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  1. You would of thought we were playing Vick in his prime with this scouting report on Jones. Two other teams figured it out vs Jones, Falcons should be able to use their brains to put the pieces together.
  2. Arthur Blank couldn't imagine that every head coach he brings in is going to have terrible starts every year. I wonder how much he pays the scouting department and all the head coaching help he gets to get these results? We even bring in a guy from New Orleans and I am not sure he really brought anything that similar to what the Saints are doing.
  3. Pees is already not aging well after two weeks
  4. I say we as Falcon fans don't watch or attend any games until we cut Cameron Nizialek. The guy should be packing presents at the UPS store for the holidays. This man has been a complete embarrassment all year. I thought he was bad the Eagles game but the Bucs game was about as bad of a punting performance I have ever seen. Cut this guy, I don't care if his parents are friends with Arthur Smith or TF. He has some connection to this coaching staff because there is no way they like this guy for his talents. Signed Ryan. If you agree sign below.
  5. Sadly our best talent is on the practice squad. We have guys on the 53 that couldn't make a high school team right now
  6. They will be just fine. It's been two weeks. Give this team a real amount of time to gel and get better. Now if that punter plays, I will admit they are probably packing this season in
  7. This Boy Cam would be benched on a High School team with how bad he played. He sucks. The Falcons are forgiving and will give another chance to guys who completely cost the team games.
  8. 361 pounds? This team is really about to go all in on this 3-4 look.
  9. I am pretty sure by the end of this year, we won't even be close to the number 1 pick. Its easy to hate on a brand new team with a new head coach and new talent after 2 weeks.
  10. 525 thousand 600 MINNNNUTTES.. 525 thousand losses of the year. 525 thousand 600 MIIINUUUTESSS. HOOOW DO YOU WIN WITH ATLANTA FALCONS????? It's alll about RIIIIIISSSSSSEEEE......... RRISSSEEEE UPPPPPP I think I just gave the social media department their next idea.
  11. Its probably just an age thing. I am sure most teams actually found young punters that can punt more that 20 yards a punt unlike Cam Nikosh** If there was one guy, a vet, who can punt at a high level, its Colquitt
  12. Not really. I mean its just a social media image. My problem is one, they look up to the Jags for creative ideas and two, its not even that great of a layout
  13. He is a punter, not a running back. I would rather have Colquitt till he is 45 over any of these other bums out there
  14. Oh I get it. Falcons used the same shadow and stripe on the side and the image on the bottom and similar message in the dark shadow. What a bunch of nerds. That image probably took them 15 minutes to make and they act like its the Mona Lisa copy. In all serious note, Arthur Blank, hire me to do your graphics, creative and social. The guys you have now are good but to copy the freaking Jags of all people....
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