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  1. Great read. Really hope he along with the rest of our D can apply the pressure this year. But anyways, can't be much worse than last year so I'm optimistic that we'll take that leap forward.
  2. Awesome. Super excited about both lines. Thanks for the news.
  3. I'm a little late to this gem of a thread, but I'd go with Miller Fortune. Just recently tried it and now it's all I buy. 6.9% and reminds me of a mix between yuengling lager and Killians Red. Tastes like actual beer.
  4. I love it. Been waiting so long for some news. Sucks for DJ though. Wonder what happened.
  5. Kinda starting to get that feeling too. Really thought he would've upped his game after being thrown in the negative spotlight after last season. The writer seems unimpressed. I'll wait for preseason to start passing judgement though.
  6. I think it'll be a team friendly deal. But he's earned every cent he'll likely get. Glad to have him secured for a few years.
  7. Christmas came early!!! Super excited. Would've hated to see Roddy on a different team. Pretty much locks him as a career Falcon. This season's already starting off right.
  8. Yeah I still remember hearing that nickname on "D-Block." Greatest name ever.
  9. That's really cool. How'd he react when you called him High Top Jop?
  10. Man, just reading his name makes me pissed off. I'm actually glad he left early. Didn't deserve to stand there as a Falcon.
  11. Can't wait to see what he can do! I'm excited about these young lb's.
  12. Hey! What's wrong with liking the Jags? I always pull for them...unless they are playing ATL
  13. Or TE. Imagine when we play Carolina the look on Decoud's face as this beast is approaching.
  14. Yeah decent read. Thought it was going to be bashing us the whole time but the writer was fair. Still glad we got Julio though.
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