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  1. Matt Ryan lovers doing their best republican Donald trump impression. Fake news fake news!!!! What's next? You guys going to protest at flowery branch? Get over yourselves. Getting a qb at 4 after your team has gone 7-9 7-9 4-12 seems reasonable
  2. A blitz outside of Jones and olokun?? I can't believe it
  3. Any chance we can get Mike smith? Fantastic coach!!
  4. Great eye when leatherwood gets demolished the first two reps of the video
  5. I love all the Matt Ryan lovers out there. Bucs literally got a new qb this year and they are in the super bowl. Matt Ryan has been with this team for 12 years... There is a big problem here
  6. Problem with the Falcons from top to bottom, Blank on down, they thought it would be easy to make it back to the Super Bowl. They thought they were above anything Kyle Shanahan or the other coaches brought to the team. It's like someone trying to imitate a picasso piece, its never the same. Falcons should have realized what got them to the show and built on that. Quinn and TD tried to act like they were enough to keep the team going, boy were they mistaken.
  7. Funny how high and mighty some posters on here feel about Matt Ryan. How hard is it for TF or AS or even Arthur Blank say, Matt Ryan is our QB for 2021..... Not one of them has said that yet.
  8. Yeah because that 4-12 season last year! WHEW man that was awesome. Kyle Shanahan carried Matt Ryan to the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan has looked like crap since. I don't care about his stats after 2016, he has looked like Garbage and there isn't one team afraid of him
  9. All the people who are against replacing Matt Ryan, are the people who are OK with being 4-12. They are OK with seeing the Saints and Bucs flourish in the playoffs. Why? OH Because we didn't have this and that and this and that. SAME FREAKING EXCUSES every year some of the people on here want to hold on too. Saints had 3 7-9 seasons before they got the players they needed. Bucs literally lost to this trash squad that is the Falcons last year with OUT Tom Brady. Tom Brady comes along, OOPS Super Bowl time. There was no OTHER QB in the World that could have joined the bucs and took them
  10. Real talk, what if Falcons did to win the Super bowl vs the Patriots?
  11. If the thread and title said, Dante Fowler to be traded to the 49ers.... Would you say Ban Worthy? I will go a step further, Kurt Benkert to be traded to the 49ers.... Kurt and Ryan have about the same performance last year, seems like an even trade.
  12. At least those coaches you have been ****ting on have won playoff games and got to the super bowl. Falcons were 4-12
  13. This was after Barrett's first year with Tampa after he only smashed the NFL sack leader numbers that year. I said, go get Shaq Barrett now! He was only on a one year. Fans on here were telling me, OH HE IS A DMIE A DOZEN.... Why? because he isnt some over priced First rounder that was a bust? Fowler, Beasley, Mckinley all have produced with the Falcons like they never played Football before. Bucs showed Shaq the money and now look at him. Best Pass Rusher in the NFL and he proved it vs Rodgers. How many of our guys put a finger on Rodgers this past year? We probably had a whole 1 p
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