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  1. If we can add a trey smith to left guard and matt Gono at right tackle. Goodnight everyone
  2. If you can get Trey Smith in the second round, its a lock in. 6'6 330 pounds and can move. The man looks like Larry Allen reincarnated
  3. Sewell is no better than the other prospects in the draft. Trey Smith needs to be a Falcon come next week. That boy is the next Larry Allen
  4. The more I see Trey Lance, the more I think the Falcons is a perfect spot for him. Lance needs a year to learn the NFL game and a system no matter what team he is on. He can learn under Arthur Smith and develop into the QB Smith wants. Matt Ryan will always be just a good QB who had a phenomenal year under Shanahan. We as a fan base have to give this new regime the players they want and grow to finally start getting an identity on this team. If Matt Ryan, TD, Quinn and everyone else was the answer, they would all be here still and having at least a 8-8 record and above to pro
  5. The boys better start practicing and want to play football. Last year, Matt Ryan was trying to make the claim that the Falcons play better when they don't practice through out the week. We need guys who want to play this game and not go out golfing every week.
  6. I think AS just likes running backs that can actually get yards. Guys like Hill, Smith, Gurley and Ollison ARE OUT
  7. Ollison will be cut once we draft E T N. Say goodbye to garbage that Quinn and TD brought
  8. I cant wait to see what the final 5 offensive lineman will be. I think Falcons draft 2 interior linemen this draft
  9. Ito is nothing more than a TD and Quinn guy. He will be someones 4th option in the NFL
  10. Yeah not excited about this at all. Doesn't help the football team and I can't stand looking at the man
  11. Thomas Dimitroff reaction to the Falcons recent signings and how a real GM gets players
  12. They asked Kyle Pitts who he looked up too and modeled his game after. Pitts said "Ryan Becker"
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