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  1. While I was still contemplating wether to actually read the books now or wait until all of the show has aired (which will be in 2017/18?) so that I can enjoy them fresh I stumbled over this nice little infographic: I think a strong argument against reading the books now is how much Weiss and Benioff have left out. Which, imo, doesn't take anything away from the pure awesomeness of the shoe, but nevertheless...
  2. Oh, the Hound... I think I have underestimated his humorous potential just until this episode. WTF's a lommy?
  3. Absolutely agree. I liked how they balanced it, they didn't overdo it with the action (just a few dragons and a little fighting, to the disappointment of some people) and picked up the plotlines where they left them. And as you said, a very good introduction of Oberyn Martell.