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  1. Literally sick to my stomach now. **** you mike smith
  2. Good, I guess. I think he's been better than Carimi anyways. If Stone's play continues to pleasantly progress and Blalock remembers how to block, we MIGHT have a serviceable line for the rest of the season barring no more dang injuries(fingers crossed). I guess that also depends on whether Jake plays better after giving his ankle an extra week to get better, and if he can stop getting stupid penalties.
  3. Hail Southern! (I know im a "dawgsfan" but I went to GSU and I'm actually happy with them at the moment)
  4. I picked up Donnell in ff before the game started! Never heard if him before.
  5. In ff i picked him up this week and 3 tds in one half. Im so excited I figured it needed a thread. WTF is a Larry Donnel?!?
  6. I watched that movie two days ago. Awesome.
  7. Decoud also gave up that long run to Blount earlier in the drive. Love it.
  8. Been a fan of Weems since that TB game a few years ago. Was super pissed then Weems turned that around with a return.
  9. That was my favorite part of that return aside from the high steps; seeing Koenen hit the turf. Lol
  10. Dm. I think Rambo could eventually be a stud. Loved him at UGA and wanted us to draft him.
  11. It's funny hearing people refer to Smith as "soft" and saying that he isn't fiery. Doesn't anyone remember when he got into it with MeAngelo Hall on the sideline...or when he got pissed on the sideline and pushed the coach(I forget which one)? I believe he's a great coach. If anything, the coordinators are to blame for their predictable play calling and terrible scheming. Don't even get me started on the 4-2-5 ish...
  12. Our defense shuts out the Bucs. It's a BOLD statement folks.
  13. Good post. Not happy about today but there is room for improvement. We're only 1-1.
  14. So depressed...we had it in the bag too. Just don't f'ing FUMBLE! That lateral killed us.
  15. I honestly think the FG before halftime and the drive under 20 secs to put them in range were the most important plays of the game. Completely gave us momentum for the second half.
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