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  1. Imagine if Twitter banned folks for talking **** about Twitter.
  2. My job puts me in front of the public a lot and sometimes on their property. Lots of folks, especially new guys, get caught up in long conversations with 9 million questions. I keep trying to tell them act like you're supposed to be there and keep it walking and talking, and if they want to talk enough they'll keep walking. I just never stop working. If you never stop you don't have to walk away in mid conversation.
  3. At least Warnock and Ossoff have been on the right side of issues that I believe in. I didn't vote for Ossoff but I like the very little bit I've seen so far.
  4. I'd laugh but I feel like if he was more charismatic he'd stand a chance of being the next POTUS.
  5. Boy you sure sound like like military industrial complex you so hate.
  6. I hope you get your rest one day you cranky old man but today should not be that day @FalconFanSince1970 Happy birthday you cranky ***!!!!
  7. Lol.....you don't understand compromise. If you start off at 11, compromise down to 6, then compromise down to 3.5, and then compromise down to 1.9.......all that being while your own party is in control. That's just politics! Cutting out or putting a time limit on the popular stuff...that's just winning politics!!!!! Also if you sit out next election or don't vote Democrat you're a selfish prick! They'll deliver next time.
  8. I didn't want to make this analogy because it's so easy to make..... But, Trump, the opposition literally stormed the capitol, there's a once in a generation pandemic happening, historic turnout, a recession, and they flipped a state nobody thought could happen Let's see what they do in the second half because this one is in the bag.
  9. My kids got their glasses in today. And like any father I had to try them on. Tried my boys on and I was all like oh **** you're eyes are ****** son. I definitely don't have astigmatism. Blame your mama boy. Tried my little girls on and immediately thought oh **** I see way better with these....at least I'm old though because your mom is near sighted and has astigmatism.
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