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  1. Yeah but were not a small market team either like New Orleans, Georgia is the 9th most populated state in the US looking at wikipedia at just over 10million
  2. Spending a year in the practice squad last season unable to play has probably motivated him to where he's just going out there and giving it his all and really showing why he deserves to play this season Hes also rocking my NFL number which is #37 so big up to young kid
  3. Probably one of the worst contracts we have ever had! Great news!
  4. Signed a guy who blew his ACL and LCL and only played in one game last season and still is not completely healthy Great move....
  5. A double digit guy in sacks for the past 2 seasons Desperately need help at pass rush to go along with a horrible defense 26 years of age in his prime right now I would be all over this
  6. I expected this. First Jackson now Douglas Its time to cut the old guard and move forward with young hungry players ala Freeman as the starter What did they save by making this move? $3million? Baker is the last one that could really help us if they cut him, Unfortunately his contract is disastrous and it looks like were stuck with him
  7. Gave up 5 picks to get this kid.. I think he will get his extension Cmon man
  8. Yes it was, He's the 2nd best receiver in the league along side Calvin JohnsonHe put us back on the map with his fine play in 2012 along with his running mate Roddy White
  9. Julio Jones on the decline? Cmon now, The dude is just hitting his prime White is slowing down but Jones is our future Garbage Article
  10. Well were bound to be better than 4-12 from last year We've had a really good draft man I cant wait for the season to start! #FalconsInTheHouse!
  11. Well they had to get rid of someone because we are absolutely stacked at LB, Dent was pretty rubbish last season if were being honest Ive never heard of TJ Yates but heard he had a killer game against us not too long back, And I dont like the fact that they went out a signed a 31yr old LB, Sure Weatherspoon is out for the season but Dont we have enough LB's what with Worrilow, Shembo, Starr, Spruill and Smallwood?? He might just be Camp fodder, IDK A backup QB though sounds like a good move though
  12. Yep. The same with most veterans sadly.... Money I thought Flowers would be ideal here with the young guns we have back there in Alford and Trufant, He could have been a great mentor to those guys
  13. Alford and Trufant need some experience in the secondary Its a no brainier this one Pick him up
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