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  1. Duke Riley not playing on jones level is fine, he is not even playing on the level of Keith Brooking. He refuses to tackle, he refuses to take on a block. He is too small and not fast enough
  2. I am serious this was threatening violation of my well being. I am a friendly falcon fan trying to talk football and this random person called me stupid. He threatened me. Can i get a mod to please review and ban please
  3. A change was made on the 2nd quarter of the Cowboys game. Pretty much the falcons were sick of the stale offense and a change was made. I don't think the change was Sark calling plays, i think it was Matt Ryan being able to override any play calls.
  4. Is it really fair to say he will play vs Seattle? I mean if he does step on the field, he will be non existent anyways.
  5. I am speaking the whole year. Remember that amazing goal line play call with Gabriel jet sweep vs patriots. Or how about those 3rd and 4th and 1s vs Carolina. Those are examples of bad Playcalling. Something changed and its not execution. It was belief in the calls and i feel the change was made after first quarter of cowboys game
  6. I would agree with that BUT, this was the first time we have seen Poe line up at FB. This was the first time we saw Hooper run the exact same route back to back . This was the first time we have seen Gabriel up the middle and an effective reverse. The whole team seem to have been feeding off a change from the second quarter on. I don't know what changed, but something did. The play calls were calls we have not seen all year. The execution and the fire off the ball was the first we have seen all year. Someone demanded a change and it got changed.
  7. if the play calling is as good as it was vs Dallas from 2nd quarter on, we will be just fine. It's not even about Julio beating a team any more. If you can play call and keep the defense guessing, your winning the game
  8. Well when you start the first half of the season looking like Joey Harrington and 2007 season, its hard to get people behind it. If they would have looked like they did yesterday all year and been competitive in their losses , it would be a different story for the fans
  9. OHHHHHH What a hit By Clayborn
  10. See what happens when you fire Sark after the first quarter of play???
  11. What I saw from the defensive linemen were they were actually giving their ends a true shot at pass rushing. They weren't stunting or asking them to go way outside the arch. It was in your face pass rush.
  12. He has the natural god given talent size and strength. Maybe he has gotten lazy but he could be a Larry Allen type if motivated and used right