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  1. Falcons keep playing the way they are playing, expect them to get coverage from Telemundo and main coverage in Mexico. US market might just black list them.
  2. Well if Mayfield represented the stock market, it would be the great crash that has brokers in fear for their life. Mayfield was so bad, he has me scared for the life of our QB. Forcing mayfield to play out of position is like making Matt Ryan play running back. This is just bad coaching and bad scouting to force Mayfield to be Andrus Peat. It's freaking sad
  3. Falcons winning? They haven't won in almost a year. This franchise has turned into the team that can't win a game , preseason or regular season in one year
  4. Is it just me or does it feel like the falcons brainwashed the rookies and had them forget they ever played college football before? I am guessing Pitts was tired all of the SEC games as well.
  5. Yeah I mean it's either nelson or Mayfield. When a guard makes you miss Jamon brown and James carpenter, you know something is wrong. I am not saying Mayfield can't do it, but give the rookie time to grow into an NFL body and learn the game. That means sit his butt on the bench till he is ready. Putting him out there and letting poor Matt Ryan get killed is not an option.
  6. I would cheer for the guy if he showed some promise. He looked like a high school kid out there. I think he needs to be honest with the coaching staff and say, I AM NOT A LEFT GUARD. He is already drafted, he can ride the bench if he has to wait for the RT spot to open up. I just think forcing him to play something he is not comfortable is just career suicide. As fans, we should want players to feel comfortable where they play, Mayfield is deathly allergic to the Left side of the line.
  7. If it was my first time seeing Foye play vs the Eagles, I would of said, let Foye walk. I want to see more Mykal Walker, I thought his presence was nice to see on the defense. Lets also not forget Dorian Ethridge. I am at the point now where just get players that can play the scheme. Deion Jones and Foye looked like drunk sailors vs the Eagles. Blitzes were poorly timed and if they blitzed they got swallowed up by anything in front of them. Here is to hoping those guys get better with Pees, but that first game was not good.
  8. Terry Fotenot and Arthur Smith did an amazing job putting together a roster that IS NOT smash mouth. It's everything but Smash Mouth. Lets just hope guys like Mayfield , McGary and the offensive play calling steps up and actually plays.
  9. Falcons do what falcons do. Any other NFL team would have gotten a veteran guard to fill the role. Falcons says screw that, Mayfield is the man!!!
  10. Smith had maulers in Tennessee. He now has boy scouts compared to what he had with the Titans. People talk about our offensive lineman aren't that much smaller. Don't let the numbers fool you. Those eagles offensive lineman push the 330 plus mark easily. Our guys have trouble being over 300. Jake Matthews is the only guy that has an NFL body. If your not going to match the size of the defense, you better match the strength and speed. Watch the highlights of the eagles vs 49ers next week and compare. 49ers are going to game plan to keep the qb clean
  11. Only way to do it is how the 49ers play. They have freaking Daniel brunskill starting right guard for them. Brunskill was a UDFA for the falcons and he was a blocking tight end coming out of college. Brunskill is no bigger than 300 pounds but since Kyle knows how to use him, he dominates the bigger opponents. We have Kyle Shanahan type of lineman with a power running and pass game plan. Guys like Hennesy , Lindstrom, mcgary and Mayfield will all struggle with the bull rush of the stronger lineman. Look at the eagles offensive line. None of those guys are under 330. They have freaks that will maul you. They aren't running the Shanahan offense, they just run down hill and screens.
  12. Matt Ryan's contract would keep any rookie to sit behind him for two years. You want a guy who can contribute day one. Just you wouldn't think that guy would be on the bench when you need him the most
  13. It's the falcons, you know **** well they will push mayfield out there to start at left guard. No different then lamar Holmes or Peter konz to start
  14. Exactly. They do realize that having a product worth watching is important? They have been embarrassing for 4 years
  15. Hey Jaylen, you did so well the first week, your starting again kid. Jaylen - "I should have stayed in School."
  16. 2 injuries to who? The most journey man linemen the NFL? We aren't talking about Jake Matthews here
  17. He only said that because he was starting to see double by the third quarter
  18. Imagine tiger woods looking like a first time golfer on the first day of the Masters and then looking like tiger in his prime the rest of the Masters. That's the falcons way.
  19. You know who is a good left guard, Mr. Wetzel. Mr. Wetzel
  20. Terry Fotenot and Arthur Smith have been around and worked with some of the best guards in the NFL in their career. For some reason, they felt all offseason that Matt Gono, Josh Andrews and Jaylen Mayfield would be the answer at LG. Gono has been injured, Andrews gets injured hours before game time and Mayfield has no interest at being a LG. How can they not see this being a problem?
  21. You mean a team might actually groom him to be a right tackle unlike the Falcons?
  22. If you play Mayfield on the right side, he has a chance to succeed
  23. Got to love the combo of Means and Fowler. Means = loyal to his team, no talent , no stats. Fowler = could care less where he plays, natural god gifted talent, no stats.
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