws for ~4.8k, I can see that happening.
  7. Yeah I get on and read a lot, but usually see something so far fetched I just can't bring myself to comment (mostly TATF is responsible for that), but usually there's some good convo's goin on.
  8. Yeah I'm not crazy with predictions. I actually thought CAR was gonna win the SB before last season started. But, I do know it's a copy cat league and last year we all saw that Defense wins championships, and I'd like to hope our brass has a plan. The years of being a Falcons' fan have taught me that I can expect a terrible D and get surprised or I can expect an awesome D that just just flat out fails. I never can predict what we're gonna do.
  9. I didn't say they wouldn't struggle. I just don't like how they assume that they will. New pieces, new year, new defense. At least wait till after a PS game to make an assumption like that.
  10. And they know our defense is going to struggle MIGHTILY how??? I can piss in the wind too.
  11. I like it. Moore can easily change his image by stepping up more as a leader this year. I think he takes his game to the level we all know he can play at by taking better angles on opponents and not wiping out Tru back there. Worillow will hopefully be our version of Luke Kuechly this year. Always around the ball and racking up tackles. People give him ish about making a lot of tackles 5 yards and beyond, but every Car game I watched, I saw Luke was doing the same thing. That and blatant PI that didn't get called, but there's always gonna be fukups by the refs.
  12. Best post I've seen all day. I love the optimism. Pessimism is just so damm depressing.
  13. Me too. How can these people not be optimistic?!? We have argueably the most complete falcons roster in a long time( except for lb). Screw that pessimistic thread.
  14. What a load of ish! Go bury your head in the sand or somethin more productive than sharing your crappy assumptions with us.
  15. 1. Rodgers 2. Manning 2. Brees Drk Hrs: a) Stafford (Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush definitely help) b. RG3 (Explodes after a full offseason to learn Gruden's offense)
  16. Got me there. I guess I could get on board for both of them. I would hate to give up both though.
  17. No way the Hawks get rid of both Horford and Milsap. My hair would seriously fall out if that happened.
  18. Ha. The last time I even watched D-Block was right before our season opener last season. Needless to say, if you don't want to watch it then don't. Still what they do in their free time is up to them. Will be different without spoon though
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