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  1. Unlike Quinn and Morris, Falcons will actually give these pass rushers a chance to prove themselves. JTM will have his break out year and actually get to play.
  2. That would be worth getting kicked out for. Will Quinn last long enough to make it to that game?
  3. I just got tickets last night, I know a great tailgate to go too, if you are going and would like to talk falcons , let me know.
  4. Breaking News! - NFL.com Cameron Jordan saw Lee Smith's big *** on buffalo film review and he likes what he sees!
  5. Yeah TJ Yates much like every back up QB for the Falcons besides Doug Johnson vs the Cowboys in 2003 have lost every single game they played.
  6. Thomas Mott, of course the Falcons have a guy like this to cover this team. Mott thinks we have no Running backs, no defense, need to sign every free agent and thinks Matt Ryan needs to play like Peyton Manning in his prime for the Falcons to win. Mott pretends to be a Falcon fan but he is just a guy who constantly says the same thing every video and has no confidence in literally anyone on the team
  7. Kyle Pitts is fine where he is at. He will be used all over the place, he won't be Lee Smith. I just hope we put Mayfield at RT so we can actually shut down Jordan.
  8. Talent is there, its what you do with them. JTM had his career game vs the Raiders, after that game, never seen from again or he was mainly special teams. I would see Cominsky making plays at the DT spot in the Cowboys game, after that game, never seen from again. I think we signed two big NT's to handle the load in the middle to let Grady and everyone else rush the passer. Overall, I think the defense will shock people rather than being a weak link like it has been for the past 30 years
  9. After this year, we will all say, thank goodness Pitts is on our team
  10. What did Schaub ever do for the falcons? Did he ever win a game? He looked decent in one game in a loss but outside of that, just pure garbage
  11. Actual safeties who have actual safety measurables. The times have changed
  12. I am shocked Julio showed up with out wanting a new contract. I give him 6 games he will play this year
  13. Matt Ryan must of lost both of his arms and his brain with how the so called experts make him out to be. When you have Koetter or even Sark calling plays in the NFL, you will look like a below average QB. Ryan has a pro play caller again that actually values a running game
  14. Kyle Shanahan gave away a super bowl lead. He even said it himself
  15. First off, people are only hating Franks because he is a UDFA. For some reason period think we need to draft all the amazing first round qbs such as jamarcus Russell to have a qb of the future. Simplistic, moronic thinking that will never leave the fan base because they just want what's safe. 6 foot 6 , huge arm, SEC experience, good forty time, good looking and is willing to learn the game. I don't see why Franks couldn't be a future potential starter. Is it because mel kiper didn't hype him up?? Use your brains and stop following like sheep.
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