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  1. The new face of the Franchise.
  2. Your not going to Superbowl with the 28th ranking rushing game. 2016 offense was magical and would be impossible to replicate without Kyle shanahan. Rams are the closest offense to the 2016 falcons.
  3. I think if this team can go 6-4 , we can talk playoffs.
  4. if we can get a win on Monday, I think this team can turn it around
  5. Yeah another great job by sark closing it out on 3rd and 1 and making bryant kick a 57 yarder.
  6. We need him
  7. And everyone is going to not like that Kyle was that much of influence on the team but who have the falcons picked up free agency or draft besides first round picks that have wowd you? This offense has no swagger or confidence. The defense is one of the worst ever in the NFL. Not sure if dan quinn ever had a defense this bad in Seattle with injuries but it has to disgust him
  8. There is going to be alot of turn over next year. I don't see Thomas Dimitroff staying. I don't see sark staying nor Manuel. Beasley, trufant , Freeman , should be gone. This team lost its magic and fire since 2016 season. They thought they could do it without Kyle but it was impossible. Kyle helped with offensive free agents and draft picks. This front office has no clue how to pick up good draft picks or free agents. Takk, ridley and ito only good picks since 2016. Free agents??? Who ? Fusco?? Derrick Coleman? Yeah this team dropped off big time with out the direction of Kyle.
  9. When your team relies on Talent like olukun and saubert to save a couple million, than thats all that needs to be said.
  10. lol Freeman. Can't play through any pain anymore. I think he is trying to get himself cut
  11. Its called offensive game scheme and putting players in best position to succeed. The predictable play action is getting figured out real quick
  12. nvm images didnt upload, Julio can't get open with Sark
  13. That is a huge problem the Falcons have been missing. Levine is gone, so is the blocking
  14. The blocking from the rookies are whats killing the punt game. How about the Missed blocked from FOYE OLUKUN!!! some how this rookie has got the most job duties on the team
  15. Quinn has reviewed the tape for Tell the Truth Monday. He likes what he sees from Duke Riley and Foye OLUKUN!!!!!