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  1. the annoying part is that we arent being forced to watch him. like, everyone who is crying about him are the same people following him on twitter and watching his show. its like they want to see him do something they can cry about loli find him annoying, so i just ignore him. works just fine for me
  2. while iagree that it is a flawed statistic, i only think it is flawed for people that dont understand what making a tackle means. to me, i think being credited with a lot a tackles means that you are good at getting off blocks, you hustle to the ball, you are a reliable tackler. guys with a nose for the football. that might sound like a lot of cliches but it defines worrilow. it doesnt mean you are making every tackle for a loss, that is what the tackle for a loss statistic is for.
  3. kroy is active, thats not his problem. kroy just doesnt know how to get off blocks and make tackles. lol
  4. it definitely is a flawed stat. you are right. but it is never a bad thing to be leading the league in tackles. worrilow is a pretty solid LB and deserves some credit. he makes a ton of stops, but he also makes big plays too..like the forced fumble on thursday. for a young guy he is really starting to develop
  5. it really is. just ridiculous amount of hate for a freaking UDFA. not to mention every LB gets all those same borderline tackles too
  6. every LB gets those same borderline tackles but lets single out worrilow. okay. thats fair
  7. .....yeeeaaaah....i might have been a little too "excited" when i typed that one. lmao
  8. I live there and this is absolutely the way things work. Chicago politics are awful. I wish Illinois was divided into two states
  9. Our LT didnt play. We can talk about injuries all day. Burfict is no better than Worrilow anyway. And its not my fault their kicker sucks. ALmost sounds like youre making excuses for the game being that close at the end.It only felt worse if you didnt have perspective. If Toilolo catches that ball instead of tipping it up in the air, we might take that drive to the endzone. If Ryan doesnt force that ball downfield to Harry, we probably score again. Take away that safety blitz on the Sanu TD, and ****, we mightve been leading that game going into the 4th quarter. I realize none of those things
  10. It would never happen, but I would welcome it. I would tell Hardy that the Panthers were slighting him too. He would seriously be pissed at them lol
  11. I saw **** near every Bears game of the Hester era. The Bears straight up miss used him. Do you really think it was his fault when the only route Mike Martz would let him run was a fly route with Kyle Orton throwing the ball? lolAnd when Cutler got there, that is what Hester is referring to when he is saying he never got the football. Cutler never threw it to Hester. It was like the Bears were just really dumb the way they were constantly saying "Devin is a WR"....."Devin is a KR/PR only"....they had no clue and it was obvious. Nobody ever taught him a **** thing. Now he starts to takeoff in h
  12. wow. he is so hesitant. its like he is waiting for a blocker and then is like "okay, lemme get this sack" haha
  13. watch drew brees. you can pick the blitz apart if you can complete quick passes. im not saying it is easy and i will always prefer a RB who can do it all, but i dont think pass blocking needs to be a reason to keep a good RB off the fieldEDIT: for example, quizz is a great blocker, but i think he is capable of catch those short passes out of the backfield on blitzes and taking 5-10 yards from the defense at a time. that forces the defense to account for the RB and stops the blitz. its like screen pass. it takes away from the pass rush and helps the O-Line
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