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  1. Looking back at last year, I really believe 49ers and Saints gave us wins to keep Quinn's job alive. Then we beat some teams that were out of the playoffs in the bucs, jags and Panthers. What is sad that the rest of the NFL knows how to keep the Falcons down, mean while our own staff and owner just ignores the obvious problems.
  2. Takk had his best game vs the Bears. Him standing on the sidelines was probably the most productive thing he could do for the team.
  3. When Koo missed his kicks, I knew it was over. Brian Hill had a huge drop to move the chains. Matt Ryan was never the same after the Bears sent 6 guys and got hammered for the penalty. I really don't think Matt trusts his offensive line
  4. Its not AB. This all lies in the mind and hands of Thomas Dimitroff. LIke i said. TD must have been a car sales man before because he has sold his *** off to Blank. For some reason, Blank believes everything TD says.
  5. My real question is, what was so unimpressive about him? Falcons were the number one offense of the year. They had Matt Ryan as an MVP. We blew teams out in the playoffs. What is unimpressive about that?
  6. The same LaFleur we had in 2016? Oh wait lets hire Steve Sarkisian !
  7. Like Kyle shanahan? Kyle has a back up qb, back up rbs and blowing teams out by 30. Could you imagine what we would look like with schaub?
  8. Yeah I just walked away and it switched to the cowboys game
  9. Yeah i am sure the rest of the nfl wonder if we are all from the mental institution
  10. I am literally at a strip club with no one here just to realize the era of td and quinn is over
  11. Only a falcons fan can feel good 6 days a week and feel the opposite on game day.
  12. We can blame injuries but our back ups are better than our starters. Terrible play calling and game management all around.
  13. Yeah one time!! We might win 1 time this year
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