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  1. I have an inside report about Kyle. He was paid off 1 million dollars more to keep the falcons from winning by the 49ers.
  2. Too much talent problems
  3. In a game where its never over till its over, they act like falcons had the game wrapped up in the third. That's not how football is
  4. All they can do is learn from their mistakes and try to have fun on the field again. Can't promise anything but they just need to figure out who they are what they need to do to be the best team in the NFL.
  5. We need to make Freeney into a lifelong employee for the Falcons. Have him a be a pass rush specialist coach for the team
  6. I say bring back Freeney. DE- Clayborn, Freeney, Crawford, McKinley, Reed, Shelby DT - Jarrett, Poe, Upshaw, Crawford, Hageman, Its hard to pick who I would cut for Freeney, but if I would say maybe Shelby or Reed. Possibly more Shelby since he would be mainly a DT only. We have Upshaw, Hageman and Crawford who can play that position
  7. You mean our coach wants good talent and not blow hards like konz and Hawley??? Btw James stone on bucs roster to challenge Hawley for back up center
  8. You guys are pu**ies. Oh poor me , my team went to the Superbowl and lost.... Wow there are bigger things in life to be upset about. Just to be thankful they even made it
  9. And how many guys you block in your career?
  10. Stalker?
  11. Anytime a player talks about a new coach, it secretly disses the coach before. Shanahan was not a players coach and had such a huge ego on what he wanted that he wouldn't change for anyone. He barely got a long with Matt Ryan to let Matt run plays he likes to run. I am sure Quinn forced him too.
  12. Problem was Hageman needed to adjust to schemes and the overall NFL game. Its all about him getting time in the system and understanding what he needs to do. Great player, just needs the pieces and system around him to be really productive. I am pretty sure he has it here just needs to keep playing with a bit of fire.
  13. What kind of regimen are they on?
  14. Maybe we should draft late in the first if this is the results. If it was a top 20 pick, they would probably wait it out till they could get the best deal
  15. How do you block Tak and Beasley? Both heat seekers coming of the edge with some serious talent at the defensive tackle spots