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  1. You just know TD feels like he has to replace Trufant with a high draft pick. I would not be shocked at all if TD picks a corner.
  2. About time they start bringing in hungry players who want to fight. Gone are the days of tiny man freeman getting blown up every blocking assisgnment
  3. I am so glad we cut the fat off this team. Its really about time we start rewarding the real players who produce real results
  4. Take Warrick Dunn out of the video, and its good. WTF did Warrick Dunn have to do with Todd Gurley?
  5. He was actually really good when he got a chance to play. Look at 2016 vs Broncos. He is pretty fast
  6. What's sad is Gurley has had better stats the past 5 years than any RB we have had in the past 5 years and people are complaining. People don't think sometimes.
  7. Thats like saying, why didn't kyle run the ball for the Falcons? Coaches put the players in position, it's not Gurley's fault if they don't play him
  8. Its called cutting the fat and start building with real talent with real heart
  9. 22-16 is good?
  10. Really? Cause if Wes ever touched the field, most likely, the Falcons were going to lose.
  11. Yeah we really miss him..... Thank god he is gone
  12. He would be a great addition. Length, size and can actually play.
  13. Keith Smith was a beast for the Cowboys, and he has been a beast for the Falcons. Best signing so far.
  14. If Chaisson is anything like Vic Beasley, you know Quinn is dying to have him. Undersized athletic guy with no heart. Sounds about right for Quinn