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  1. I think Sark is doing a pretty good job for a first time nfl play caller. He definitely needs to improve in some areas, such as scheming to get specific players (Turbo) the ball in open space, or creating advantageous mismatches with personnel groupings, but those are things that I hope and sincerely believe will improve drastically for him with a year of experience under his belt. Sark isn’t perfect, but he still doesn’t deserve half of the hate this fan base has given him this year. His play calling has been adequate and at times really effective this year, but that has often been overshadowed by poor player execution, and people are way too quick to point the finger at the “noob.” Sark shouldn’t be blamed for multiple overthrown passes to receivers, the dropped catches by some of the better-handed receivers in the league, or multiple balls being deflected to defenders for fluke interceptions, etc. Without these drive-killing plays our offense would probably be one of the best in the league have at least two to three more wins. It really reminds me of all of the bad snaps from two seasons ago that just seemed to plague us on a consistent basis.

    I honestly believe that all of that post-super bowl attention and constant badgering by the media just kind of drained the players this offseason. I think that they were already worn down mentally by the time the season starter and they just haven’t been able to get in that groove or find the focus needed to perfect the details and perform efficiently as a team. I do hope I am wrong and/or something just clicks for them because we probably have the least injury-riddled team in the league right now and at the perfect time, and they definitely have the talent to go far in the post-season. They just need to gain that mental edge or “swagger” like they had last year, when nobody was dropping catches and everything was on point.

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