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  1. I'm gonna go 12-4, but honestly if our offense keeps up their pace and our defense improves, I can see us 14-2 or 15-1 no joke. I believe we can out score and beat every team on our schedule. The hardest game left is NO rematch, and we just beat them.
  2. Some people will find anything to bytch about.
  3. You forgot the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.
  4. ^^^ was just what I was thinking. Better to sit him and let his ribs heal a little longer, than to play him and risk having a hobbled Cam all season. No need to get ansy; it's only week 1.
  5. Ah man. I enjoyed reading the cherry picked Ryan vs Flacco stats. Those were the best for a good chuckle.
  6. Whatever happened to that Raven's fan, bt(something)? Out of all the trolls, his rants were by far my favorite to read.
  7. I have high hopes for Hester. Heck, I even drafted him on ff with my last pick. Tempted to start him week 1 as a flex.
  8. I've only been doing ff for 4 yrs now, and I've yet to grab a Saint, lol. Not sure why, but just thought of that.
  9. Oh my god! That's gotta be the funniest one I've seen, with them reaching, lol...And I'm a falcons fan.
  10. It couldn't hurt lol, seeing that one of my fantasy teams auto picked both of em.'
  11. Desean Jackson leads the league in receiving yards and RGIII wins MVP. BOLD
  12. My mother had breast cancer in advanced stage, and the doctors at MD Anderson gave her Marinol. Wasn't nearly as effective as a Vape' was for her.
  13. I'm lovin' Chubb (no pun intended). He kinda reminds me of Gurley in his freshman year. That big back that constantly breaks tackles, then turns on the burners. Stoked to see how he evolves with more time in the system. We have serious depth at the RB position.
  14. Also, that's why "gassers" always sucked major ones. Those and suicides.
  15. Between those gaps of play time they're still moving around, getting back in position and such. Considering the energy loss from pretty much sprinting and taking brutal force from hits, and the loss from constantly starting and stopping, it's amazing they can still think straight at the end of games. I guess that's where the motivation comes in.
  16. Wasn't that his first game back after the broken leg?
  17. He did pretty good when Baker went down, but can he do it for 4 qtrs??
  18. I say go with what we have. I may get roasted for this as I am no "expert," but Holmes looked pretty solid last night when he came in. I think he'll be serviceable on the left side. Him on the RIGHT side is what gives me nightmares.
  19. How is the news of our starting LT getting injured and most likely out for the season "great news?" GTFO
  20. That's awesome. I definitely want to try some.
  21. Yeah can't wait to see him in the first preseason game. I'm "reedy" to see what all the hype is about. (I know it's corny but I couldn't help myself)
  22. Dam. That sucks. Hope it doesn't linger; for him and the Texans.
  23. Yeah pretty much the same thoughts here. Had thought we would've heard more about improvement on Konz's part during the offseason, but it has been really slow. Hope he shows that last year was just a fluke. He said he wants to be considered elite, so I'll be optimistic until he shows otherwise.
  24. Lol. Not sure what to make of this. I had hope for Konz and really hope he's not bs'ing, but at the same time, all of the reports or "lack there of" of Konz during the offseason have pretty much pointed to little to none improvement on his part. But maybe I'm wrong.
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