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  1. I cant wait to see the All White jerseys. I bought a Vapor Elite Matt Ryan White Jersey that should get in October. I can't wait to get it. The all black jerseys I think did the color wrong. The ATL should be in White and the Stoop or Swoosh on the side of the jersey should be White. I think when you try to put the Red on that black, it gets lost. The White jersey are so good and every color compliments the jersey so well.
  2. Nick Bosa or Khalil Mack? For OT and OG we can go grab Nelson at G and possibly Tyron Smith at LT?
  3. My personal opinion, I think Kyle and Quinn got into an ego maniac contest. One or the other wanted all of the credit for the Super Bowl run. I think Quinn hiring Sark was another sign of just plain ego. Trying to prove he can do it with out Kyle. Then we as fans had to suffer for 4 years of trash just because Quinn and TD wanted to prove it was all them? How can you sit there for a full year and watch a team be so successful, number one offense in the league, defense held its own and you want to just turn all over and start all over? WTH were they thinking?
  4. Again, why in the world did the Falcons take 4 years to realize, oh wait, lets try to run our offense like we did in 2016? Why did we mess with the 3-4 or what ever we were doing the first half of last year? What's going on here? Is Arthur Blank shouting demands ? Falcons should have hired an OC with experience in Kyle's system. Falcons should of just taken 2016 and just add players to it. I don't get it.
  5. any team would be lucky to have Grady Jarrett on their team. Jarrett is a top 30 player in my view, possibly top 20
  6. Can't be any worse for Kaleb his second year. The games vs the Bucs and Rams was enough to possibly sit him on the bench
  7. Rams cut him before Covid. No team wanted him. Thomas Dimitroff stepped up to the plate and signed him. Now he wants to sit out. A typical Falcon transaction.
  8. I honestly don't see any difference in Chauncey Davis and Takk Mckinley sadly. At least Davis had heart and was a team player. Takk is looking for the next thing to just ruin his mood for the year
  9. i hope takk mckinley is a stepping stone for the what the Falcons shouldn't draft or sign when it comes to personalities. He has been all talk. His only good games have been vs the panthers. He just lacks motivation and desire to be the best player he can be. Put Grady Jarrett's heart and mind into Takk and you got one of the best defensive ends in the game
  10. 277 pounds? The **** was he doing ? Eating donuts all day?
  11. Again are we in the Falcons message board or in the I FEAR for my Life every day message board? I am trying to keep this a positive Falcons Message board talking about THE FALCONS. If you seek help, please ask your family or doctors. The fact you come on here and spread your negative energy is ban worthy in my view. Oh and BTW we don't know you. You have labeled yourself as a negative nancy who can't see the bright side in anything
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