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  1. you want him to get in a fight with dimitroff, sure by all means sign him
  2. who gives a fk, we didn't draft him so move on with your life. we have a great RB in freeman so if you wanna swing of gurley's nuts then go to a rams board
  3. 1. an old Tim Couch 2. an infant Kurt Kittner 3. skeletal remains of Doug Flutie 4. Ryan Leaf at any point in his career or prison sentence 5. Ray Finkle (not a qb but still want him)
  4. he'll be ok at center. just as long as they don't try to play him at guard anymore
  5. the one thing missing so far has been a consistent pass rush. redskins have only given up 5 sacks so far but they've allowed 67 QB hits which is a ton in 4 games, only the colts have allowed more. i would like to see some creativity in getting to the QB instead of just relying on beasley to get a good jump off the ball
  6. depends on which side he lines up on. against alford he could get some big catches or PI calls
  7. doesn't make a ton of sense. Redskins lead the league in rushing with the 32nd ranked run-blocking o-line?
  8. dude please, like you know anything about his relationship with the team and the coaches
  9. his speed was ridiculous but I think what made him special was his ability to shake guys out of their shoes while going at near top speed. But then you'd see him get clear of the last guy and then really kick into the next gear. This vid is so low quality but I still watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgVBrjrvwk8
  10. Coleman reminds me of Norwood - long stride and running upright in the open field. but to be honest no one is gonna come close to what Norwood had. If only he could have stayed healthy
  11. do Brooks Reed and Durant play the same position? if we have a nickelback in who comes off the field? i assume worrilow stays in as a three-down LB because he wears the green sticker helmet, or am i wrong?
  12. i blame him at least partially for the 2013 meltdown. coming off the 2012 season he proclaimed he was in for 2013 to win it all with the falcons. then he skips all of training camp and that attitude of entitlement and thinking that he doesnt need to be in camp permeated through the locker room. a true leader sets the tone for the team and if he'd been committed to his teammates he would have come to camp and been on everyone's *** to practice hard, learn from mistakes and perform their absolute best. selfish player and doesnt deserve another opportunity with the falcons
  13. hitchens and sean lee were in on the tackle when tamme was hurt and it was lee's hit on him that was helmet to helmet. no fine on lee for that hit
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