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  1. Sadly those plays look better than what Sark draws up
  2. I still cant believe people stick up for Sark at this point. Sark doesn't belong in the NFL nor top college ranks. He deserves to be on a team that is ranked 20 through 25 on the college ranks.
  3. I love it. Former Falcon player who doesn't play for the team anymore says Sark is Fine. He doesn't say Sark is a great coach or a great offensive Mind, he is just FINE. Another example of why Falcon fans always accept bad to mediocre talent FOR NO REASON. Thank god Atlanta United won something, because maybe they have a philosophy that actually works.
  4. Give Steve Sarkisian the 49ers offensive weapons and team, and the offense will probably be EVEN worse than the Falcons of now. If that is even possible. Kyle Shanahan was the perfect fit for this team. The team got lazy and complacent once Kyle left.
  5. Sark - Toss Sweep , Coleman on 3. Its 2nd and 10, we got this. Matt - "WTF is he thinking??""
  6. And how many games you played for the Falcons? I am not talking Madden, I mean in real life?
  7. Oh ok same way how Takk deleted his like on the Sark tweet. Same way how Campbell had to get disciplined for his Browns Game comment. Ok, your right, EVERY Falcon is speaking their true feelings on every media press. MAN , you got it down so easily
  8. If you really believe the players are defending him, than you really believe anything you hear. Only reason why the players haven't just rioted Sark is because they are told to act professional in front of the media. Quinn doesn't even defend him anymore.
  9. How shocking. The Falcon job was just another thing to put on his resume since he didnt want to be a commentator any more. Congrats to Sark on his new position in the college ranks! Right up there with Petrino
  10. Quinn Fd himself over when he hired Steve Sarkisian
  11. Put Matt Ryan with Kyle Shanahan and there won't be many people complaining.
  12. Well we gave Sark 2 years and he gave us 1 good game in Washington. GREAT HIRE FALCONS!!!!!
  13. Blank would be smart to sell the Falcons , fire every coach and player on the team and start fresh. He has his MLS trophy, he needs a Football trophy
  14. Its sad that the Falcons won a play off game last year and almost beat the Eagles in the playoffs , and still people wanted Sark to be gone. The media and fan base STILL wanted Sark to be gone but Quinn said CONSISTENCY is key to being Consistent. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH
  15. lol Arthur Blank, from happiest moment last night to complete miserable and wants to beat someones ***