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  1. Rodgers's has a ring, Matt Ryan doesn't. We know who is the better of the two as of now.
  2. They really made this AAF to compete with XFL. Vince Mcmahon, it's going to be a tough road for you
  3. Its time for Taveccho to get his shot. He is a young, strong athlete who will actually help with the kick offs as well.
  4. One of the most explosive weapons on the team and your saying you won't miss him? Super Bowl TD's , Huge play off runs, created big plays from the back field and receiving. Yeah, we are going to miss him a lot
  5. Yeah Falcons need to go ahead and fire the social media and web staff and hire me. Enough playing around Blank, get someone with real heart and passion about the team
  6. Irving is a freak and would already know the system in place. He would be a great addition if healthy
  7. He Means Business
  8. I know the guy too, believe me, I was the guy who started doing podcasts with him in 2012 before I blew up on him. Too actually care about Kicking stats and not about super bowl rings is a waste of time
  9. Dare we look at the talent on our offense and defensive lines? I don't recall the rams having to use ben Garland at nose tackle and guard . rams have incredible talent at all levels of their defense and their offensive line is filled with vets that could start anywhere. Falcons offensive line have guys who couldn't even start for their college team. Snead built that roster and built it from the ground up. Yeah they don't have Julio Jones but they have a scheme and offensive line that the falcons dont have
  10. Thomas dimitroff has to be the biggest *** kisser. Mean while, les snead puts together a good roster
  11. I am going to have to say No. I think he deserves a nice contract, but look at the Dallas Cowboys interior line. Yes they have Demarcus Lawrence, Gregory , Taco as the edge guys, but look at their interior. Crawford, Woods, Malliek Collins. As far as I am concerned, the cowboys interior line was fantastic this past year. My point is, you can get great production from guys who aren't well known or the highest priced guys. Its all about scheme and right fits for that scheme. I think Dan Quinn likes bigger longer bodies on the d-line so he might transition to that. Lets look at the Saints D-line. They have that horse of a man in 93, Onyemota and Rankins. Not exactly house hold names or guys that demand a 20 million a year contract, but those guys can battle. They got size, length and motor. Jarrett is a great player but what do we really want to do as a team? Have great individual players who try to make something out of nothing with people around him or a good overall group of talented players who can run the scheme being asked of them to do.
  12. He is a great player, underrated player. Would be a great signing
  13. I think its about time we go for height rather than smaller quicker guys. We already have Jarrett, baring he does sign, but get some 6'4 guys on the line. Dallas Cowboys had a fantastic D-line and most of it is because of their pure length on the line. Wilkins and Lawrence should be 2 guys the Falcons should be looking into
  14. Again, another guy with too much time on his hands
  15. Thats great on paper, but again, if he was so great, why isn't he a head coach in the NFL? Why were all these previous offensive coordinators hired for Head coaching jobs but Sark has to go back to NCAA? Sark got the keys to one of the hottest cars in the world and he drove it into a Tree